Avocado Pipe vs Baby Yoda Bubbler

Smoking pipes are ever popular within the smoking community due to their portability and sheer attractiveness. It is not uncommon to find novelty smoking pipes that are one of a kind or just flat out cartoonish. While they are all functional as practical smoking pipes, they are stylish and perfect for today’s market. What makes these two pipes so great is that they are both made out of silicone, which is fast becoming the more preferred material for all smoking pieces. This article will take a closer look at two of the most popular smoking pipes today, their similarities, and their differences.

by: Anthony E. | 10/03/22 1:30PM


The Avocado Pipe

One of the most practical smoking pipes available, the Avocado Pipe is perfect for those who are on the go! This pipe features a silicone shell that is shaped and colored just like an avocado, making it perfect for those who favor the fruit. The ergonomic shape of the avocado also serves to further its practicality. What makes this a great smoking pipe is the fact that it utilizes no water and is virtually indestructible. Only by intentionally trying to somehow damage the silicone through misuse will it be affected, though this is something that does not really occur.

The bowl itself is deep and made of glass which will ensure a clean and flavorful hit every time. Add to the fact that this bowl can also be covered when not in use will go a long way to preserve fresh bowls as well as those that have not yet finished, making this a very convenient piece to carry! To top it all off, there is a carb hole located on the side of the pipe, allowing for smokers to clear the airway and keep your pipe ready for the next hit. This makes the Avocado Pipe a real bargain to have with so many unique features.


The Baby Yoda Bubbler

This is perhaps the coolest, or cutest bubbler pipe that you can currently get your hands on. Like the Avocado Pipe, this Baby Yoda pipe is made of high-quality food-grade silicone which will ensure that it will last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. The glass bowl piece features a built-in screen which eliminates the need for any other external components. It is small enough to be portable, though not recommended if you have it filled up with water. You would do well to simply carry it around empty up until you are ready to use it.

In any case, this Baby Yoda bubbler pipe is very easy to disassemble for easy and thorough cleaning. Because this bubbler is made of silicone, you can rest assured knowing that it will not crack, rip, tear, or break on you. The exception to this would be the bowl, however. Care must be taken to not drop or hit the bowl itself. The truth is that even if you were to drop the whole thing, chances are nothing would break. The silicone would act as a decent buffer to any falls.


Differences Between the Two

The Avocado Pipe and the Baby Yoda Bubbler are different in that one uses water, and the other one does not. This allows for the Avocado Pipe to be much more portable and convenient. Because the Baby Yoda Bubbler utilizes water, however, it can produce much larger and cleaner hits. No one pipe is better than the other. In fact, both are very functional pipes and would all come down to a matter of personal preference.

As far as the price point is concerned, the Baby Yoda bubbler pipe is only slightly more expensive for obvious reasons. It is much more highly decorated and comes with more parts. The bowl on the Baby Yoda Bubbler has a built-in screen and of course, it can hold water. To clear the airway from the Baby Yoda Bubbler, you would need to manually remove the silicone housing the glass bowl piece. Either way, they are both highly affordable and very popular amongst smoke enthusiasts.

Their Similarities

Naturally, both pieces are aesthetically pleasing and are made of high-quality food-grade silicone, ensuring the user a safe experience. Because both pipes also have glass bowls, you can rest assured knowing you will be getting clean, flavorful hits every time since glass is inert and will not leave behind any aftertastes or chemical residues. Each pipe is technically portable, with the Baby Yoda Bubbler needing to be empty of its water contents to ensure true portability.

The smoking pipes are ergonomically shaped to allow for easy handling. In any case, because they are both made of silicone, you can be sure that no harm will come to your piece in the hands of amateurs or those who are heavily inebriated. Both the Avocado smoking pipe and the Baby Yoda pipe are popular amongst social media platforms as memes. They are relevant pieces capable of being conversation starters.

Final Thoughts

Silicone is fast becoming the more popular type of material for showcasing smoking pipes. Because of its protective and virtually indestructible nature, silicone is being used to house and protect glass pieces with its beautiful capability of being colorful and customized to any particular shape and style. Silicone pipes are being made and conceptualized, allowing for pipes that are both practical and affordable.

What makes these two smoking pipes exceptional is the well-rounded package. Buy either smoking pipe and you are getting something that is functional, popular, durable, and affordable. In any case, deciding on which one to use will all boil down to a matter of personal preference. No one piece is better than the other, as they both come with great perks.

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