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Ed Connec Artistry Glass Chillum Pipe

Chillum pipe with uniquie handblown artistry design. Travel with this portable chillum or relax with it on the couch at home.

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  • Product Details

    Listing includes

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    • 1 glass chillum by Ed Connec Artistry

    Chillum Features and Specifications

    • Hand Blown Glass
    • Flute Style Mouthpiece
    • Glass Color Design  Silver fumed body for green effect with Dichroic swirl work

    for more info about the Chillum and other glass pipe things to now, check out the Tips & Manuals tab

    • User Manual

      Why Buy this Glass Pipe

      The Chillum is a great addition to any pipe collection - it is very easy to use and can perform well as the everyday choice for smoking. Every piece is hand blown and therefore unique - they feature a silver fumed body and dichroic swirls. The chillum pipe also accommodates a healthy packing of dry herbs and is very comfortable to use with the flute style mouthpiece and conveniently place carb hole.

      How to Clean the Chillum

      There are always the quick fix ways to kick the can down the road so that you can get a quick couple of hits before running out the door. But to completely clean the pipe is not complicated either - clean your chillum in 3 easy steps... 1. Soak the Chillum in a Pipe Cleaner Soak for at least 5-10 minutes to let the solution work its way in to the resin built up inside. The more time given for the cleaner to work, the better of a job it will do. 2. Shake and Scrape Especially if you are using a ziplock bag, you can shake the chillum around so that the pipe cleaner quickly flows in and out of the pipe - this will help loosen and flush out the pieces of resin. You can also use a dab tool, paperclip or similar object to scrape stuck-on resin. This will speed up the process. 3. Flush and Rinse If needed, repeat step 2, but if satisfied, it is time to rinse the pipe under warm water. First run the water at high speed through the mouth and bowl piece openings - this will help remove particles of resin, and continue to rinse the entire piece to remove any sort of pipe cleaners.