What is a Glass Pipe


Glass Pipe

The term is broadly used to describe or identify most of the glassware products for smoking. The glass industry aka the Glass Pipe industry includes a ton of sub categories that can be identified more specifically – categories such as chillums, spoon pipes, bubblers, and steamroller glass pipes.

How to clean glass pipe

how to clean a smoking pipe in depthNow remember, the following is for the average glass pipe. If you own a quality, heady pipe with fragile parts, you may need to modify exactly how to clean the piece. Check out this detailed guide about how to clean a smoking pipe in depth. We listed out 5 easy steps below in an easy-to-read, organized fashion...

Step 1

Place the pipe in a small narrow bowl, either tupperware or plastic bag. Next, pour some sort of 420 cleaning solution or at least rubbing alcohol into the pipe as best as possible.The bag or bowl will catch anything that drips out so just continue to fill until the pipe can sit on its own with most of the surface area covered by the 420 Solution. If necessary, after 5-10 minutes, rotate the bowl so that the solution can start to work its way into the untouched sides.

Step 2

The longer you wait, the more time the cleaner has to work its way into the build-up along the interior of your pipe. After about 10-15 minutes, use a toothpick, dab tool or similar object to scrape the interior to see how things are.If you are having a tough time removing the resin build-up, give the solution more time to work its way in and feel free to add a little more.

Step 3

At a certain point it will make sense to start scraping with your tool while the pipe still sits within the cleaner. Even a paper clip would help do the trick, so use a similar object to scrape the interior and remove that grime! Continue to scrape and pull out the nasty pieces.Have a napkin to help pullout and do away with the stuff.

Step 4

It also helps to shake the pipe while cleaning solution sits inside it. Just cover the bowl, carb hole and mouthpiece and shake. The shaking really helps remove and move the nasty stuff towards the hole openings where you can remove it.

Step 5

Once more or less all of the resin build-up has been removed, run the glass pipe, chillum or whatever, under hot water, but not too hot, do not burn yourself. Run the water at high speed through the various holes to help remove and remaining debris and to wash away any and all cleaner. Let the piece dry and then you will be ready to go!

How to get resin out of a glass pipe - Fast

The quick answer is to give the glass piece a thorough cleaning and if done properly it will rid the pipe of every piece of resin. However, depending on the piece in question, it may take awhile. To get step-by-step instructions on how to thoroughly clean a glass pipe fast – or as fast as possible – just read the Cleaning explanation right above.

But if you want to quickly clear somewhat of a path in a pipe so you can at least take a few hits before running out, there are some great tips to help accomplish that – the best option, again will depend on the type of bowl, chillum, or whatever glassware in question, as well as the amount of resin build up and its location – some corners or nooks are far more accessible than others. Continue below for a quick list of some awesome pipe cleaning tips.

1. Resin Hits

Do not worry you do not need to inhale the nasty resin build up, this is similar to puffing on a cigar especially when you’re first getting it lit – and just like a cigar it stinks. However, feel free to enjoy if you are all out of dry herbs and have no other option, because with just a few puffs will get the job done, albeit not with the most pleasant taste, just thoughts.

How to hit the resin

The usual resin buildup will start around the bowl head where the dry herbs are packed. There are two holes you can start to puff hits from - the carb hole and the hole under the bowl head. Again, the exact, and best place to start will depend on where the main clog issue is occurring but usually start where you pack the buds – you can position the lighter and smoke as if it was packed. If needed, to help clear a pathway, turn and maneuver the pipe, even upside down if needed, this way the flame can hit certain angles and areas. BE CAREFUL, the flame is hot and as you heat the glass it will also become hot – even if you are aware of this, do this enough times over and you will burn a finger, just try to minimize as best as possible. Sometimes the main clog can be by the carb hole, and if that is the case, just repeat these steps by flip flopping the role of each hole. Plus, if needed, you can take these same steps and apply them to the mouthpiece and use the carb as the place to take a hit – WARNING, just don’t roast the carb hole and then go to use it as a mouthpiece, it will be super hot and burn your lip.

2. Scrape and Clear the Resin

Especially if you have a glass bowl with wide dimensions or large hole-openings, you may be able to use some sort of tool such as dabber tools to clear away what ever is blocking the air flow. Back in the day you would normally use a paper clip, maybe a toothpick but they break easily, but a similar tool. With the growth of wax concentrates has come a great selection of dab tools, some real sharp and fine. So if you have one lying around, feel free to put it to work. For a thorough cleaning, you’ll need to do that, but with some scraping and maneuvering with your tool of choice you can at least clear a pathway for the time being so that you can enjoy a decent hit before heading out.

How to Smoke from a Glass Pipe

Whether a Sherlock glass pipe, a chillum, or some other type, you may need to we just exactly how or where or how much nerve is packed, but they all smoke the same.

1. Firstly, make sure to break up any herbs or buds. Do not place whole entire nugs into the bowl piece. If you do that, the outside of the bud will burn while the inside stays fresh, leading to waste – that is inefficient and it would be better to break the herb into smaller pieces, either by hand or grinder. The grinding or breaking up will create more surface area so that the bud can evenly burn and you can be sure to use everything packed.

2. Take a pinch of herb and placed it into the bowl piece. Push down and pack it in, but do not over pack, use good judgment and you can always take a pull from the mouthpiece to test the air flow.