Lightning Grinder vs Death Star Grinder

Grinders are one of the most essential pieces to any competent user of smoking devices. To get your dry herb material nice and fluffy, you will have to put it through a high-quality grinder if you want to ensure a smooth and pleasurable smoke. In fact, those who also use dry herb vaporizers will need to ensure that their starting material has gone through a good grinder if they want to have a good vape session. Nothing is worse than having dense nugs or over ground powder that leads to uneven and subpar sessions. In this article, we will be looking at two exceptional grinders and their unique features.

by: Anthony E. | 08/08/22 1:30PM


The Lightning Grinder

The Lightning Grinder is a 4-piece metal grinder that is designed with a transparent top allowing for a physical view of the dry herb material as it is being ground up. With its fine chopping and mincing action, one can see just how fluffy they want their dry herb material without having to manually open their grinder to see. The Lightning Grinder comes in either blue, copper, or silver in color and measures about 2.5 inches in diameter. It is an all-around grinder that is made for those who are on the go and desire a more thorough grind and collection feature.

The Lightning Grinder sits right under 2 inches tall, making it a very compact and convenient grinder to use on the go. The 4-piece compartments allow for a chamber that grinds, another that catches, and the bottom chamber that collects. As pollen falls through the screen, it accumulates on the bottom for later use. The teeth within the grinder are evenly placed and are in a desired diamond formation for thorough grinding. This will leave your dry herb material nice and fluffy without leaving it coarse or powdered up.


The Death Star Grinder

The Death Star Grinder looks like the Death Star from the Star Wars movie and makes for a unique and memorable piece. This novelty grinder blends in perfectly and can act as a camouflage from those whom you would rather keep your activities private. In fact, unless you already know it is an herb grinder, you could never tell. It looks more like a model or toy than anything else.

Unlike the Lightning Grinder, the Death Star Grinder is a 3-piece grinder, but it is also made of metal. It is molded and painted with acrylic to give it its shape and color. The inner components are made of metal and very sharp. It should be noted that because this is a 3-piece grinder and there is no chamber for ground up herbs to fall to. This popular grinder is aesthetically pleasing, and not to mention, it is fully functional.

Their Pros and Cons

While no one grinder is truly better than the other, since they both do the same thing, your choice will boil down to a matter of personal preference. The truth is that not everyone is a fan of Star Wars, and not everyone wants or needs a 4-piece grinder. Some people want something fast and practical, which would make either one an ideal choice. If you don’t know or don’t like Star Wars, simply opt for the 4-piece grinder. If you only need a 3-piece, you will be happy to know that you could potentially alter your 4-piece by removing the screen piece.

The most obvious difference between the two is the fact that the Lightning Grinder has a see-through top and is a 4-piece grinder. The novelty Death Star Grinder is fully metal and is a 3 piece. Both are great and in any case, your choice will depend on your needs and which one you ultimately prefer.


Which One is Better?

No one grinder is essentially better than the other. You either like this one or that one. Or you want a 3-piece or a 4-piece grinder. If you intend to collect the pollen from your dry herbs, then a 4-piece grinder would be the way to go. If you are in a hurry or just don’t care about collecting pollen for future use, then you could simply opt for the 3-piece.

Both are reasonably priced and reflect their functionality. You will notice the Death Star grinder is only slightly cheaper because it is on sale. The Lightning Grinder features mostly metal, a collection chamber, and a see-through top. Both grinders are small and portable, allowing the user to use them practically as everyday grinders. Unlike bigger grinders that are bulky and only meant for larger capacity smoking devices, one can easily use either one of these grinders for smaller bowls on bongs, bubblers, and smoking pipes.

Final Thoughts

It should also be noted that herb grinders such as these are also useful for grinding dry herbs meant for vaporizers. Both are capable of chopping and mincing your dry herbs without leaving them unevenly coarse or overly ground up into a fine powder. It is essential that you consider getting an herb grinder instead of using scissors or even your fingers. Dry herb grinders such as these are reliable, affordable, and durable.

Keep in mind that there are many other types of grinders to choose from in our store, though these happen to be some of the more popular. When choosing a grinder, always try to go for a high-quality brand from a reputable source. This will ensure the integrity of your piece and last you a very long time compared to cheap knock offs and those made from subpar materials.

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