How Can I Take My Vape Pen Battery Apart?

Here is the deal: If you must ask this question, then that means you should never attempt to take apart a vape pen battery! Mods are fine if you know what you are doing, though this requires knowledge and skill. Taking the battery apart can be very risky for most folks. In this article we will be going into this subject a little deeper.

by: Anthony E. | 01/14/22 2:30PM


Why Would I Want to Take My Battery Apart?

Those who conclude that their vape batteries should be taken apart are likely those who know how to do it. Not often do you find folks who own a vape mod wanting to dismantle the whole thing, especially the battery. Newbies should never try to attempt to do this. Those who have the knowledge and skills of modifying their vapes would be wise to tread carefully when it comes to their batteries.

Unlike other mods that allow you to customize the vape, dissecting your mod from the battery can be very dangerous. Even if you think you know what you are doing, we highly advise that you do not attempt to take the battery apart. The truth is that unless your battery has been fully discharged, you will run the risk of serious injury if you try to open or take your battery apart.

Removing a battery mod is as simple as just removing the battery, though if you are wanting to open the battery itself, then we highly advise that you reconsider. If you find that you want to replace the battery mod, then do so. If you want to open the battery up, then you do so at your own risk.

What About Box Mod Vape Batteries?

Dismantling a box mod is different from opening a battery. Torx and allen keys will be some of the tools you need to open your box mod. Depending on your make and model, you will need some different tools to open a box mod. The required small driver heads will vary from unit to unit, though almost all box mods can be opened.

Even if you have all these tools, however, do not attempt to do this unless you have experience and are fully aware and competent on how to service your box mod. Knowledge of electrical workings and such are a prerequisite to opening and tinkering with any mod. It should be noted that if the battery is built into the unit, then you should never try to open it up.

Reassembling a box mod after it has been opened can be a rather tedious and time-consuming task, given how small the screws and buttons are. Older models of vapes are crimped and do not open easily, which makes putting it back together an almost impossible task without specialty tools.


What Are the Risks of Opening a Vape Pen Battery?

Most rechargeable batteries are powered by lithium ion and can be hazardous if opened. Even if you are knowledgeable with vape modifications and batteries, there is always the risk of an accident that can result in serious injury. If you happen to damage or touch the battery with metal from a tool, wire, or any other innocuous item, this can result in a thermal meltdown.

Basically, a spark can form that will not only scare you but is also dangerous due to being around 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit! If you can imagine being hit by a spark on your hand or clothing, then you can bet that messing with the battery is a stupid idea. In fact, the heat from one of these sparks can be so intense, it can be felt from 10 feet away according to some reports!

If you do manage to open the battery to “service it,” then you also run the risk of having the battery explode from an improper fitting or other unforeseen variable. Risk of serious burns and death are real possibilities when it comes to batteries. Again, do not attempt to take apart a vape pen battery, especially if it is attached to the unit!


How Can I Service My Battery?

You can’t, so stop trying and give up the idea. If you want to replace your battery, then do it if you know how. If you want to open the battery, then you do so with the risk of injury or death. No joke. It is a stupid endeavor to undertake and not worth the risk. If you suspect your battery to be faulty, then get another one. It is that simple.

There is a difference between a dry cell battery, and a wet cell battery. Wet cells batteries are dangerous, and most vape pen batteries are wet cell lithium-ion batteries. Taking your battery to a professional will also likely result in a replacement and not an actual dissection of the battery. Always leave it up to a professional to handle the inner workings of any vape.

Even if you successfully and safely opened your battery, how would you service it then? Putting the battery back together after opening it will likely result in a dead battery at best, and an injured person at worst. Just don’t do it…

Final Thoughts

Modifying a vape can be one of the best things you could do to truly customize your vape sessions. The trick here is knowing how to do it. Without the knowledge and skills, you run the risk of getting yourself seriously hurt, or rendering your unit completely inoperable after opening it. Ask any person with knowledge in vape mods and they will likely tell you that opening the battery is just stupid and risky.

If you ever find yourself with a faulty unit or mod, simply replace the mod without opening the battery. Many vape models have batteries that are fixed onto the unit and cannot be opened. Once the unit stops working due to the battery, then it is time to simply get a new vape pen.

It is worth repeating that even if you have extensive knowledge of batteries, vape pens and electricity, there is always the risk of having an accident, and so you should never try to open the battery unless you know what you are dealing with and you know what to do after it has been opened.

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