Best Dispensaries in Colorado

Last year in 2021, Colorado averaged around 1,021+ dispensaries, with over 446 of them just in Denver alone. This is a testament to how important medical cannabis is within the state of Colorado, with recreational sales pouring back money into the community to build a strong and diverse market. Colorado has some of the most accepting and compassionate views regarding the cannabis industry and the patients who would benefit from its therapeutic application. This article will highlight 10 of the best dispensaries that can be found in the state of Colorado.

by: Anthony E. | 05/13/22 1:30PM


5 Best Recreational Dispensaries


With 9 locations throughout the state, and 4 of them located within Denver, Lightshade is the premier hotspot for acquiring high grade recreational cannabis. Everything from edibles to distilled resins, tinctures, topicals, and top-quality flower grown in-house can be found here. What makes this recreational business even better is their ability to deliver any product straight to your front doorstep, making it incredibly convenient for today’s social climate.

The Giving Tree

A highly reputable dispensary that specializes in infused goods with medical grade quality flower and extracts, The Giving Tree is munchy heaven for those looking to get their hands on some top shelf edibles. What makes The Giving Tree unique is that they mainly cater to those who are unable to either smoke or vaporize their cannabis and instead offer a much more powerful alternative.


The Green Solution

Aside from getting your hands on high-quality cannabis products, The Green Solution has little goodies and accessories that revolve around cannabis culture, such as pipes, kush pouches, and even coloring books. Considered to be an all-around dispensary that focuses on the culture of cannabis, The Green Solution has everything from pre-rolls, extracts, topicals, edibles, and even accessories for growing your own cannabis at home.

Rocky Mountain High Dispensary

John Denver is famous for making Rocky Mountain High a huge hit, with his last name being synonymous with the capital of Colorado as the epicenter of cannabis culture. Hosting some of the most renowned Cannabis Cup strains in its library, Rocky Mountain High Dispensary features a loyalty program for its regular customers and allows for online orders. With some of the best daily deals and prices, this dispensary is one of the best in Colorado.

Good Chemistry

This dispensary is unique in providing its customers with a more direct and visual approach to their cannabis products. Utilizing what is known as S.T.A.T.S., users can physically see, touch, smell, taste, and get a sense for a strain’s effects prior to making a purchase, making it one of the most informative and educational dispensaries in all of Colorado. Using a rewards program for its regular customers, Good Chemistry features an online menu and delivers right to your doorstep.


5 Best Medical Dispensaries

Native Roots

An upscale medical dispensary with high-quality flower and extracts, Native Roots has a loyalty program as well as deals throughout every month. A new patient referral system rewards customers for sending business their way and offers nice discounts. The dispensary is open, bright, and rather spacious. Considered one of the best medical cannabis dispensaries in Colorado.

Medicine Man

Perhaps the most conveniently located dispensary in Denver, Medicine Man is located right next to the airport which is perfect for adult tourists with a medical card looking to stock up as soon as they land. With discounted specials and rewards for regular customers, Medicine Man allows you to preorder from their menu online and streamlines your experience with fast and reliable service. A highly rated dispensary, Medicine Man is home to some of the best strains in Colorado.

Terrapin Care Station

Perhaps the most compassionate of all the dispensaries on this list, Terrapin Care Station regularly donates profits to non-profit charities and organizations local and abroad. Catering to both medical and recreational customers, Terrapin Care Station features a very laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. Complete with a loyalty program, this dispensary is also considered to be one of Colorado’s finest medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries.


A fully stocked and accessorized dispensary makes LivWell one of the most comprehensive dispensaries in Colorado. Aside from serving both recreational and medical patients, LivWell features cannabis that is exclusively grown in-house and provides users with products ranging from name brand vapes to topicals and accessories. Pre-rolls, edibles, and concentrates grace their shelves with some of the best strains of medical cannabis available.

The Clinic

Blonde wood and soft lighting make this dispensary much more akin to visiting a relaxing day spa than anything else. With the ability to order online prior to making a visit, The Clinic features some of the best top-quality cannabis on the market today. The Clinic is geared towards new patients who are looking to get into medical cannabis and provides friendly staff with a vast array of knowledge in the field. The Clinic is perhaps the most upscale dispensary on this list.

Final Thoughts

Colorado has some of the most open minded and liberal views when it comes to cannabis and its therapeutic applications. With so many options to choose from when it comes to picking the right kind of dispensary, the task can seem daunting especially to new users who don’t know where to start. Fortunately, because there are so many dispensaries throughout the state, there is plenty to choose from.

Most feature new patient and loyalty programs complete with a points system to keep patients and customers interested. Daily, weekly, and even monthly deals give back to the community by offering incentives for returning customers. Competing with states such as California, Colorado has some of the best strains and unique genetics that can only be found when shopping inside certain dispensaries.

In time, Colorado will see an even bigger increase in revenue and upscale locations as they lead the way with other states that have adopted more relaxed views to include recreational cannabis as part of their economic strengths. Come see why Colorado is known to be one of the most epic places to get your hands on some of the dankest cannabis available.

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