Why You Should Use an E-Nail for Dabs

E-nails, or electronic nails, are one of the most convenient ways to dab without having to resort to any other means of heating up your dab nail. As one of the most popular ways to have a dab session, e-nails are gaining more and more popularity with each passing year.

by: Anthony E. | 07/14/22 1:30PM


The value of having an e-nail cannot be underestimated, as they are very practical, easier to use and will save you money in the long run. This article will explain what e-nails are, and why you would want to consider investing in one.

No Blow Torch Needed

One of the finer aspects about owning and using an e-nail is never having to deal directly with a torch other than to season your dab nail perhaps initially. Resourceful and super convenient, e-nails use the power of electricity through a battery to heat up your dab nail without having to use any other type of external tool.

Keep in mind that when you do happen to use a dab nail, you will have to assume that the surface of the dab nail itself is what a temperature readout will provide, and not necessarily indicative of what the actual temperature inside the nail is. This is the only major con to using an e-nail.

Conversely, vaping at lower temperatures has its benefits, and if using a torch, you will not know what your temperature is at unless you use a special heat sensor or some other external hardware. In the end, not having to resort to a torch will save you money on butane and needing to use a flame for your dab nail.

Choosing a Dab Temperature

One of the best features of an electronic nail is its ability to provide you with the temperature readout of the nail’s surface. Keep in mind that there are certain models that claim to be able to accurately heat up the inside of the nail as well. This may or may not be an accurate claim to make, though either way, using an e-nail is superior to using a torch.

Having the luxury of at least setting your temperature to something much lower will allow you to extend your dab session and provide you with more flavorful hits. The higher you go on the temperature setting, the faster and harsher the flavor will be, not to mention how much thicker the vapor will come out.

While this may or may not be a desirable effect for using a higher temperature, having the ability to choose your own temperature to begin with will provide the user with more control over the dab session. Without this exclusive feature, it would be no different than using a regular torch as you shoot in the dark to maintain a constant temperature.


More Dab Hits

Vaping at a lower temperature means you will not have to just rely on the glow of your nail to tell you when it’s time to take a hit. Glass, quartz, and ceramic nails do not have the same color contrast indication that titanium has when letting you know when it’s time to hit your nail, making e-nails much more of a necessity for these types of materials.

Taking the guesswork out with a digital readout is much better than risking the integrity of your nail. Dabbing at lower temperatures is even harder with a standard torch. Setting the desired temperature is ideal with an e-nail and will allow you to concentrate more on vaping and less on heating.

What makes e-nails even more interesting is being able to play around with various temperatures and experimenting to see what you like the best. Going at a lower temperature will provide smoother hits that last much longer. The full flavor profile can be truly appreciated at a lower temperature as well.


Money Saver

The biggest perk to using an e-nail is saving the money that you would otherwise be spending on session maintenance and initiation. While an e-nail is not cheap by any means, it will pay for itself based on the quality and experience it will provide for years to come. Getting the perfect dab hits at the right temperatures is what it’s all about during a session.

Being able to save on your concentrates by not having them drip into the rig at a low temperature is also going to save you some money. Going too high on a temperature will literally see your concentrates burn up in smoke, which an e-nail can help to prevent. This is a worthwhile investment.

Having this type of consistency during your sessions will also allow you to vape even less without wasting it, saving you even more money. Butane is another costly necessity that is all but eliminated with an e-nail, which is cheaper to power in the long run than it is to purchase more butane.

Final Thoughts

The truth is that vaping is not a cheap hobby. In fact, it can be rather costly! Therefore, it is even more important to make the wise decision to invest in an e-nail. Not having your concentrate go to waste with overly high or low temperatures is going to mean more money in your pocket. This can go towards other things, such as more concentration.

Most e-nails are also powered by rechargeable batteries, making them truly ideal for portable use with any type of dab rig setup. Having a digital readout or even a preset heat setting is much better than waiting to see your dab nail glow red or having to guess whether it is ready to use. If you happen to take a hit when it is not hot enough, you will waste your product right into the dab rig as it drips into it.

Using an e-nail is practical and efficient. By now we hope you have seen the many reasons why owning and using one is superior to using a standard torch for your dab sessions. Always remember to keep your e-nail fully charged and away from direct sunlight when not in. This will extend the life of your dab nail for years to come.

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