Should I Vape Dry Herbs or Wax - 7 Vape Things

Some people wonder what the differences are in comparison to the benefits or reasons when it comes to vaporizing certain materials. Ultimately, what you end up deciding to vape is up to you. Some people prefer wax, some prefer herbs, while some like both! There are reasons to go with either one or, though to make your decision easier, we have listed out some key differences between these two modalities that can have you go either way. Let us have a closer look:

by: Anthony E. | 03/09/20 1:30PM


7 Things to Be Aware of with Vapes

  • Maintenance Level – When it comes to vaping wax, you must understand that it is inherently sticky, which can end up all over the place if you are not careful. Wax coils have to be routinely replaced to ensure the integrity of your vape. Dry herb vapes on the other hand utilize a fixed chamber that has less complexity in removable parts, which makes them easier to clean & operate. Dry herb vapes usually have a more simpler heating mechanism, unlike wax vapes and their coils.
  • Potency Level – Wax oil concentrates remain the most potent in comparison to dry herbs, weight for weight. Dry herbs tend to be milder in terms of potency, though making up for it with a full flavor profile. Wax oil tend to be quite flavorful, though the effects are what are most pronounced when it comes to comparing their attributes. While there are some rather heavy-hitting dry herbs out there that can pack quite a punch, there is no contest when it comes to vaping a concentrate.

Maintenance Level

  • Battery Power – Dry herb vapes tend to come with more battery power compared to other vapes, but this is because more energy is needed to heat up and vaporize the herbs. Wax and oil concentrates are easily vaporized by either a push of a button or reach a much quicker boiling point that utilizes less power. When you take into account how some dry herbs vapes have hot air passing through the herbs in order to aid in their vaporization, the power load is considerably more demanding.
  • Pricing – Compared to dry herbs, wax is the most expensive to vape, simply because of the more complex and drawn out process involved to create the product. Dry herbs are fairly simply, as one needs to just grind up, load, and vape away. Wax is more meticulous and demands much more care and attention to ensure a smooth vaping session. Wax is also more expensive due to its inherent potency compared to dry herbs.
  • Vape Functionality – While wax and oil vapes tend to be much simpler to operate with either a push of a button or just by drawing in with your breath, dry herb vapes are more demanding in terms of precision. With temperature gauges, heat settings can be tailored to meet your needs which makes up for the lack of versatility. Wax and oil vapes are often interchangeable with their batteries as all around vaporizers. These types of vapes are often combination 3 in 1 vapes.


  • Vapors – The scent of dry herbs is highly distinct and noticeably different when compared to wax and oil concentrates. Dry herb vapors tend to be much more fragrant, while wax and oils can be more intensely pungent given the volume of vapor that is actually produced. Dry herbs tend to give off less vapor when compared to their concentrated counterparts. Vapor tends to dissipate rather quickly compared to smoke, however. Despite the smell that accompanies either material, they do not last very long and are perfect for on the go use and discrete sessions.

Herb Grinders vs Dab Tools

  • Herb Grinders vs Dab Tools – Each accessory is relative to their respective modality of vaping. While herb grinders remain an essential piece of equipment when it comes to chopping and mincing your dry herbs for a vape session, dab tools are just as paramount to create a smooth dab session. There really is no “vs” here, since they are essential tools. Whatever you choose will depend on what you want to vape, and how you want to vaporize. Without these tools, you will be hard pressed to even have a vape session at all!

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