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Chillum Pipe with Dark Blue Swirl

This handblown, quality chillum is a great way to casually smoke your herbs in style. This is a great option especially for those who like to smoke on the go.

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  • Product Details

    Glass Chillum Pipe Includes

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    • 1 Chillum Hand Pipe

    Glass Chillum Pipe Details

    • Handblown glass pipe
    • Color Design - Inside-Out Dark Blue and Black Dichroic Swirl
    • Flute-style mouthpiece
    • Highly portable for use on the go
    • Great travel chillum that can go anywhere

    See the other infromative tabs for more detailed information on this product from cleaning instructions to useful tips. And remember you can always reach out with any other questions or thoughts.

  • User Manual

    About this Chillum

    The chillum is a great glass pipe that can be used to quickly and discreetly smoke herbs. The shape is similar to the average one hitter but this piece is a high quality, hand blow, custom glass design. It also holds enough for at least 3 hits and does not get clogged easily.

    Glass Chillum Tips

    1. Use a Grinder for Flower The bowl piece on the chillum pipe is not small but it is smaller than what would be found on the average spoon pipe. You will be able to pack more herb into the pipe when it is has been through a grinder, plus it will burn more evenly and the smoking experience will be optimized.
    2. Clean the Chillum Depending on how often it is smoked, resin will build up in the Chillum over time. For tastier hits, and especially to clear an airway, make sure to clean. There are ways to maintain the pipe as time goes one, but eventually you will likely need a thorough cleaning with some sort of 420 cleaning solution.
    3. Carry a dab tool, toothpick, paperclip, etc. Especially given the design of a chillum, blowing out the ash after smoking is usually pretty seamless and the bowl piece empties without much issue. However, over time, as resin builds up, you may find the air intake hole to be somewhat clogged or not completely emptied out. It is tough to fit a finger inside, and even then it will usually just push down the contents even more. Use a dabber, aka a scraping tool, to clear the bowl completely so that you can easily pack a fresh one.

    Cleaning a Chillum

      Pretty easy and not too complicated. Over time resin is bound to build up all along the interior glass walls. Even within the bowl piece resin with form around the sides. You can scrape away some debris in the short term, but eventually you'll need to employ a full on cleaning. No worries, we have you covered in 4 easy steps.

    1. Place in cleaning solution Whether a specialized glass pipe cleaner or just rubbing alcohol, submerge your piece into the liquid so that the inside is completely filled with cleaner.
    2. Let the Chillum Soak Soak the unit so that the cleaners can work their way through the resin. To move this step along, use a paperclip or something else to help remove the build up. You can also shake the piece and solution to help wash out the resin that has been removed from the interior walls.
    3. Rinse When you are satisfied with the cleaning job, rinse the pipe under warm/hot water to wash out and last debris. It is also good to rinse for a couple minutes to make sure all cleaners have been removed.
    4. Dry Once a complete rinse has been accomplished, leave your chillum out to dry. Blow through it to help remove the big water droplets and then let it hangout on some paper towel or something to dry. Feel free to use a blow dryer to speed up the process.
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