Can I Make a Dab Rig Out of a Regular Bong?

Bongs and dab rigs are very similar in their ability to utilize water in their chamber. Some types come with multiple chambers while others feature advanced filtration methods such as percolation. Converting a bong into a dab rig is achievable with the right type of components. In this article we will be going over how one can make a dab rig out of a bong and why this may or may not be desirable.

by: Anthony E. | 03/14/22 1:30PM


Similarities Between Dab Rigs and Bongs

Dab rigs and bongs can both come in a variety of different sizes, styles, and materials. From glass and ceramic to plastic and silicone, bongs and dab rigs can have many similarities that overlap. Both can utilize water as the main feature in which vapor and smoke pass through to be cooled down and filtered.

Dab rigs and bongs can have one or multiple chambers used to house water. Some will feature percolating effects which serve to further break down and disperse the smoke or vapor and effectively cool down the hit. Depending on the material, bongs and dab rigs can be interchangeable with certain parts, allowing them to be converted and used for either modality.

Bongs are usually much more simplistic in their design and feature just one water chamber. Dab rigs can come with multiple chambers and feature more elongated or complex air paths that serve to cool down the vapor as it travels. Both dab rigs and bongs require the use of a lighter or torch to properly heat up their starting material.


Why Regular Bongs Make Exceptional Dab Rigs

The craze of dabbing has opened new markets that aim to capitalize on current trends, thus you will come to find that many dab rigs on the market are priced exceptionally high. The truth is that you will encounter many dab rigs that are of high-quality, however. Bongs are cheap and common, making them readily accessible to most people.

Because bongs are much cheaper and can accommodate certain components from a dab rig, people can save money by opting for a bong and converting it into a full-blown dab rig. With just the simple replacement of the bowl with a dab nail, and you have yourself a dab rig that can produce a decent vape session.

Depending on what your bong is made from, it may be able to handle the heat radiating from the torch and nail. Plastic would be a very poor choice for converting a bong into a dab rig as the plastic will not be able to withstand the heat coming off the nail, resulting in the bong melting rather quickly. Nonetheless, making a dab rig from a bong can be a legitimate way to save money.


Pros and Cons of Converting a Bong to a Dab Rig

As previously stated, one of the best benefits to having both a bong and a dab rig in one device is the price point. If you have the right type of bong to begin with, and the right replacement parts, there should be no reason why you could not enjoy a great dab session using a converted bong.

One of the bad aspects about converting your bong is having to deal with the cleaning process to remove all that smoke residue and gunk buildup. Using a dirty bong to take a dab hit is less than ideal since the accumulation of resins and other by-products will severely impact the flavor of your dab hit. If you are going to try and convert your bong into a dab rig, at least keep the thing clean.

Silicone is perhaps the most versatile and easiest to clean in terms of having a bong and dab rig combo. Some silicone bongs can be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. If you can replace the bowl with a nail, then you can have a legitimate dab rig. Steer clear of using plastic or glass pieces that are too ornate to thoroughly clean as this will create a bad flavor and ruin the session.

How to Make a Dab Rig Out of a Bong

The first thing you want to do is ensure you have the right type of material. Silicone is the best, but if you have a good glass piece that is simple and not fixed with a nail, then this will be ideal. Make sure you take out the bowl and know whether you have a male or female joint going into your downstem.

Acquire the appropriate size nail and simply switch out the bowl for the nail. Ideally, you also want to make sure that the nail itself is placed away from the bong so as not to heat it up. This can be an issue if you have a silicone piece that cannot accommodate this feature. You will end up burning your silicone and melting it over time.

Glass might be best for this. Once you have everything put together, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned prior to use. This is especially helpful if your bong has already been used to smoke dry herb material. Ash and other particulate matter can be caked onto the sides of the chamber, making it imperative that you thoroughly clear it all out prior to your vape session.

Final Thoughts

Making a dab rig out of a bong can be one of the best ways to enjoy a real dab session without having to spend loads on a high-quality dab rig. Though most bongs are not designed with this conversion in mind, you want to make sure your piece is built well enough to handle the heat from a nail.

Again, steer clear of plastic and silicone that is too tight as this will not be good for accommodating the heat off a nail. Glass is preferred though a bit harder to clean, especially if your bong is used. In any case, the main thing you want to ensure is that your bong remains clean. Bongs will not usually have percolating features but if you happen to get one that does, then all the better!

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