Silicone Skull Water Pipe vs Badass Skull Bong

Bongs and water pipes in general are a method of smoking that utilizes water as the main feature to filter and cool down a hit. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, making them very versatile and vast in the world of smoking. Most bongs today are commonly seen in their glass forms, making them exceptionally appealing to look at and smoke from. The truth is that this is far from practical. Silicone is the way to go when a user wants something efficient and affordable. This article will break down two of the more popular silicone bong options available.

by: Anthony E. | 11/14/22 2:30PM


The Silicone Skull Water Pipe

One of the easier bongs to use that comes in 4 different color options, the Silicone Skull Water Pipe is perfect for those who are looking for something unique. The Silicone Skull Water Pipe can be taken apart for easy cleaning, as water tends to accumulate gunk and residual debris over time, making this bong convenient to maintain.

The downstem is made of glass and care must be taken to avoid breaking it. Most downstems are made of glass anyway which makes it the more common option. While silicone downstems exist, it will be up to the user to determine which option suits his or her needs better. The Silicone Skull Water Pipe does not come with its own bowl, however.

Either way, you have the option to have a standard or enlarged bowl on this water pipe given the leeway to customize your piece in this manner. An elongated smoking tube further serves to cool down the smoke as it travels along the air-path delivering exceptionally cooler hits. The Silicone Skull Water Pipe is also reasonably priced.


The Badass Skull Bong

The bigger brother to the Silicone Skull Water Pipe, the Badass Skull Bong is a full-sized water pipe that can produce massive clouds of smoke! With a height of just under a foot at 11 inches tall, you are sure to be getting your money’s worth with this smoking piece. Just like the former model, the Badass Skull Bong can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

Unlike glass bongs that are inflexible and incapable of being taken apart, silicone offers the user a more convenient option that is more durable and affordable. The Badass Skull Bong is one of the better investments to make considering its price and functionality as a full-sized smoking apparatus. Unlike other bongs on the market, this one will not break on you.

Whether you happen to knock over, drop, or otherwise give your silicone bong an impact with a hard surface, you risk only the glass bowl that comes with it. The Badass Skull Bong also comes in 2 different color options and is priced slightly higher than its little brother, which is all but practical since it has a bit more to offer.


The Similarities and Differences

Naturally, both options are made from high-quality food grade silicone, which is safe and inert. It is much safer to use than glass since it can contract and expand without breaking.

Fluctuating temperatures will not affect a silicone piece like it would glass. Glass that has been left out in the hot sun can shatter if you put ice cold water in it, as the pressure travels throughout the glass which will usually crack it. Both the Silicone Skull Water Pipe and Badass Skull Bong are durable and can be easily cleaned.

Their major difference is in their sizes and capabilities. The Badass Skull Bong is large, while the Silicone Skull Water Pipe is not, making it the more compact and travel-friendly option. The mouthpiece on the latter is elongated and allows for more portable usage, while the Badass Skull Bong is better reserved for home use.

Which One is Better?

They are both awesome! If you want something that is better suited for travel or on the go use, then the Silicone Skull Water Pipe might be worth considering, though it should be noted that this bong will not ideally fit inside your pocket or anything like that. It is simply not as large as the Badass Skull Bong.

If you want something that is a little bigger and can produce slightly larger hits, then the Badass Skull Bong is what you are looking for. The Badass Skull Bong is larger on the bottom and has a wider airpath that allows for a larger volume of smoke to fill the chamber. Both are thick in silicone material and are slightly flexible.

Despite being made of silicone, you will find that they are not weak or wobbly. In fact, they are rather sturdy and will stand on their own. Because they are made of silicone, they will flex and contract to accommodate harder materials made of glass, such as a downstem. When choosing which one is more suitable for your needs, consider how you will be using them prior to buying one.

Final Thoughts

Bongs made from silicone are becoming more popular as demand increases. They are being recognized as the more sensible option due to silicone’s durability and price point. Silicone is cheaper to made and will last you much longer, which makes it the more practical and appealing option over glass. While glass is great to look at, it pales in comparison.

Sure, glass pipes are ideal for the connoisseur, but only a true smoker can tout the benefits of silicone and what it has to offer. Glass is better suited to more advanced users, but even then, it runs the risk of breakage over time, whereas silicone need not ever suffer from that fate. This alleviates a lot of concerns for users who wish to make a sound investment in their smoking devices.

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