What Vape Setup Produces the Most Vapor?

Setting up a vape and customizing it to tailor your sessions is no easy task. In fact, it can completely ruin your device if you are not careful. To properly set up a vape, you will need some knowledge and a good quality vape to start with if you want to achieve the desired results. Here will go into the subject of setting up a vape to produce the most vapor.

by: Anthony E. | 12/28/21 2:30PM


Before Setting Up Your Vape

If you are going to attempt to modify your vape in order to get the fattest clouds, you are going to want to be honest with yourself first and ask whether you would be able to draw in those types of clouds in order to get the result that you want. The truth is that most people simply do not have the lung capacity to produce those massive competition hits.

You will have to be able to inhale a considerable amount of vapor to exhale all the vapor back out again, without coughing too if you want to look like a pro. What is the point of taking a massive hit just to cough it all out like a newbie? This is perhaps one of the most difficult hurdles to get over since most people who like vaping want to be able to puff out those big ass clouds.

You will have to get your technique down to handle that amount of vapor in your lungs. It is all about trial and error and seeing what your limits are with honesty. If you cannot draw in and hold that amount of vapor in your lungs, then you should not even bother modifying your vape to get those types of hits because you will not be able to take advantage of them.


Vape Juice Matters

The worst thing you can do besides not being able to handle big clouds is getting an inferior type of e-juice that is not capable of producing those fat clouds. Forget the PG blend and those 50/50 blends. If you want to puff out those massive clouds, you will want to either go for a VG blend or just straight up VG juice. Anything else is just wishful thinking and you will be rather disappointed with the results.

If you have tried this already then you know exactly what is being discussed here. The type of juice you have should have a viscosity to it that is conducive to producing big clouds without compromising on the efficiency of your vape. Not every e-juice on the market is designed to produce massive clouds of vapor.

The practicality of some e-juices lies solely in their delivery of certain compounds, such as nicotine for example. It should also be noted that the best vapes that utilize VG blends are box mod vapes. If you want those big puffs of vapor, you will want to make sure you have something like a SteamCloud Box Mod close by!

All About Vape Coils

Keep in mind that in order to properly modify a vape, you will need at least some basic fundamental knowledge of the following topics in order to competently set up your vape to produce big clouds. When it comes to coils, having a super low ohm will give you the best results. If you are not familiar with the term, then you can forget about setting up a vape for this.

A 0.8 or 0.9 ohm will give you the desired result but be extremely careful. You do not want to push a vape beyond this or you could risk ending up in the hospital from an exploded battery in your face. No joke. Conversely, a .19 ohm will do nothing to produce the results you want and should also be avoided. It cannot be stressed enough, however, that you will need to fully understand how this all works in order to set up your vape.

Do not assume you or someone else will be able to set up your vape the way you like it. The worst-case scenario is you or someone else who does not know what they are doing could end up in the hospital. The best-case scenario if you are a newbie is you get an inferior result or you end up ruining your vape altogether and rendering it inoperable.


Your Atomizer

You cannot realistically expect to get any significant puffs from a tiny vape tank. Even if you successfully mod your vape to give you the type of monster hits you want, having a small subpar tank will be the bump in the road that stops you from going full speed. You will need a specialized tank or a dripper if you want to get huge clouds.

Also known as an RDA, a dripper requires that the user know how to build the atomizer with their own heating element. Therefore, it is crucial that you know what you are doing. If you have the know-how, then having an RDA is undoubtedly the best way to produce those legendary beast clouds that also produce the best flavors.

If you are unfamiliar with items you will need, such as screws and mesh coils, then building your own atomizer is not the way to go. The very last thing we will be looking at is the mod itself. If you have gotten this far, then there is a high chance that you understand what these terms mean and can therefore take advantage of what a proper setup can provide you in a vape session.

Your Box Mod Vape

If getting big clouds is what you are after, then getting a mechanical mod is what you want. A really good battery with a bypass mode will provide you with the results you are after. The last thing you will want is to attempt vaping with inferior batteries. This will only suck out the power from your vape and produce negligible puffs that are small.

While there are many mods you can do to improve the quality of your vape sessions, having a mechanical mod will be the most basic thing you could do in order to get big puffs of thick vapor. No matter what type of setup you want to undertake, always make sure you fully understand what you are doing prior to doing it.

Safety should be the number one concern and it is simply not worth trying to mod your vape to get big clouds if the vape ends up blowing up in your face. Heed these warnings and mod on if you have the knowledge.

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