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Atmos & AGO Jr heating chamber

The perfect ceramic heating chamber to serve as a backup and to replace an old Atmos or AGO Jr chamber. Chamber works with both wax and dry herb.

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  • Product Details

    Vape Coil Listing Includes

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    • AGO Jr Heating Chamber
    • choice of color

    AGO Jr Vape Coil Details

    • SPECIAL NOTE - The white blemish heating chamber works perfectly fine.  The only thing is you might have a light blemish here or there, sometimes barely visible.  They work so we don't want to throw them away, but we understand you may not want to pay full price, so get them at 20% cheaper than the other colors.
    • Compatability - This vape coil is specifically meant to be a replacement heating chamber for the AGO Jr and the Atmos Jr
    • Proper Use - The chamber can be used with either wax or dry herbs, but Do Not mix the two in the same chamber.
    • Height - 4 inches tall
    • Diameter - 1/2 inch wide
    • Heating Element - Ceramic heating chamber with a pancake style coil at the bottom of the chamber
    • Color Silver
  • User Manual

    Will the AGO Jr vape coil fit my Atmos vape pen?

    First off, if you ever have any questions about anything, you can always reach out to our customer service and we help with anything. If you have an Atoms Jr or an AGO Jr, there is a good chance this will work with your vape. This heating chamber is compatible for use with batteries that have the 710 original atmos threading. If you have a 510 threaded version, you'll need a 510 threaded heating chamber.

    What is the difference between 510 and 710 atmos threading?

    The threading is the part of the vaporizer or heating chamber that screws together. For the battery, it is located at the top, and for the heating chamber it is located inside the bottom part of the chamber. If the threading matches up, the two pieces will screw together with ease. The 510 thread is thinner and finer than its 710 counterpart. The 710 atmos thread is fatter and has less thread lines.