Pizza Smoking Pipe Review

Pizza, a symbol of fun, celebration, and New York! No other food option has been featured at more parties, events, and functions where having a good time was not the central theme. What better way to personify the symbol than by having your very own Pizza Smoking Pipe? Silicone is fast becoming the preferred material over glass and for many reasons. This article will look at what makes the Pizza Smoking Pipe so popular and why you would want to own and use one.

by: Anthony E. | 11/17/22 2:30PM


Features of the Pizza Smoking Pipe

A great novelty piece made of high-quality food grade silicone, the Pizza Smoking Pipe comes in your choice of color options and comes with a glass bowl piece that fits flush on the pizza design. This allows for a more clandestine look when not in use and flipped over to the pizza side. In fact, this can be used to cover up the fact that this is a smoking pipe!

The Pizza Smoking Pipe is just over 4 inches in length and has a carb hole at the end towards the bowl, allowing the user to acquire larger hits to clear out the chamber. The Pizza Smoking Pipe can disassemble for easy cleaning and maintenance, making it one of the more convenient pieces to own and use.

Being as how this pipe is so short in length, it can fit neatly inside a pocket or purse without taking up much room. At its widest point, the Pizza Smoking Pipe stretches at just over an inch. Perfect for on the go use, the Pizza Smoking Pipe is virtually indestructible and comes in at a price point that will cost you about as much as a large specialty pizza but last you a lifetime of usage.


The Pizza Smoking Pipe vs Other Pipes

Compared to novelty pipes made of glass, the Pizza Smoking Pipe is made of silicone and will not crack, chip, break, or otherwise suffer the cataclysmic damage that is all but irreparable in a glass piece. Silicone is made to last and can withstand everything from direct sunlight to extreme temperature fluctuations! It will literally last you a lifetime of heavy usage.

Unlike glass pieces, the Pizza Smoking Pipe will not cost you an arm and a leg due to its novelty features and design. In fact, silicone is easier to produce and mitigates the cost allowing it to be purchased by a wider customer base. The best part is that silicone is easier to maintain, indestructible, and can buffer the effects of heat.

Compared to glass, silicone acts as a very potent barrier to prevent the user from experiencing heat coming off the glass bowl. Silicone does a wonderful job at absorbing and dispersing heat better than any other type of material. Other pipes are outmatched on every front when compared to what silicone has to offer.


Pros and Cons of the Pizza Smoking Pipe

We’ve already touched on how durable and affordable silicone is compared to other materials, though it cannot be understated that silicone is also adept at being a solid chameleon when not in use. Being a novelty piece, the Pizza Smoking Pipe sits flush and has a flat look when turned upside down, revealing the pizza and looks just like a toy or novelty prop.

When thrown into an environment that has other random or silly items, or when paired next to a Ninja Turtle action figure, none would be the wiser to know that the pizza is a smoking pipe! The only real con and one that cannot be altered is the fact that the bowl itself is made of glass. The silver lining is that glass is inert and is totally encapsulated within the silicone.

This protects it from impacts and allows for better heat mitigation throughout the silicone. When you light up the bowl, it will get extremely hot. If the whole piece was made of glass, you would eventually come to feel the heat throughout the pipe. This is simply not the case when using silicone. You would feel it warm but would remain protected so long as you did not come in direct contact with the bowl itself.

Is the Pizza Smoking Pipe Right for Me?

If camouflage and portability is the goal, then you will find that the Pizza Smoking Pipe can be the ideal go to for traveling and on the go use. If you want a safe place to stash your pipe when not in use, it can be argued that the best place to hide it is in plain sight. The novelty feature of the Pizza Smoking Pipe makes it stand out but quickly dismissed as a toy or prop.

This is especially true when the pizza design is placed in its correct orientation to feature the pizza and not the bowl on the bottom. The carb holes are either missed or overlooked as a potential squirt toy. If you want a piece that can be disassembled, look no further. The Pizza Smoking Pipe allows for easy access to its inner chamber.

This makes it one of the more convenient pieces to maintain since you cannot have easy access to a novelty piece made of glass. In fact, the intricacies of glass make it more delicate and in a tediously fixed position. There is nothing worse than trying to clean out a glass piece with intricate spaces and hard to reach corners.

Final Thoughts

Novelty smoking pipes are no longer restricted to just being made of glass. In fact, purchasing an ornate glass piece is not exactly the best long-term investment due to its fragility and fixed nature. Not only will it be prone to severe breakage, but it will also be relatively hard to clean in comparison to silicone.

Even though it will always be popular, it will not be the gold standard in the years to come. Over time, people will come to realize just how practical it is to purchase and use a piece made of silicone. Not only is it more affordable and easier to clean, but it will last you a lifetime of usage.

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