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Domeless Titanium Nail - Male & Female

Very popular universal dab nail for its compact size plus the versatility to fit both male and female stems at varying sizes. Made from a strong titanium composite, this nail is guaranteed to keep you dabbing for years.

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  • Product Details

    Product Listing Includes

    • 1 interchangeable domeless nail

    Measurements and Features

    • Interchangeable Design in seconds you can change your nail from male to female
    • Dab Rig Compatible with 10mm & 14mm male & female stems
    • Height  1.875 inches
    • Dab plate diameter:  0.5 inches
    • Dab hole diameter:  6mm

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    • User Manual

      What is a universal domeless nail A universal domeless nail can more or less fit onto any dab rig stem because with a few turns it can be separated into two parts and then reconnected to go from male to female or the other way around. Nails like this are categorized as universal because they are able to accommodate any size universally. Plus, whether male or female side, both sides have different levels of girth to add another layer of flexibility when it comes to compatibility with dab rigs. Why buy from an online headshop 1. Top Rated Reviews Just have a look at our customer reviews and you will be confident when shopping on our website. Customer service and satisfaction has been a cornerstone to our success and we plan to keep it that way now and forever. 2. Organized, easy shopping experience Juggling kids, work, family, traffic and other things? There is no need to add anymore traffic or headaches to your list by making the troop to a headshop store. Simply browse our website and find what you are looking for. Read our blog and FAQ for other great information plus you can always reach out directly to customer service for help about anything.