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SteamCloud Box Mod Vape Review


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Box mods were a turning point in vaping history. As vaping grew more and more mainstream, the demand for better technology grew. The popularity led to an increase in production for those designing vaporizers and their components, which gave way to a greater funding of research into new vape tech. As atomizers evolved from small, simple designs to large, dual coil and sub ohm beasts, the need for a stronger source of power was born. Box mods incorporate a partnership of powerful batteries and digital interfaces. They can adjust to different modes, wattages, and temperatures with just the click of a button, making them suitable for a range of different atomizers.

In this review, we’ll be going over the SteamCould box mod. This stylish mod is much smaller than the average device available on the market, but does not sacrifice any of the power or features you’d expect from a box mod. The SteamCloud comes with its own powerful 1300mAH rechargeable battery, a sleek traveling case, and a micro USB charger. It’s adjustable from 1 - 40 watts, or from 200°F - 600°F if you’re using a temperature control atomizer. The St eamCloud is compatible with pretty much any 510-threaded atomizer and supports coils from 1 ohm all the way down to 0.1 ohm. 

My favorite things about the SteamCloud box mod is that it is discreet, strong enough for sub ohm vaping, and easy to use. It’ll hardly put a dent in your pocket when you want to take it on the go. The 18350 battery takes little time to charge, and should last the average vaper an entire day on a full charge. The vented panel covering the battery compartment is magnetically sealed, making it easy to take off. The SteamCloud also has an OLED screen displaying the battery meter, the resistance of the coil, and the wattage or temperature.  All-in-all, this box mod is feature rich and the perfect companion for a range of vaping needs.


steamcloud box mod

How to use the SteamCloud Box Mod

Using box mods can sometimes be a daunting task because there are so many bells and whistles. Luckily, the SteamCloud makes it simple. There are three buttons on the mod, which allow you to change modes, power off the device, and set the wattage or temperature.

Turn On/Off

The SteamCloud has a large circular power button near the top of the box. This button allows you to turn the device on or off, and also doubles as the firing button. To turn the mod on, all you have to do is click the button five times in a row in quick succession. The OLED screen will light up as an indicator it’s on. To turn the mod off, perform the same five clicks. The screen will also turn off so that you know it isn’t powered.

Changing Modes

By default, when you first get your SteamCloud it will be in wattage mode. The two small plus and minus buttons near the base of the mod, above the micro USB port, will allow you to switch to the various modes. To do this, hold both buttons in while the device is on. After a moment, the screen will display text saying what mode it is in. You can then press either the plus or the minus buttons to scroll through the different modes. There are four modes to choose from: Watt, Ni200 TC, Ti TC, and SS316 TC.

Watt mode is meant for standard, non-temperature controlled coils. Ni200 TC mode is used for nickel 200 temperature controlled coils. Ti TC is similar, but for titanium coils. SS316 TC mode is used for temperature controlled coils made with stainless steel.

Adjusting Watts/Temperature

Once you’ve selected your mode, you can adjust the SteamCloud to your desired wattage or temperature. As a general rule of thumb, you want to start with the lowest wattage or temperature to avoid burning out your coil. To turn the watts down, press the minus button (the button on the left if you’re looking at the device head on), and to crank up the watts, press the plus button.

Firing the Mod

After you set the mode and choose your wattage or temperature, you’re ready to start vaping. To fire your coil, press and hold the power button. As an added protection, the SteamCloud will automatically stop firing when the button is held in for 10 seconds or more. This will protect you, your coil, and your mod.

Choosing the Best Atomizer

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of different atomizers on the market. Choosing the best one for your SteamCloud is important to maximizing your vaping experience. What makes this mod nice is that it can take a huge variety of atomizers, whether for e-liquids, oils, or wax. As long as the atomizer is 510 threaded, it’ll fit on the SteamCloud. In this review, I’m going to go over some of my personal favorite atomizers to use with the SteamCloud – and not all atomizers are for eliquids or oils.

