Flowermate Vaporizer

Flowermate Vaporizers

For those that like to toke on the go, a portable vaporizer can be their best friend. Vaping is the healthier, stealthier and most portable way to enjoy dry herbs and wax concentrates. There are many styles and brands to choose from which can range greatly in quality and price. One of the leading brands in both is Flowermate Vaporizers, offering consumers a wide range of styles made of superior quality materials at a reasonable price.

Flowermate has many vapes available. They specializes in developing leading technology for dry herb and concentrate consumption and delivering it in a stylish device. They have special vape pens for dry herb, concentrates, and combination models. They also have accessories and replacement parts. The Flowermate V5.0s Pro and V5.0s Pro Mini are industry titans, providing powerful and potent vapor delivery systems in a sleek design.


Vaporizers Offered By Flowermate

Flowermate has a long lineage of producing top-quality vaping products. They started with dry herb vaporizers, using the best technology in the business. They applied the same principles of high-quality and innovative technology when creating vapes for concentrates. Below are some of the most popular Flowermates:


If you're looking for a top-of-the-line, portable, dry herb vaporizer at an affordable price, then the Flowermate V5.0s an excellent choice. It is easy to use, which beginners appreciate, but it is also packed with innovative and high quality components that produce a vapor and experience that advanced users love. It is small but powerful, containing two Li-ion batteries that will last for up to 3 hours of vape time.


V5.0s Pro

The V5.0s dry herb vaporizer by Flowermate is speedy, offering advanced settings and features more experienced users will love. It gets hot and ready in seconds! You can set the temperature (among other things) using the OLED screen display, which ranges from 104-446°F. The V5.0s Pro fits in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse easily and it is made of anodized aluminum, making it the perfect lightweight travel mate.

V5.0s Pro Mini

The V5.0s Mini Vaporizer model is a smaller and more portable version of the V5.0s Pro, with all the settings and features consumers love. It has a variable temperature setting and a slender screen that displays all the info you need in a easy to read fashion. Plus, this vaporizer has a power bank so you can use your Mini as a charger for other devices like your phone.



This model is another high-quality device in the V5 series that is more compact than the Pro. It has a stealth mode and fast heat up time for super sneaky vaping anywhere! It has and easy to use temperature control with an expanded range and creates vapor at the press of a button. The V5.0X works with Flowermate pre-packable tanks for even more ease and portability.


The Aura works great with dry herbs as well as concentrates, both waxy and oil. It is a sleek and slender portable vaporizers pen that travels nicely. It is made of quality materials and has a solid weight and feel. The Aura comes with two different chambers, one for dry herb and the other for concentrates. Set the temperature using the OLED display; it has a full range of settings for optimal vaping of both kinds of substances.



This model is specifically designed for use with oil concentrates. Like the name suggests, this vape pen is compact and slender. It is simple to use, heating with the click of a button at an optimal temperature range for oils. The dual coil quartz heating element gets it ready for vaping in seconds. You can also use with the mini bubbler to take your oil vaping session to the next level.

Hybrid X

The Hybrid X is a one-of-a-kind dual use vape pen. One side of the pen makes it a dry herb vaporizer. Flip it over and you can attach any 510 thread oil tank atomizer. When you are not using them, the mouthpieces have an easy store spot right on the device. It is the first of its kind, a dry herb vape that functions like a box mod with total temperature control.



The iHit is a smart and portable e-nail. The e-nail works for both dry herbs and concentrates by having a special e-nail for each substance. It also has a heating pod for each substance for use with larger quantities. The smart detection system selects the proper setting depending on the nail or pod being used. It is a powerhouse, heating to 400°F in only 15 seconds. It features a non-combustion, ceramic chamber for even heating that produces thick, flavorful vapor without burning materials. You can fine tune your temperature for optimal vaping each session with complete temperature control.

Which Flowermate Vaporizer Is Best?

