What is Darkside Vapes?

Darkside Vapes

With one of the most prolific brands in the vape world today, Darkside Vapes is one of the most recognized and well-known vape companies in the business. Specializing in dry herb vaporization, their product line is comprised of some of the most advanced units for convection style vaporization.

Dark side vape Titan 2
Vaporizers offered by darkside vapes

Vaporizers Offered by Dark Side Vapes

With a smaller selection than most to choose from, the good news is that Darkside Vapes focuses on dry herb vaporization, making it their specialty. As a trusted name in the business, Darkside Vapes features some of the most cutting edge vapes with advanced technology, making them sought out by many.

Benefits of Using Dark Side Vapes


Being heralded as one of the smallest portable dry herb vaporizers on the market today, the E-CLISPE dry herb vaporizer is the epitome of stealth and discretion. With a full range of digital temperature control between 300 – 435 F, the E-CLIPSE can heat up to your preference in a mere 30 seconds. Being able to accommodate half a gram of your favorite dry herbs is more than enough to have a full vape session. At a battery capacity of 2200 mAh, that means you can carry on vaping to your heart’s content without worrying about having to recharge the vape after every session. The E-CLIPSE also comes with a glass mouthpiece option to further enhance the flavor of your favorite dry herbs as heat passes through the unit. 4 replacement silicone o-rings come with the unit to give the user peace of mind without having to spend more on replacement parts. A high-quality packing tool also graces the unit to help the user pack in the right amount every time. A cleaning brush is also included to help maintain the integrity of your vaping device. Being a portable unit, a USB charging cable comes with every vape to ensure you have the right cable to maximize the battery’s potential with every charge. The E-CLIPSE remains one of the most trusted and reliable vaporizers on the market.

Titan 1 and Titan 2 Vaporizer Review

Both the Titan 1 and the Titan 2 offer a convection heating style that is precise and efficient. The Titan 1 features a ceramic chamber with 3 temperature settings on a powerful 2200 mAh battery. Temperature settings are enhanced on the Titan 2 with an upgraded precision heating range between 200 – 428 F. By comparison, the Titan 1 would be most ideal for those looking to simplify their sessions with just the push of a button. Like the Titan 1, the Titan 2 also features a ceramic heating chamber and can take up to 90 seconds to reach your desired temperature setting. Both come with the appropriate replacement parts to help ease the user into maintaining their units. While the Titan 2 is considered the upgraded version, both function on the same mAh and hold the same amount of dry herb within their chambers. Both come with packing tools and the appropriate USB charger. When considering which one to get, just know that there is not much of a price difference, and the Titan 1 has three settings of 380, 400, and 420 F, also taking up to 90 seconds to reach. Both are considered to be some of the best dry herb vapes on the market.

AGO Vaporizer Review

The AGO dry herb vape pen is a popular vape pen that will combust your herbs! Instead of vapor, get the beloved smoke you are used to. The AGO vape pen is a combustion vape that brings technology to smoking. Instead of a lighter, a hot coil with heat your herbs inside the chamber. The herbs will heat up and burn similar to smoking a pipe. Windy on the mountain? Don't worry, just press the power button on the AGO vaporizer and enjoy your day!

Titan 2 mouthpiece vape

Darkside Vaping Tips

Along with maintaining your vapes by keeping with a regular cleaning schedule, it is fortunate that most vapes on the market do not get dirty the way traditional smoking pipes do. Nonetheless, it is essential that you keep up with regular cleaning to ensure that particulate matter does not buildup within the chamber. In this day in age, it is also highly advisable not to share your vaping units with others in order to maintain safe hygienic practices. Always make sure that your units are fully charged before going out to prevent them from giving out in the middle of a session. This will also greatly extend the lifespan of your vaping units.

Which Darkside Vape is Best?

That just depends on your individual needs. Ultimately, the choice will be yours on what vaporizer is best suited for your lifestyle. Some people prefer to be out and about and go with a stealthy model like the E-CLIPSE, while others are fairly new to the vaping scene and might want to consider going for the AGO. For those looking for a good all-around vape with minimal requirements, the Titan 1 is a great start. Other people who might want a little more precision and control over their sessions might want to go with the upgraded version, the Titan 2. No matter what vape you end up choosing, every single one will be of the best quality and efficiency. Darkside Vapes is one of the most trusted and recognized brands out there.

Where to Buy a Darkside Vape

Aside from scouring your local headshop for the latest and greatest vapes on the market, today’s environment is not as accommodating. Any reputable online vape shop will undoubtedly have what you are looking for, with NY Vape Shop being at the top of the list! How many places do you know of that offer free shipping on all their products? That is how confident we are with our products. Have a look around and find what you are looking for today!