What is a Gas Mask Bong

Gas Mask Bong Intro

You have probably seen it before in movies or TV shows that relate or appeal to stoner culture. The Infamous Gas Mask Bong! Equal parts weird and novel, a gas mask bong is a great way to showcase that you are, in fact, a big smoker and you embrace the stoner culture. It can also be used as a wonderful gag gift – or a real, thoughtful one depending on your recipient. All in all, a gas mask bong is going to be something to talk about as much as (or maybe more) than simply a tool to smoke.

A gas mask bong can come equipped with varying types of bongs. You can have acrylic, plastic, glass, metal, the list just seems to go on. These will each confer their own advantages and disadvantages when you are looking into a gas mask bong. Most importantly, of course, you will want to take into account whether or not you are actually using the bong. For example, if you expect to be taking it anywhere or leaving it at home could change your thoughts on which material to purchase.

All in all, you should use this guide (and your judgement) if a gas mask bong is going to be right for you or whomever you may be purchasing it for. Some people find it kind of weird or disconcerting – after all, a gas mask is not exactly a friendly fashion statement. Some people find them to be absolutely hilarious and cool. You will know best what you, or someone else, will think of it. Below, we’ll explore some different options.

How to Use a Gas Mask Bong

A gas mask bong is, honestly, very simple to use. You are essentially going to be using your bong in the same way – just adding the steps involving the gas mask. A word of wisdom: you will probably want to go ahead and go through the steps of removing your bong from the attached gas mask to make filling the bowl and chamber with herb and water, respectively. This will do two major things: 1) it prevents you from damaging the connection between the bong and the gas mask – you need this to remain as tight as possible to avoid leakage – and 2) that you will not be worried about a greater mess or hassle. It is highly recommended to avoid packing the bong with the mask on and strapped to your head.

Next, you attach the bong back to the mask. Now, locate the straps on the mask and loosen them so you can fit the mask over and around your entire head. Make sure to be cautious if helping someone else into the mask, you don’t want to spook them if they are claustrophobic. Once you are convinced that the mask is fitted well, go ahead and tighten the straps enough to ensure that you are not going to have the whole apparatus slip past your face in the middle of your hit.

Now, light your herb and begin to pull. Depending on the size of the bong attachment you may need someone to remove the bowl stem, however, this might not be the case. Inhale your hit. You would typically exhale back into the bong mask so as to give yourself a ‘hot box’ feeling. Be advised, there is going to be quite a bit of exhaled smoke clouding the mask and possibly irritating or drying out your eyes. This is not to necessarily discourage your interest or purchase but to warn that, while ‘hot boxing’ in a gas mask can be quite entertaining you should be prepared given the closed space in comparison to previous ‘hot boxing’ experiences.

Once you have gotten the hang of the procedure, this is all easy and will feel just as normal as using a regular bong. Go ahead, pass the mask along and have a few good laughs with your friends!

Types of Gas Mask Bongs

Not only can you find all types of bongs for sale, but there are all kinds of gas mask bongs too! Most of the gas mask bongs function, generally, the same. For example, you may have a simple gas mask bong – just a respirator/gas mask attached to a bong. This is probably the most common type of gas mask bong. You also have specialty gas mask bongs that are designed with a specific purpose or feel. This kind of gas mask bong is often made to look like something out of pop culture and to excite fans (the specialty). For example, you will find Star Wars or Predator themed gas mask bongs. These provide the same functionality but with the added bonus of representing your favorite brands or cultural icons.

Best Gas Mask Bong

So, this is going to be quite difficult to really ‘choose’ a best. Just like purchasing a gas mask bong in the first place, this is ultimately up to you! There are endless varieties of gas mask bongs that you can find out there. Some favorites are: Darth Vader gas mask bongs, Rick and Morty, World War I gas mask bongs, some that glow up, some that look like Bane. We will dive into some below.

First and foremost, as a Star Wars nerd, it would be hard for anyone to turn down getting a Star Wars themed gas mask bong. How can you pass up the opportunity to buy a stormtrooper or Vader bong?! These will of course cost a little more because, as with anything taking advantage of a fan bases loyalty, but if you’re a true fan it shouldn’t matter.

