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Bong Bowl Piece - Hand Blown Glass

Custom designed cool bong bowl for use with most water pipes and bongs. This is a thick, quality glass piece with multi color layered interior design that can be generously packed with dry herbs. Take advantage and show off this custom glass today.

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  • Product Details

    Quick Review

    • Hand Blown bong bowl
    • Custom Color Design
    • Large Bowl Packing

    Listing Includes

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    • 1 glass bong bowl

    Bong Bowl Details

    • Measurements  Male joints fits 14mm female
    • For use with bongs and other water pipes
    • Custom, Hand blown glass design

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    • User Manual

      How to Clean the Bong Bowl Piece

      For a quick solution, scrape away resin build up with a paperclip or something similar. But to really clean the bowl piece, soak it in a cleaning solution for about 10 minutes. Feel free to shake it up and scrape while it is soaking - that will only speed up and help the process and shaking it up especially will help empty out the removed particles. Continue to do this until satisfied and then make sure to rinse the pipe under warm water to help push out any remaining herb or resin build up. Also use the rinse as a time to clear away any solution that was used for cleaning.

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