Is Buying a Vaporizer a Good Idea?

With so many options on the market today, buying a high-quality vape can seem like a daunting task. Combined with all the different opinions and conflicting information online, and you have a recipe for confusion. Here we will lay out all the reasons why you would want to own a vaporizer.

by: Anthony E. | 01/06/22 2:30PM


Who Are Vaporizers For?

Ask any vape user why they chose to vape, and you will likely find a whole host of different answers. The truth is that many people from different walks of life come to vaping for a lot of reasons. Some are current or former smokers looking for a way to kick the habit. Others are just beginners in the world of vaping.

For some, vaping is a way to deliver high-quality medicine in a fast and reliable way without having to swallow anything or wait for the effects to kick in. Vaping is quick, efficient, and a convenient way to utilize everything from wax and dry herbs to oil concentrates. Some just vape for fun, and the truth is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either!

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, grandparents… lots of people vape. The difference is in what people choose to vape. Some like to use their SteamCloud Box Mods for e-juice, while others like their Titan 2s just fine. Vapes are suitable for anyone of legal age to own, for any reason. Aside from portable vapes, there are also desktop versions that are made for home use.


What Are Vaporizers Good For?

Vaping can be done for a whole host of reasons, though many people choose to vape for the pleasure and relief that it brings them. If one chooses to vape e-juice with nicotine, then they are taking a step in the right direction to replace their smoking habit with something that does not produce additional toxins and waste byproducts through smoke.

Some like to vape cannabis in its many concentrated forms for recreation or for medicinal purposes. Either one is suitable for a vaporizer and is exceptionally good for those suffering from ailments that prevent them from ingesting certain things or for those who have physical pain. Other ailments may include everything from insomnia to anxiety, and it is common to find people vaping for any one of these reasons.

Vaping is also much better than smoking because it produces no carcinogens or smoke. Unlike burning material and inhaling its contents, vaping gently heats up material below the point of combustion and releases aromatic compounds that condense in the form of vapor. Terpenes and flavonoids comprise the vapor and offer the user many benefits. The secret lies within the temperature settings and what you choose to vape.

Why Would I Want to Buy a Vaporizer?

If you want an alternative method to overcome smoking addiction, or if you have a medical condition that warrants the use of a vaporizer, then look no further than what we have to offer here. High-quality, reliable, efficient, and affordable, buying a vape is all a matter of personal choice. Choosing one is easier once you know what you want out of one.

If you want to start off slow and ease your way into it, then you might want to consider a vape that produces light vapors, such as a dry herb vaporizer like the Titan 1 or Titan 2. Those looking to transition from smoking to vaping will do well to consider a model like the AGO which utilizes combustion without the use of a lighter and converts to a convection vape by simply adding a glass screen.

Those who have a little more experience and like to switch between modalities will do quite well with a 3-in-1 combination vape such as the SteamCloud Mini 2.0. For recreational users, any vape will do so long as you know what you prefer. No matter what you choose, always opt for a brand with a reputable background, and a model that has a good track record. Scouring through our blogs will reveal some of the best vapes on the market today!


Who Should Not Own a Vape?

In one word, kids. Anyone else should have the freedom to get their hands on a vaporizer. The issue here is that while some adults might own a vape, they might potentially fall into the hands of their kids if they have children. One of the best ways to prevent this is to simply lock up vapes in a place where a child cannot get to it.

More than just the threat of having a child break a vape is having them use one. Therefore, vapes are better suited for those who are on the go or for those who might use their units infrequently. But what about medical patients who have families with children? The best advice we can give is to simply hide your goods and lock it up tight when not in use.

Even better is using a vape in private away from children. Lastly, if you are going to own a vape, make sure it is a vape you will use and get to know thoroughly. A beginner would not likely enjoy owning a complex box mod any more than an experienced veteran would enjoy being confined to a dry herb vape.

Final Thoughts

We hope we gave you enough reasons why you would want to own a vape. Maybe you have a medical condition, or you would simply like to have a good time. Whatever the reason, you can be sure to find what you are looking for at NY Vape Shop! Owning a vape is easy, and surprisingly, not as meticulous as owning a pipe, believe it or not.

Pipes must be cleaned frequently, and they break more easily. Vapes are powered by batteries and do not require any extras like lighters or rolling papers. With the push of a button, a vape session starts and leaves no residual odors, unlike smoking.

Replacement vape parts are plentiful and affordable, and users are likely to get what they need in just one session. This is because vaping deals mostly with concentrates and cleaner forms of material than smoking. For all these reasons, we feel that buying a vaporizer is a good idea.

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