How to Tell When Dry Herb is Done in a Vaporizer

Vaping dry herbs is perhaps the most common form of vaporization. From portable vape pens to the powerful desktop vapes like the Volcano, dry herb vaping is very old and has only increased in popularity. With the advent of cannabis legalization, more people are turning to healthier ways to consume their cannabis. Smoking is no longer the standard as more and more people turn to vaping cannabis for their medicine and recreation. This article will outline the typical dry herb session and when you can tell when it is finished.

by: Anthony E. | 06/04/22 1:30PM


How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer

The first thing you want to do is start off with some high-quality material. Your cannabis buds should be whole, not overly dry, but somewhat moist. Put the amount that you intend to vape inside a grinder. The result should be a nice, crumbly consistency and smell very aromatic. Place this inside the chamber of your vaporizer and set the temperature to one that suits your needs.

Different terpenes and cannabinoids have varying boiling points, so you will want to research which ones you want before you start. The higher the temperature, the thicker the vapor will be, so just keep that in mind. Once you have reached the desired temperature, allow for your dry herb material to prime itself for a few minutes before taking the first hit.

This will allow the temperature to release the compounds you wish to consume. Take a slow, draw-out hit and then exhale. You will begin to feel the effects within the first 5 minutes or so, depending on how potent your cannabis is. Once you feel satisfied, turn off your vaporizer and dump out your dry herbs to prevent them from staying hot. This will make them last significantly longer.


What to Expect

Owning a dry herb vaporizer will require regular maintenance in order to maintain the integrity of your vape for the long term. After your first vape session, you will want to ensure that your battery is charged, assuming you have a portable vape. This is because dry herb vapes consume a large amount of power and require strong batteries. Even so, they take up a lot of juice and need constant charging.

Once you dump out your dry herb material, allow the unit to cool down completely before cleaning out the chamber. Usually, your unit will come with a small brush to dig out debris after a session. Once your unit is cooled, brush out the crumbs and store your unit away from heat or intense temperature fluctuations. Try not to leave a vape in a car during the day or overnight.

You will eventually have to replace a screen, battery, or some other part, depending on your unit’s inner components. Most dry herb vapes come with a fixed heating chamber that cannot be removed. Dry herb vapes also feature precision temperature control and allow the user to tailor his or her experience.

How to Maintain a Dry Herb Vape

Aside from daily cleaning, you will want to make sure your vape is fully charged before every vape session. This will allow you to enjoy the session without the threat of it ending abruptly. If you happen to have a desktop vape, make sure the unit has an automatic off feature to prevent overheating.

Because these types of units are plugged into a wall socket and do not use batteries, they are more prone to overheating issues. Always keep some spare parts such as screens and other components to avoid having to wait for them to come in. Whips and balloons can tear or break, making them unusable until you have the right part.

Both desktop and portable vapes will need regular maintenance and cleaning once enough debris builds up and accumulates. It is better to avoid this by just cleaning them after every use. If you have a desktop vape that also has a fan built in, this will blow some of the debris into other parts such as the whip, which will need to be cleaned as well.


How to Tell When the Herb is Finished

As you begin to vape your dry herb material, vapor will begin to produce that is light and wispy. This can either be collected in a balloon that comes with your desktop vape or inhaled directly from the vape itself. Depending on how long your session lasts, dry herb material will begin to brown and smell reminiscent of popcorn when it starts to finish.

Using dry herb in a vaporizer greatly extends the life of the dry herb material and stretches it out for a long time. The best way to ensure this is to empty your chamber immediately after a vape session to prevent your dry herbs from remaining hot, which will only boil compounds and release vapor until it cools down.

Once your material is dark brown and no longer produces any vapor whatsoever, that is when it is considered finished, and you can either collect it to make a very mild butter or simply toss it away in a compost pile. Take care not to vape it at a high temperature to get more out of it, as you will likely end up combusting the already dried material.

Final Thoughts

Dry herb vaping is very simple and straightforward. Unlike smoking that leaves behind ash after a bowl is finished, vaping leaves behind all the material in a very dried state. It will be a dark brown and turn to dust when crushed. No flavor will be present other than what you would expect from material that has already been spent.

Always clean your chamber after this as there will likely be very fine particles left behind that will accumulate into a residue over time. Once vape material has been thoroughly vaped, you might want to consider upping the temperature just enough to where you will not inadvertently cause it to burn. This will allow you to get the remainder of what cannabinoids may be left.

Dry herb vapes are very clean when compared to wax vapes as well as oil vapes, which makes them very popular among new and seasoned users alike. When properly maintained, a dry herb vape can provide you with the best vape sessions for years to come.

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