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510 Thread Battery for Oil Cartridges

Micro Vape battery for 510 thread oil cartridges. Now you can enjoy the convenience and discretion of this Micro vape pen while vaping your oils.
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  • Product Details

    Vape Battery Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • SteamCloud Micro Variable Voltage 510 Vape Battery
    • Micro USB Charging Cable
    • Protective Box
    • User Manual

    SteamCloud Micro 510 Battery Details

    • Made by SteamCloud Vapes - this is one of the hottest vape batteries for use with 510 oil cartridges.  It is stylish, discreet, and can fit in any pocket, even the tight ones.  It is very easy to operate, plus it can also be used with coil attachments for wax and dry herbs.
    • Variable Voltage - 3 settings so that you can fine tune the vaping experience.  Choose from 3.2 (green), 3.7 (blue), or 4.0 (red) volts.
    • 510 Thread Compatability - The vape pen is for use with skinny 510 cartridges, cartomizers and clearomizers for either oils, wax or dry herbs.
    • 5-click safety feature
    • 10-second auto shut off safety feature
    • Battery Capacity - 360 mah
    • Height - 2.75 inches tall
    • Width - 5/8 inches wide
    • Depth - 3/8 inch deep



    • User Manual

      How to use my SteamCloud Micro 510 Vape Battery

      1. To operate, the battery it will have to have some juice in it. Make sure your battery is charged if it will not turn on. The battery can be charged using a standard micro usb charger that is used with cell phones. 2. To turn the battery on, press the power button 5 times quickly in a row. The light behind the power button will flash when the battery is being turned on or off. And once powered on, the light behind the power button will light up every time the button is pressed. 3. To change the voltage setting on the battery, press the power button 3 times quickly in a row. The Green light is 3.2 volts, the Blue light is 3.7 volts, and the Red light is 4.0 volts. 4. To use the vape battery, just screw on a 510 cartridge to the top of the battery. DO NOT screw it in super-tight or too loosely, there is no need and the cartridge can always be adjusted if needed. 5. With a cartridge properly attached, turn on the vape battery, choose a voltage setting, and then begin to vape. Press the power button and gradually take a pull. Lower or increase the voltage setting. 6. Not all cartridges are created equally. Some have a higher resistance than others, so 3.7 volts to one cartridge may not be the same impact as 3.7 volts to a similar cartridge. 7. Fiddle around and get to know your cartridge. You may want to hold the power button for 5 seconds straight to get a big puff. Or you can press, release, press, release, whatever you want to help fine tune the vaping experience. 8. If you press and hold the power button for 10 seconds straight, the battery will stop firing and you will need to release the power button and then press it again to start vaping again. This is a safety feature, plus it may save you a cartridge because it will shut down the battery versus it randomly going off in your bag the entire ride to work or home. 9. When you are done vaping make sure to shut the battery down. Never leave it on if you are not using it. If you want to charge it, Do not leave it charging over night and see charging instructions and details below.

      How to Charge my SteamCloud Micro vape battery

      1. The battery can be charged using the included Micro usb charger. You can also use your cell phone charger, unless you have an iPhone. 2. First plug the usb charger into a power source, either directly into a USB port, or into a wall charger and wall outlet. 3. With the charger cord properly plugged in to a power source, next plug the other end into the bottom of the vape battery. There is a micro usb charging port on the bottom of the Micro battery. 4. While the battery is charging, the red light on the bottom of the battery will turn off. 5. When the battery has finished charging the light will turn green. 6. Never leave your battery charging overnight. Always store your battery in a cool, dry place.

      How to Clean the SteamCloud Micro Vape battery

      1. DO NOT submerge the battery in any liquid or expose it to any sort of wet condition including a dripping wet paper towel or rag. 2. There is not much cleaning to be done. If you want to clean the outside of the battery, wipe it down with a damp cloth. DO NOT use any rag or towel that will drip even a single drop of liquid onto the battery. Using rubbing alcohol or any other cleaning solution can affect the exterior physically and it may discolor.

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