Diamond Cut Bong vs. Badass Skull Bong

Bongs are a staple of our smoking culture with a variety of different shapes, styles, materials, and functionalities. All of them utilize the element of water to filter and cool down the smoke to deliver hits that are second to none. Bongs are notorious for producing some of the largest hits due to their water chambers and the amount of smoke they can hold. Bongs are ever popular because of their intrigue using the element of water with their classic bubbling sounds. In this article we will be going over comparisons of two of our most popular bongs and why they are awesome.

by: Anthony E. | 08/16/22 1:30PM


The Diamond Cut Bong

Sleek, elegant, and fully functional, the Diamond Cut Bong is a premier smoking device to grace our product line with the most sought-after material that makes this bong so desirable, silicone. While it is true that glass is still a popular choice, more and more people are starting to come to terms and understand just why silicone is the better choice in the long run. While glass is great for aesthetic standards, it is far from ideal. Not only is glass fragile, but it is also expensive.

The truth is that the only crucial part of a bong is the bowl itself, which would ideally be made of glass to render it inert from heat, unlike metal for example. The Diamond Cut Bong is sharply molded to have clean cut corners and comes in your choice of 6 different colors. Easy to clean and virtually indestructible, the Diamond Cut Bong is the best choice for those looking to have a classy looking piece that will last a lifetime.

The Badass Skull Bong

The Badass Skull Bong is just what you would expect, badass! In fact, this bong also comes with a silicone downstem just like the Diamond Cut Bong. The difference here is that the Badass Skull Bong can be taken apart for easier cleaning and maintenance. The truth is that all bongs get exceptionally dirty over time. The added water serves to further cake on and accumulate residual debris over time. This factor can be easily mitigated by having a bong that can be handled without kid gloves in order to properly clean it, unlike glass.

The Badass Skull Bong sits right under a foot at 11 inches tall, making it ideal for those long, drawn-out home sessions. The Badass Skull Bong is badass considering that it is indestructible, easy to take apart and clean, and features a skull that you can get in two different colors at a price that is incredibly affordable. Instead of spending money on something similar that is made of glass or worse, plastic, get something that will last you a lifetime and be pleasing to the eye!


Pros and Cons

Both the Diamond Cut Bong and the Badass Skull Bong are made of high-quality food grade silicone, allowing for the user to have an inert and chemical free smoke session without the hassle of encountering potential breakage or damage from falls and other mishaps. Currently, both are fairly priced and affordable, idealistic for those looking for a high-quality bong that can be used every day and shared among friends without the fear of breakage.

This is especially true if your circle of friends has newbies or even if someone struggles with a physical ailment that could cause them to potentially drop your bong. Silicone is the way of the future and will set the gold standard for bongs and other smoking devices in the future. About the only real con here is that neither one of these bongs comes with a glass bowl. This can be easily mitigated by simply opting for a bowl that is either encased with silicone or a standalone glass piece.

Which One is Better?

Neither one is better than the other in terms of functionality, though if you are looking for a bong that can be easier to clean, then the Badass Skull Bing might be the better choice for you. Either choice will boil down to your own personal preference. Keep in mind that these bongs are technically portable, if they are not preloaded with either water or dry herb material. They are convenient enough to travel with as they are made of silicone and will not break during travel.

Ideally, both are better suited for long-term storage inside a house where they will be used frequently. In any case, your choice will depend on what you are looking for in terms of aesthetics, as the Diamond Cut Bong is clean, classy, and sharp, whereas the Badass Skull Bong is bold and, well, badass! Either one makes a fine choice when it comes to practicality. Both have adequate water chambers, and both can be easily stored.


Final Thoughts

It is inevitable that silicone will eventually be the gold standard. In time, more and more people will come to realize that silicone is the better option due to its practicality. Silicone is affordable, durable, flexible, moldable to a variety of novelty shapes, and very easy to clean. Compared to glass and plastic, silicone is the clear winner. While glass will likely always be a popular choice, silicone will appeal to a wider audience for being the ideal choice. Newbies and smoking connoisseurs alike will come to accept silicone as the way to go.

Combine all these aspects with a bong or smoking pipe that is also portable, and you have the convenience of travel to add to the perk list. When choosing which silicone bong, you want to go with, always opt for the one you plan to use the most. If you want something easier to clean, go for the Badass Skull Bong. If you want something that will still look good after the session is over, then the Diamond Cut Bong can be your go to. In fact, you can place this bong on a table to accentuate the room!

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