Use this guide to find the best vaporizer for you. will ultimately come down to your budget, needs and preferences. Flowermate is always advancing and improving their vape devices, so the newest model will generally be the best option. The V5.0s Pro is the most recent innovation in the Flowermate line. It is powerful, boasting two 2,600 mAh batteries that can create thick billowing clouds of vapor. It has a “charge while using” feature not found on most vapes, plus an easy to read OLED screen. The Pro features an expansive heating chamber and glass mouthpiece that bring you pure and potent vapor that is full of flavor.

Where to Buy a Flowermate Vaporizer

Flowermate is becoming increasingly popular. You can find their products in many local vape stores and head shops. You will find an even bigger selection of Flowermate products online. One of the best online retailers is nyvapeshop.com. Not only are they a reputable source with excellent customer service, but they also always offer free US shipping!

Flowermate Vaporizer FAQ

It is not uncommon to have questions when it comes to vaping and getting started, portable vaporizer pens are still fairly new. Below are some of the most often asked questions about Flowermate vaporizers and using them:

1. How to Pack a Flowermate Vape

A dry herb vaporizer should only be filled with ground dry herbs. The herbs should be properly cured and using a grinder makes for the best consistency. Load the ground herb into the heating chamber of the device. Be sure to completely fill the chamber but do not pack it too tightly. If the hot air is unable to circulate, the materials will not vape properly. For wax vape pens and e-nails you should usually only use wax concentrates. Load the coils or nail with a small amount of concentrate, which is easier with a dab tool. Be gentle when loading coils as to not damage them.


2. How to Adjust Vape Temperature

Portable vape pens will vary when it comes to setting the temperature, though there are some similarities across the board. Some vaporizers only have an on/off button - these are generally vapes for concentrates. Some have simple control settings like low, medium and high (or a list of preset temps). Other devices have a true variable setting that gives you total temperature control. Vaporizers with variable voltage settings work like variable temperature settings - a higher voltage equals a higher temperature output. It is always a good idea to start on the lowest setting and work your way up when trying a new device, herb or concentrate.

3. Is It Worth It?

Flowermate makes quality products at a very appealing price point. They are not cheap, flimsy models; they are high-tech and affordable. Flowermate takes pride in offering consumers sleek, high-functioning products at a price everyone can get behind. With the proper care, a Flowermate vape will be a good friend for years to come. While it depends on your needs and budget, Flowermate is an excellent investment for people searching for a great product at a great deal.


4. How to Charge a Flowermate Vaporizer Battery

Almost all vapes use a micro USB charging cable (the kind that are used to charge most cell phones), and Flowermate is no exception. It is important to let the battery charge fully before using the first time. You should also fully drain before charging it. Do not leave the vape battery charging for an extended period of time as this will run down the life of your battery. Remove your vape when it is finished charging. Unlike most of the portable Flowermate vaporizers models, the iHit comes with a powerful AC/DC adaptor for charging.

5. How to Use a Flowermate Vaporizer

The Flowermate vape company always includes a user manual complete with operation instructions that will go over in detail how to best heat and use the device. That being said, there are plenty of tips that will help with vaporizers  operation across the board. Most vapes turn on and off by clicking the power button 5 times in rapid succession. While the device is on, hold the power button to heat and create vapor. When first using a new vape or trying out a new batch of herb/concentrate, it is best to start on a low heat setting, then slowly work up in temperature to the optimal setting.

All vaporizers are loaded basically the same way. You want to make sure the chamber is well packed with ground herb, but not too tightly for dry herb vaporizers. When loading a dab of wax into a vape pen, be sure to be gentle with the coils and not to overfill. You should also not overfill oil vapes. Both of these are prone to leakage if too much concentrate is loaded at one time. To extend the life of your Flowermate, be sure to keep it clean and keep up regular maintenance. On a regular basis, wipe the exterior with an alcohol wipe. Less frequently, but still often, remove the battery and do a deeper cleaning of all the other the inner components.