Arizer Vaporizer

It is no secret that vaporizers have become increasingly popular year after year. This popularity increase can be attributed to many reasons, including people wanting to discontinue the use of cigarettes, the financial positives of vaping, and the health benefits that come with it. So it is no surprise when we see companies and brands, such as Arizer, continue to be trendsetters with their products.

Arizer, based in Canada, is a company that manufactures and sells vaporizers. They are an excellent one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs. Arizer carries a wide variety of vaporizers, specifically dry herb vaporizers which are considered their specialty product. The vaporizers Arizer carries include small and discreet vapes, smart technology vaporizers, and vapes that are compatible with both dry herb and oil products. In addition to their line of vaporizers, they also include accessories and replacement parts, ensuring that you will always have the necessary components to maximize and maintain your vaporizers.


Vaporizers Offered by Arizer

The use of dry herb vaporizers has improved ten-fold. One reason for this is the public has grown increasingly aware of the dangers and harm that traditional cigarettes pose, and those same risks do not necessarily apply with vaporizers. Another reason is the technology that can be implemented with a vape has dramatically improved. Arizer is a company that has recognized these factors from the start and as a result has been a leader in the vaporizer industry. They continue to be a source for consumers when it comes to replacement parts, apparel, aromatherapy products, and top of the line accessories. However, the Arizer brand is perhaps most recognizable for their well crafted, portable dry herb vaporizers. They consistently have been producing new pens year after year with each one including further improvements from their predecessor. This is evident with each of their latest vaporizers, the Arizer Extreme Q, the Arizer V-Tower, the Arizer ArGo, the Arizer Air II and the Arizer Solo II. To provide you with a better understanding of each product, we have listed a few details about each one below.

Arizer Extreme Q:

The Arizer Extreme Q is one of the highest rated vaporizers from the Arizer product line since it was in 2010, receiving consistent five-star reviews. The Extreme Q gives users a dual option capability when it comes to filling the bags of the vaporizer, either by using a whip or a forced air system. It has precision temperature control and fast warm-up time. It can reach its maximum heat of 500 degrees Fahrenheit in three minutes. There is a quiet three-speed fan built into the vaporizer because of its ability to use pure convection heating. Perhaps the coolest feature of the vaporizer though is that you can control the vape with remote control. When you start and heat your vaporizer you'll enjoy super efficient and hassle-free for vaping.

Arizer V-Tower:

The Arizer V-Tower may seem like a complex and intricate vaporizer, but it has been labeled as the most efficient vaporizer offered. Similar to the Arizer Extreme Q, the vape can reach a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, although it is recommended to keep the temperature control below 455 degrees Fahrenheit to produce the tastiest draws with your herbs. The V-Tower also includes a pure convection heating system, precise digital temperature control, high-quality boro-silicate glass parts. This vaporizer is a multi-use vape as it can be used with both dry herbs and aromatherapy products. On top of it, the V-Tower includes an auto shut-off timer that can be adjusted, thus saving you energy during and after your use.

Arizer ArGo:

The Arizer ArGo is a much smaller vaporizer compared to the Extreme Q and the V-Tower. The ArGo is designed to be portable at just three and two-thirds inches long and two inches wide, making it ideal for any pocket. The easy to hold vape has a battery life of about 75 minutes, and it can heat up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit in 90 seconds, a rapid warm-up time. The ArGo, thanks in part to its digital temperature control system and adjustable timers, gives the user full control when they use this vape. Users can also rest easy knowing they can use the vaporizer when it is charging, something that is not a feature with many other vaporizers out there.

Arizer Air II:

The fast charging, long lasting Arizer Air 2 has only been out for about a year now. This vape, an upgrade from the original Arizer Air, has a more significant focus on its power capability. The single 18650 battery will allow for 75 minutes of continuous use before it runs out. Once the battery needs to be recharged, it can get back to full strength in just 90 minutes. What is even better is if you do have an entirely dead battery with the Air 2, you can start vaping again in 5-10 minutes from the moment you have started charging it. Additional features with the Air 2 include hybrid heating, which combines both conduction and convection heating styles to produce a tasty draw each time. Not to mention it only weighs just over 4 ounces, making it a very discreet vape when you walk around.