Yocan Cerum

The Yocan Cerum 510 Wax Atomizer is a beautiful and powerful atty on its own. It not only looks at home on the SteamCloud, but the two together make for a perfect combination. The dual quartz rod coil that comes with the Yocan Cerum makes for a great wax vaping experience. The SteamCloud supplies the right amount of power to the coil so that you get a strong, flavorful hit. After some experimenting, I found a range between 15 and 25 watts to be optimal for vaping the wax. Thanks to their overall size and the mods ability to hold a huge charge, I found this combo to be great to take out for walks in the woods. Nothing beats vaping in the great outdoors. 

Q Tank

Personally, I love the look of the Q Tank atomizer for e liquids on my SteamCloud. It’s a compact and sleek design compliment the size and overall feel of the mod. Best of all, it came with a couple powerful coils. The first coil I tried was the one preinstalled in the tank which was 0.8 ohms. I started low to be safe, but then cranked it up to around 25 watts. The vapor was thick, warm, and carried a symphony of great flavors.

KamryTech X6

Sometimes it’s fun to go all out, and the KamryTech X6 is one all-out atomizer. It holds 4ml of e-liquid or oil and fits perfectly on the SteamCloud. I’m the type of person who likes to chain vape, and having to refill my atomizer becomes a chore after a while. The X6’s large capacity for oil means I don’t have to stop for a refill nearly as much. The preinstalled 0.5ohm coil also allowed me to utilize the SteamCloud’s full potential. I turned the mod up to 30 watts and my taste buds were introduced to a thick, flavorful vapor. The X6’s adjustable airflow couples nicely with the mod’s variable wattage so you can make the vapor as thick or warm as you’d like.

Yocan 94F for Dry Herbs

While I found the Yocan Cerum to be perfect for vaping wax, I discovered its counterpart, the Yocan 94F, to be great for vaping dry herbs. The 94F’s silver design matches up nicely with the color of the SteamCloud. The atomizer comes complete with extra coils and a cleaning brush. I also recommend some large glass screens to go over the coil to avoid the two from coming into contact.

Using the 94F with the SteamCloud is easy too. Screw the 94F onto the mod, then grind your herbs very well before loading them into the chamber. Then, place a screen, if you’re using one, over the coil and load the herbs in on top. Vaping herbs doesn’t require a lot of power, and I found a setting around 7 or 8 watts to be a good starting point. Starting with too high of a wattage can burn out your coil. Once you’re set, press the fire button on the mod to begin heating the herbs. You can then start inhaling while you continue to hold in the fire button. It may take a couple long presses to completely vaporize the herb.


SteamCloud Mod Vape

Box Mod Tips and Trick

The following are some tips and tricks to help you optimize your experience with the SteamCloud.

1.  Quickly Adjust the Watts/Temperature

While vaping, you might want to play around with different settings to find the perfect one. While changing the watts or temp, you can quickly scroll through the settings by holding down either the plus or minus buttons. Just release the button when it lands on the setting you want.

2.  Maximize Battery Efficiency

The SteamCloud holds a big charge that will last you a while as it is, but if you’re taking it on a road trip or some other adventure, you might need an extra boost, especially if you’re sharing hits with friends. Because the internal battery is easily removed, it might be a good idea to pick up a spare to take on the go. There’s no need to buy a battery charger either since the mod has a built in USB charging system. Just simply change the batteries out with no need for a screw driver.

3.  Use the Included Case to Keep You Setup Safe

The SteamCloud mod comes with a handy hard-shell travel case. You can use this case to keep both the mod and the atomizer you’re using safe when you leave the house. Some atomizers, such as the Q Tank, fit into the case without the need to unscrew it from the mod.


The SteamCloud is a powerful and versatile box mod. It can fit a variety of atomizers to suit your needs, whether they’re for e-liquids, oils, or dry herbs. Its small profile and convenient design makes it especially handy for vaping on the go. The ability to adjust the wattage and temperature means you may never need to buy another box mod to fit a new atomizer. I personally love the SteamCloud and see myself using it for everyday vaping. 

by John B.
11/13/17 9:00AM
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