Will a Dry Herb Vaporizer Battery Last All Week?

Dry herb vapes are among the most popular devices for on the go use. Everybody seems to have busy schedules nowadays, making portable dry herb vapes ideal. Because of this, users often find themselves either using the vapes infrequently, or using them quite heavily. Most dry herb vapes have very powerful batteries, though they do not usually last very long. In this article, we will be discussing more of the latter of usage and seeing what type of vaping habits you should adopt to have your dry herb vape battery last all week.

by: Anthony E. | 06/10/22 1:30PM


Dry Herb Vape Batteries vs Other Vapes

Batteries from a dry herb vape are among the most powerful in terms of their mAh. This means that they should last much longer than other batteries with less power, or mAh. Compared to a battery that is suited to vape just wax, the power contained within would not be enough to power a dry herb vape session for very long.

Combination 3-in-1 vapes tend to have very strong batteries to switch between vaping modalities. This is crucial to prevent a vape from stalling out in the middle of a session due to shortened battery life. Nonetheless, portable vapes that specialize in just dry herb vaporization tend to have batteries that are powerful.

Despite this, one can only get a limited amount of battery life with each vape session. If one were to have a typical dry herb vape battery in a wax unit, the power output would be significant and would theoretically last much longer. Variable voltage and wattage settings would have to be factored into this equation, and the truth is that wax and oil vapes last much longer with less battery power.


Why Dry Herb Vape Batteries Are So Strong

Dry herb vape batteries are strong because they have to be. Unlike wax vapes that can feature variables to account for a preset heat setting, dry herb vapes tend to feature precision temperature controls, making the need for their batteries to be much more powerful. Unlike wax and oil vapes, dry herb vapes can be set to a specific temperature.

This allows for one to tailor his or her vaping session to align with a particular set of terpenes or cannabinoids. Because dry herb vapes do not resort to combustion for their usage, care must be taken to go below the threshold of combustion to avoid this from happening. Conversely, one would not yield the same results from a wax battery.

This is because wax tends to require much higher temperatures that would otherwise burn dry herbs in an instant. Interestingly enough, wax and oil vapes require higher temperatures, though can be done with a less powerful battery. This is because wax and oil vapes are usually preset and can be adjusted by dialing in an appropriate voltage setting.


Why Dry Herb Vape Batteries Do Not Last

Dry herb vapes just need more juice to keep up with maintaining a set temperature. Consider that unlike a wax or oil vape, the user has to heat and maintain a high temperature to allow the dry herbs to vaporize. All of this takes up time and power, making dry herb vape batteries strong, but draining.

Even though dry herb vapes are very simple and straightforward to use, they pale in comparison to vapes that can be simply activated with just the push of a button. The instantaneous draw of the breath activates the vape without the need for priming. It goes without saying that this alone accounts for saved time.

While all portable vapes have rechargeable batteries, dry herb vapes tend to require much longer charge times due to their power requirements. Combine all this with the fact that users tend to use their vapes frequently, and you have a vape that will not last you all week. In fact, dry herb vapes often need charging after every session!

How to Make Dry Herb Vape Batteries Last Longer

Most dry herb vape batteries are fixed and not interchangeable, unfortunately. Once the battery dies, you will likely need to purchase a new dry herb vape. This is of course dependent on the type of brand and model of dry herb vape you have. Strides are being taken to eliminate these types of pitfalls to make dry herb batteries much more efficient.

Even though dry herb vapes require longer and more frequent charge times, there is a way to mitigate all this. Because users tend to be on the go, there is no time to wait to charge a dry herb vape, unless you have it plugged into a portable charger. These can be small and very efficient at keeping your dry herb vape ready to go at a moment’s notice.

This could make your battery last all week, as some portable chargers have very long-lasting power cells. Combine this with only using your vape when you really need to, and you can have a dry herb vape that has a battery lasting more than a week long. Of course, the catch is you will need to keep it charging. Fortunately, this is easy considering how portable chargers are convenient nowadays.

Final Thoughts

You do not need to carry around a big and bulky portable charger in order to keep your dry herb vape in tip top shape. In fact, portable chargers today are much smaller and more powerful. This, along with their price point, makes them a worthwhile investment. Users can feel confident that their dry herb vapes can keep up with others in their quest to provide the user with longer lasting sessions.

The only other way that a dry herb vape can potentially last you all week long is to have a vaping habit that is all but infrequent. By this we mean that sessions are incredibly short and uncommon. While there are some users out there that only vape occasionally, the majority of users will be frequent users, making this advice much more practical.

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