The same goes for the other pop culture and fanbase gas mask bongs – whether it’s Rick and Morty or Batman, there are even Predator and Black Panther gas mask bongs. All of these will generally operate the same and it’s important that you check the size, specifications, and fittings to make sure that it will be a good fit – that is, of course, unless you just need one to be a centerpiece for a man cave or fan room.

Glow in the dark bongs are cool and can certainly help to liven up any party or room and shouldn’t be overlooked either! They can come in all sorts of cool, retro neon or pastel or even tie dye colors and all sorts of shapes and sizes and materials! There is, naturally, more variety in the types of masks and bongs because they aren’t trying to replicated a certain ‘look’. After all, it’s just a bong, mask, and glow paint to make your gas mask bong the talk of your blacklight party!

A WWI gas mask bong is also a great idea to show off to your friends just how into the ‘scene’ you are. Though it shouldn’t have to be said, there is a good chance (unless you’re paying an arm and a leg) that you’re not actually buying a WWI era gas mask from the time. You’re simply buying that style of mask. This brings with it a certain look and for people that are into post-apocalyptic scenarios or themes this will probably be the right fit for you! Just remember to make sure you have picked out a gas mask bong that has the right look, materials, and ‘fit’ to be your newest stoner acquisition!

How to Make A Gas Mask Bong

For those crafty smokers (or simply people on a budget), making your own gas mask can be quick, easy, and relatively cheap depending on your materials, how you acquire them, and what your goals are. If you’re just looking to release your inner Creative, that’s fine too!

The most important aspect is just making sure you have purchased a quality mask with a good air inlet. This is where your tube and your gas mask and your bong are all going to come together and you want to make sure that you have a good ‘fit’ to keep any smoke from getting out. Not to mention, a poor air inlet can be a safety concern if it gets clogged or doesn’t ‘pull’ right.

The list of materials you will need are as follows:

  • A plastic tube
  • A weed pipe or water bong
  • Some electrical tape
  • A rubber gasket and/or fitting
  • Barbed screws
  • Barbed T-Pipe

Now, remember, that your choice of bong material will change the weight, feel, cleaning, etc of the gas mask bong so go with something that you’re most familiar and comfortable with.

To begin, you are going to want to start by attaching your tubes to both sides of the mask on the cartileges. Once you have done that, you will need your rubber gasket to be placed between the cartilage and the tubes so no smoke will begin to escape. After you have done this, make sure to secure the tubing and gasket to the mask with your electrical tape (remember, less is not more when it comes to airtightedness). Once this is done, take your barbed t-pipe and put it between the ends of the tubes and secure this with electrical tape as well. Once you have everything secure, take your barbed screw and place it through the barbed t-pipe so that it will act as an inlet for the smoke. Once you have completed this and produced a good-sized inlet for the smoke you may place your bong on the inlet. Generally, you will secure with electrical tape to make sure there is a seamless airtight connection between the two. Presto! Now you have a new gas mask bong.  

How to Clean a Gas Mask Bong

You will clean a gas mask bong similarly to a regular bong but you will want to add a few extra steps. So, start by obtaining some good cleaning products that will leave your bong clean without worrying about chemical residue. After that, you will want to take your gas mask bong and detach the gas mask from the bong. Now, remove the bowl/down stem to prevent damage. Once done, drain the dirty bong water into a proper disposal/drain. Be careful, bong water often has a terrible smell and can continue to stink for an extended time so make sure to avoid drippage on carpet or other fabric material. Next, you will begin applying your cleaning products and ensure that all of the residue and resin has been wiped away. This may take several rounds of cleaning and rinsing so be patient. A clean bong is worth every second. Once you have ensured that the residue and resin are all gone, rinse out, thoroughly, your bong and proceed to wipe it dry. While bongs are meant to handle moisture you certainly don’t want residual chemicals tainting your future smoking.

Now that you have cleaned your bong, move on to the gas mask. Depending on the materials and age of your gas mask you will want to be deliberate, careful, and check online for specific products that will deliver a good clean. You will want to wipe down, thoroughly, your gas mask and make sure cleaner touches every corner. It goes without saying that the proximity of the mask to someone’s face and fluids warrants a good, thorough inspection before and after cleaning to make sure you didn’t miss a spot. Antibacterial products are certainly recommended to ensure you are not spreading germs or bacteria to your friends or family. Again, check with the specific manufacturer of your gas mask to make sure none of your chemicals react negatively with the materials in the mask. This can cause health issues or simply mechanical/functional ones related to how airtight your gas mask remains.

