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Flowermate Vaporizer Screens

Highest quality metal replacement screens for your flowermate dry herb vaporizer. These filter screens will keep herb particle debris from entering your mouth. Remember to keep a clean screen for maximum airflow.
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  • Product Details

    Vape Parts Listing Includes

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    • 4-pack Flowermate Vaporizer Screens 

    Vape Screen Details

    • For use with - Flowermate Vaporizer Mouthpiece
    • Material - Stainless Steel Metal Screens
    • Top Attribute - The mesh filter will block small herb particles from traveling up through the mouthpiece while vaping
    • Commonly used with the following vape models -
    • V5.0S
    • V5.0 Pro
    • V5.0X
    • Flowermate Mini
    • Plus More
    • User Manual

      Will these screens work with my Flowermate?

      The screen replacements in this listing are compatible with all of the V5.0 models including the MIni versions and more. See the Description tab for a full list of vaporizer models.

      How to change the screen on my Flowermate mouthpiece

      1. Remove the mouthpiece from the storage compartment, unscrew it from the chamber or just pick it up. 2. On the bottom of the mouthpiece is a metal screw piece that is holding the screen in place. Unscrew that component to the left until it comes off. 3. The screen should fall right out or you may have to tap it out of the metal part. If the screen is stuck, you may have to use some force or just soak the parts to get them clean. In general you can choose to clean everything before you insert the new screen. 4. Insert the new screen into the metal screw piece. Place the bottom of the mouthpiece over the screw piece and begin to screw the two pieces together. Screw until the pieces are securely fastened together.

      How to Clean a Vaporizer Screen

      Just about any metal vaporizer screen can be cleaned in the same way. The screen can be cleaned using a brush or alcohol dipped cotton swab but, that is the hard way. The easiest, most convenient way to clean your screens is by soaking them in either boiling water or rubbing alcohol. Stir or shake the screen around to help loosen up and remove the attached particles. In no time your screen will be clean and clear of debris so that you can enjoy a smooth vaping experience.