Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

In our continuing series of vaporizer reviews, dry herb connoisseur John Winston tests out some vape pens one by one so that you can pretend to your friends that you did. This review is all about the long standing Titan 1, quality herbal vaporizer with 3 temperature settings ideal for vaping.

by: John Winston | 04/18/17 1:30PM


Vaporizers are a lot like Netflix: they are a smart and a great way to enjoy yourself.  They are constantly improving technologically, and vapes can also be great for when you’re wanting to make that one final move. (We’re trying our best to get ‘Vape-flix Chill’ to catch on.)

Part of that technological improvement means that some of the previous iterations of vaporizers while having been improved upon by newer, more sleek vapes, are nonetheless still highly functional and are sometimes even more cost-effective for the consumer looking to save some dough.

That is the primary summation of the Titan 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer. Though you can find other vapes with improved functions and added capabilities, such as the upgrades to the Titan 2 Vape, the Titan 1 nonetheless demonstrates a quality that is superior to many of the vapes currently on the market today.


Built for Dry Herbs

Although e liquid oil canisters now exist for the chambers of vaporizers like the Titan 1, the Titan 1 by itself is strictly a dry herb vaporizer; as such, it does not accommodate the vaping of wax concentrates or oil - unless of course you have the aforementioned oil canisters. Instead of using a heating coil -- like vaporizers that consume wax or oil -- the Titan 1 instead relies on a convection oven like heating chamber to heat the dry herbs.

We’ll explain what this means. The convection oven environment of the Titan heating chamber conducts business in a healthier way. The vape pen battery sends power to the heating chamber in order to heat the air. The heated air flows through and around the herbs, absorbing and lifting their THC. The user then inhales this vapor without also imbibing all of the carcinogens and toxins that accompany smoke.

With typical smoking methods such as pipes, papers and even some other vapes, herbs are heated by either a flame or a super hot coil in the case of the combustion vape. When the herbs come in direct contact with the flame or coil, they are ultimately being burned as they are heated, producing smoke that is accompanied by more carcinogens opposed to vapor.

If you’ve read my previous reviews -- you can find them under the the other dry-herb listings on NY Online Vape Shop, lining the bottom of several Manhattan birdcages -- you will know that I am partial to convection-oven vapes. I find that it often produces a tasty flavor, is easier on the lungs, and is more convenient than having to carry around wax or oils. The Titan 1 resoundingly delivers on this front.

Vape Shape Size

When assessing a vaporizer’s shape and size, determining its convenience when toting it around is obviously paramount. Some vapes -- such as the Flowermate Series of Vaporizers or even the Titan 2 -- have a more clunky frame that tends to occupy more space in your pants or jacket pocket than is ideal. On the other end of the spectrum there are vapes like the E-CLIPSE, which is so tiny that it could double for a flip-phone circa 2005. (Seriously, I love that vaporizer.)

The Titan 1 falls somewhat in the middle of the two. On the one hand, is longer and slightly bulkier than the E-CLIPSE, meaning that it is going to occupy more space and will likely need its own pocket. Otherwise, its sleek design lends itself well to transportation.

Vape Battery Life

The battery life on the Titan 1 vaporizer is pretty standard when compared to that of other vaporizers, particularly those that utilize convection-oven technology.

The vape features a 2200 mAh lithium ion battery. This means that its charge time is a little less than 2 hours, with its usage time running approximately the same, depending on how much you use it and the temperature setting at which it is used. (More on that below.)

Again, this is a pretty standard battery life and charge time for “true” vaporizers. It does not take nearly enough time to charge as the E-CLIPSE, though it is much longer than more conventional, combustion-oven vape pens. What is likely the chief concern of those looking to purchase a vaporizer is how long it will last on a nightly outing. Unless you are planning to vape continuously for two straight hours without stopping to do anything else, this is a solid vape for you to be carrying.

Vaping Temperature Settings

This is yet another area in which the Titan 1 straddles the middle line between cutting-edge and slightly dated.

The vape has three temperature settings for the dry herbs in the heating chamber: red, green, and blue, as indicated by the LED light on the vape’s exterior. It is not clear what these colors translate into in terms of actual temperatures, but there you go.

When compared to other convection-oven vapes featured on NYVapeShop, this feature tends to be on the lower end of the technological spectrum. The higher-quality vaporizers -- such as the E-CLIPSE, the Titan 2, the Flowermate, and even the VT 1.0 -- all feature customizable temperature controls that may be adjusted according to the desires of the user. This is perhaps the biggest deficiency of the Titan 1 when compared with the other vapes, though it compensates for this by being offered at a more affordable price.

On the other hand, the fact that it has any temperature settings at all makes it a cut above most of the vaporizers on the market. (This is especially true when it is compared to combustion-oven vapes, which seldom feature much in the way of temperature controls whatsoever.) Knowing this helps keep the Titan 1’s specs in perspective: While it would be awesome for the user of the vape to exert more control over its settings, it’s still a pretty bitchin’ piece of technology.

Vape temperature  getting to the right temp.


Additional Features

Aside from the vape itself, this particular box set also comes equipped with a cleaning brush, a USB charging cable, several vape mouthpiece covers and sleeves, and four replacement screens. If you’ve ever been in the position of having to fish out that stray piece of dry herb from your heating chamber -- or had your vape crap out on you in a crucial social situation -- then you’ll recognize the value that these components add to the set.

To recap: The Titan 1, while being behind the technology of its more advanced peers in the convection-oven vape community, it is nonetheless offered at a bargain price and is still far ahead of the combustion-oven vapes that have populated the market. It’s a great vape for beginners and even vape aficionados.

Was there something about the Titan 1 that you think should have been included in this review? Tell us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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