Arizer Solo 2:

The Arizer Solo II is another upgraded version of the original vaporizer, the Arizer Solo. The Solo 2 can warm up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit at lightning quick 23 seconds, and even reach its maximum temperature in less than 30 seconds! Just like the V-Tower, this portable vape can be used with both dry herb and aromatherapy products. The precise digital control heating can be adjusted to both Celsius, and Fahrenheit temperatures and the vape can be used while charging as well. However, you may not need to charge this vape that often because the battery life with this one lasts up to three hours.


What Is the Arizer Vaporizer?

Often choosing the right vaporizer for you can feel like a difficult decision. However, what you should always remember is it comes down to personal preference. Wanting something like a wax vape or a dry herb vape is usually decided on what you have tried historically, or whom you have spoken to get their opinion. Whatever vaporizer you choose, it is often a good rule of thumb to go with the latest version of that vaporizer because they typically will have made improvements and enhancement from their last model. In the case of a dry herb vaporizer, the Arizer Air II and Arizer Solo II are two examples of vaporizers that would check both of those boxes off. The sleeker, smaller, and more powerful models have features that you will not find with its older model, the Arizer Air, and the Arizer Solo. With a focus on improving the airflow, the Arizer Air II and the Arizer Solo II have enhanced temperature ranges, more extended battery lives so you will not have to charge your vape regularly, and glass vapor paths to provide a smooth and tasty draw each time. Each improvement with the vapes is designed to make it a better overall experience for you.

Arizer Vaporizer FAQ

Overall vaporizers are still a relatively new thing to the public, so having questions about their use and capabilities is entirely reasonable. We recognize that so we have laid out five frequently asked questions regarding vaporizers and vaping to help you out.


How Do You Pack an Arizer Vape?

The Arizer vaporizers we discussed above are all dry herb vapes. As a result, they should be packed with herbs and have first been through a grinder. Doing so will produce the most efficient vape. It is important to remember not to pack it too tight. A tightly packed vape will prevent the hot air from circulating in the vaporizer.

How Do You Adjust the Temperature of the Vaporizer?

This ultimately comes down to the type of vaporizer you own. Some of the vapes, like the Solo II, are temperature controlled with a precise digital control feature on the vaporizer. However, the Air II’s temperature features use a ceramic heating element and colors on the vaporizer to notify you of what the current temperature range is. Before you use, make sure to read the vaporizer manual first so you can fully understand the controls of the vape and what temperatures work best.


How Do You Charge an Arizer Battery?

The portable Arizer vaporizers, like the Air II, Solo II, and Argo, have rechargeable batteries in them. The batteries recharge with a micro USB cable, the same one that is often used to charge a cell phone. Some of the vaporizers offered, like the Air II and Solo II, will even allow you to use them while they are charging. There will never be a moment where you have to wait to use your Arizer.

How Do You Use an Arizer Vape?

Generally speaking, most vapes have similarities when it comes to turning it on and off with the five quick clicks. Loading herbs into the vape are also very similar along with keeping the mouthpiece clean of debris. All dry herb vapes should have the herbs go through a grinder before use. In the end, it is essential to read the manual of each vape before use because each one will have specific instructions on how to use it properly, such as the varying vape pen temperature control features.

Where Do You Buy an Arizer Vaporizer?

Arizer is a popular brand and can be found in many of your local head shops. You can also search and purchase them online at where USA shipping is always free on every purchase.

Is It Worth It?

If you value quality and want a vape that will produce a smooth, efficient, and tasty draw, then Arizer vaporizer’s should be your choice. Although they are not the cheapest available, they are manufactured in the highest quality, from the interior components to the battery. Not to mention Arizer is always looking ahead and is installing new features to make it more advanced and more efficient for the user. Of course, if budget is a concern for you, then there are less expensive options available. Some vaporizers can be 70% cheaper than Arizer vapes. In the end, it comes down to what you find important and how much you value that importance.