Can I Use Wax in a Dry Herb Vape?

Wax and dry herbs are two completely different modalities. Some vapes may or may not be able to accommodate both, though not at the same time. There are exceptions, depending on the vape, and on your method. When it comes to vaping wax in a dry herb vape, many factors come into account, and the truth is that dry herb vapes make for a poor wax vaporizer. In this article, we will detail how and why this is so, and why you would want to consider using a 3-in-1 vape instead.

by: Anthony E. | 06/08/22 1:30PM


Wax vs Dry Herbs

Depending on the type of wax you have, consistencies can vary between concentrates. From goopy resin to hard or brittle shatter, wax concentrates are worlds apart from dry herbs. High-quality wax vaporizes at high temperatures to what is known as a full melt, whereas lower quality and subpar varieties will bubble and not completely vaporize.

Dry herbs on the other hand are meant to be gently heated up to a point right below combustion. Depending on the types of terpenes and cannabinoids you are looking to vaporize, temperatures may vary. The higher you go, the more vapor you will get. As far as vapor density is concerned, wax will produce much thicker clouds by comparison.

Being as how wax is a concentrate, less is needed to produce a profound effect. Dry herbs are much more flavorful in the long-run and can last you considerably longer with more sessions. Most people vaporize wax through a dab rig or portable pen, while dry herbs can be used in desktop vapes, portable vapes, and pipes.


Why Wax Should Never Be Combined with Dry Herbs

If you were to use your wax in a dry herb vape, you would likely melt the wax directly onto the heating components, rendering the vape all but useless. In fact, you could damage the unit beyond repair, as dry herb vapes often come with fixed heating chambers that cannot be removed. If you were to somehow sandwich wax in between two layers of dry herbs, the results would be subpar.

This is because a certain temperature is needed to thoroughly vape wax, which would be much too high for dry herbs to handle without combusting into flames. In effect, you would be wasting both the wax and the dry herbs at the same time. In other words, combining them is just a bad idea, so your best bet is to not even try to risk it.

Vaping aside, you could attempt to place both in a pipe, though this would come with its own risks, such as getting hot melted wax directly onto your tongue. Not a good idea. Never combine wax with dry herbs in any type of modality, lest you wish to test the integrity of your vape or heat tolerance of your mouth and tongue!


Wax Vapes vs 3-in-1 Vapes

Combination vapes can switch between wax and dry herb modalities, though they will not combine both at the same time. These types of vapes are ideal since they come with detachable chambers and can be swapped out at a moment’s notice. Wax vapes that only accommodate wax are not as versatile or convenient.

If you wanted to somehow combine wax and dry herbs, using a 3-in-1 vape is the closest thing you could come to. Always remember that you cannot directly mix the two, as they require completely different heat settings. The good thing about owning and using a 3-in-1 vape is that it can also utilize oil concentrates and e-juice.

Unlike a simple wax vape, however, 3-in-1 vapes require more of a learning curve before they can be utilized effectively. Some wax vapes are simple enough to simply be activated by a push of a button. If you are vaping dry herbs in any vape, you will have to prime it first and wait a couple minutes before taking your first hit.

What to Expect When Combining Wax with Dry Herbs

If you were to somehow combine these two into a dry herb vape, you would likely discover how your dry herbs would not vape correctly. Wax would likely melt onto your dry herbs, coating them and preventing them from being vaped at all. Since the wax itself would require a higher temperature, you would not be able to get a good hit.

If you were to turn up the heat on a dry herb vape and then try to take a hit with wax on them, you would likely get a hit that would quickly turn into a disaster. Wax would either melt directly onto the heating components or you would end up burning your dry herbs, making the wax all but lost in the process. It would be an ignorant thing to behold.

You could theoretically apply a very minute amount of wax onto your dry herbs just to see what could happen, as this would minimize the potential damage that more wax could cause. The problem with this is that if you vaped all your dry herbs, wax would be left over and be harder to clean out of your heating chamber. You cannot clean out a dry herb chamber with alcohol, so it is best to just avoid the idea of mixing wax with dry herbs in a vape.

Final Thoughts

The good news is that you could simply switch between the two modalities, going back and forth at your leisure if you chose to do so. While in all honesty, this may seem like a very tedious way to conduct a vape session, it would be interesting to see the results of your experience by doing so.

Keep in mind that wax is very sticky and will make a mess of everything it encounters, especially if it is hot. A dry herb vape will not get hot enough to correctly vape wax and will leave behind a total mess, ruining your chamber and eventually your heating component. The bottom line is that you do not want to mix wax into a dry herb vape, no matter what.

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