Glass Bong vs Gas Mask Bong

Truly, the only real difference between the two is that with one (the gas mask bong) you are ‘hot boxing’. If you do not care so much for that, or the conversation and novelty piece, than you are better off with just an ordinary, glass bong. Otherwise, you will probably be upset with all the extra steps being provided to you. Moreover, the extra cost. Style and taste are the only difference between these two options and it is entirely up to you.

Gravity Bong vs Gas Mask Bong

Here is where we will see more than a few cosmetic differences – we have a stylistic battle happening here. With a gravity bong, the point is to inject a forceful, full hit into your lungs with the help of physics. With a gas mask bong, the point is to be able to ‘hot box’ without having to fill an entire room with smoke. Both produce a vivid, full-bodied effect and the difference is up to your experiences and preferences. For individuals that like a heavy kick, a gravity bong is more than likely going to be your better bet. Not to mention, it is easier to pass around a gravity bong at a larger party or with a larger group. Without the need to constantly remove and tighten a mask, the bong will get around easier. With a gas mask bong you’re going for something to remember you by. You want to pass around, with a smaller group or close friends, your own funny, personal ‘hot box’ experience. This is an entirely different vibe and you will need to do some soul searching and basic analysis to figure out what you’re likely going to be doing more. If you have the money, buy or make both!

Silicone Bong vs Gas Mask Bong

A silicone bong would work similarly to the other types of bongs available except that the material lends certain advantages. As with the glass bong, a silicone bong is recommended over a gas mask bong if the added maintenance, effort, and cost is more than the added benefit of having a gas mask – the novelty, really. However, unlike a glass bong, a silicone bong requires far less caution as the material itself will not break or shatter without a tremendous amount of force. However, a silicone bong – after heavy, frequent use – may stain or harbor smells and tastes over time whereas a glass bong will remain cleaner, longer. You will need to consider these things as well as your own tastes to make the best decision for yourself.

Vaping vs Gas Mask Bong

Vaping is another form of consuming herb and herb-related products entirely. This is not to say that one is necessarily better than the other. Using a gas mask bong is going to rely on the ‘old-fashioned’ method of consuming herb – with flame. This confers a hotter, burning sensation and involves the inhalation of smoke. Smoking is something people either seem to love or hate – most simply tolerate it as a means to an end. If you prefer not having to smoke than vaping is likely better as an option for you to consume herb.Vapes superheat herb through a controlled process that turns the herb and active ingredients into vapor. This vapor, acting in the same capacity as smoke, is then ingested and produces the desired effects. Vapes come in many different sizes and capacities and your ability to consume herb will vary depending on what types of vapes you are interested in. Vaping can be more or less involved than a gas mask bong and almost all vapes will be more mobile than a gas mask bong – or most bongs for that matter. Vapes can also consume more than just dry herb (wax, oil) and this should be considered as well.         

Dab Rig vs Gas Mask Bong

A gas mask bong and a dab rig are different beasts and follow the same line of logic that we discussed with the gravity bong. Both will produce powerful, intoxicating hits. Both will make you cough. One or the other will be preferable to different groups of people.

Let’s start with the different smoking materials. If you prefer wax, oil, or flower is a stylistic choice for yourself. Both a dab rig and a gas mask bong are going to be able to put a cough or two on you. If you have a preference for wax, then you will likely want the rig. If you prefer herb or flower, then sticking with a gas mask bong might be better for you.

Let’s also ask ourselves this too: are you looking to get more bang for your buck more quickly or just a fun way to smoke? Oil and wax concentrates can deliver a bigger THC punch without as much smoking necessary. If you’re simply looking to have yourself a powerful kick, then maybe a dab rig would better suit you. That way, you can smoke less and not worry about the hassle of strapping and unstrapping in. However, if the effect is less important than the process and you want to enjoy a ‘hot box’ a gas mask bong is probably more your route.

There is no real right or wrong answer to any of these comparisons or options. Just an acknowledgement that you will need to ask yourself what you enjoy better about a particular smoking experience and if that is your goal.

Gas Mask Bong for Sale

Of course, we come to the sale. There are multitudes of places to purchase a gas mask bong, and other accoutrements, all over the internet and in your town (most likely). Take a quick look over at nyvapeshop.com and see for yourself what quality merchandising looks like!