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Custom Hand Blown Glass Bong Bowl

Wig Wag custom glass bong bowl for most bongs and water pipes. Beautifully blown color design engineered with a built in glass screen to prevent clogging and the loss of buds. This high quality glass also boasts a deep bowl piece to fill with herbs.

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  • Product Details

    Quick Review

    • Unique Hand Blown in the USA
    • Built in glass screen for optimal performance
    • laboratory grade glass
    • large bowl piece capacity for herbs

    Listing Includes

    • 1 custom glass male joint bowl piece for bongs and water pipes

    Bowl piece Features and Specifications

    • Male joint fits 14mm Female
    • Color Design  Switch worked, Wigg Wagged multi color scheme 
    • Herb Bowl Piece Capacity  Large Bowl Packings
    • For use with Bongs and Water Pipes
    • User Manual

      What is the Bong Bowl Also known simply as the bowl or male piece, this product goes hand in hand with a water bong. This is where the dry herbs are packed and heated with a flame. The bong bowl piece slides right into a female slider which is connected to the bong. This is a very important component to the set up, and it can make or break the operation. This wig wag custom bong bowl is high quality and will not disappoint. How to Clean a Bowl Piece The process is pretty simple and with patience does not require much effort, just make sure to have a few items. Rubbing alcohol is the common household item that can be used, but using some type of 420 glass pipe cleaner will get the job done as well, that is what it is made fore. Soak the bong bowl in this solution and let the solution work its way in. While soaking, use a paperclip, dab tool or something else to help remove the resin build up. Shake the bong bowl around with solution inside to help knock loose stubborn resins. Keep soaking and scrubbing until satisfied. Always run the bowl through warm water help remove resin pieces as well as rinse away an alcohol or solution. If needed, repeat these steps, otherwise, let the bowl dry and then use.