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Flowermate Vape Mouthpiece Replacements

Get back to vaping the Flowermate and make sure the vapor session never ends because of a lost mouthpiece. Buy this replacement vape part today with FREE shipping.
Vape Mouthpiece Options
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  • Product Details

    Flowermate Vape Mouthpiece Includes

    • Flowermate vape mouthpiece replacement
    • choice of mouthpiece color

    Flowermate Mouthpiece Details

    • Designed for use with - Flowermate Vaporizers
    • Black and White mouthpiece -Silicone
    • Glass mouthpiece - Pyrex Glass
    • Height - 1.25 inches
    • Whether looking for a replacement or a backup, choose from two different colored silicone and one glass option.  These mouthpiece replacements can be used with the V5.0s, V5.0 Pro and the mini versions except this mouthpiece will be a little too long for the compartment on the Mini.
  • User Manual

    How To Clean the Flowermate Vape Mouthpiece

    1. The mouthpiece is composed of three main parts, the Glass or Silicone mouthpiece part, the metal filter screen, and the metal screw part that connects everything. The whole Flowermate vape mouthpiece can be replaced to avoid cleaning or if the vapes mouthpiece is lost, or for easy on the go maintenance, filter screens can be individually purchased. The screen is the most important part that would ever require replacing or cleaning. The screen will gradually clog as vapor particles build up through use, and eventually it will restrict airflow to the point where it needs to be changed out or cleaned.
  • The easiest way to clean the filter screen or entire mouthpiece is to soak it in rubbing alcohol. Let it soak, shake it up, and use a brush or q tip like object to help remove particle build up. Once complete, rinse all of the vape mouthpiece parts under warm water and then dry. You can also use boiling water and follow similar steps, but depending on the residue build up, your place may stink with this method. In either case, once the everything is clean and dry, the mouthpiece can be reattached to the vape and a vapor session can continue or begin.
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