Can I Use the Same Piece of Glass for Flower and Dabs?

Glass pipes, bongs, and dab rigs have become the go-to for many people when it comes to smoking and vaping their favorite dry herbs. The use of wax from a dab rig has recently become all the craze with specialized units specifically made just for vaping wax concentrates. Since vaping is a world apart from smoking, the two are not alike, but they can use the same unit. This article will go into how you can interchangeably switch between smoking and vaping with the same piece.

by: Anthony E. | 03/24/22 1:30PM


Smoking vs Dabbing

When it comes to smoking, the use of a glass pipe or bong comes to mind and is usually the way to go. Vaping wax concentrates is a whole different matter. To have a successful dab session, you will obviously need a dab rig and the right type of tools. Unlike a bong or pipe that requires no more than a standard lighter, a dab rig would need a torch to properly heat up the nail.

Most units are reserved for using only one type of material. Bongs are made for smoking dry herbs while dab rigs are specifically made for vaping wax concentrates. While smoking utilizes the method of combustion to produce smoke to deliver a hit, dabbing produces no smoke and relies instead on heat to manually disperse vapor from a wax concentrate.

When it comes to which method is better, it just boils down to what the user is looking for. Bongs produce smoke which is far from ideal if you are a medical patient, while dab rigs are perfect for those who wish to medicate. In fact, most people stick to just one modality when it comes to smoking or vaping.


Vaping vs Dabbing

When we think of dabbing, we know that vaporization causes the result. When we talk about vaping, we usually refer to the more portable aspect of it and start looking at vape pens and box mods. While all these employ the same method of heat dispersal to create and produce vapor, the means to which they accomplish this remains very different.

Dab rigs require the use of a torch directly onto the nail to heat it up. Depending on whether the nail itself is made of ceramic, quartz, or titanium, this may heat up more quickly or retain heat much slower than other types. Carb caps are used to regulate the air flow, whereas using a vape pen requires only the use of a button to operate the unit.

Box mods are popular and capable of utilizing wax concentrates to produce vapor. Being battery-operated, a box mod can produce a considerable amount of vapor. By comparison, the use of a dab rig can produce some incredibly thick clouds of vapor that can only be achieved using a torch.


The Difference Between Flower and Wax

Dry herbs are notably different from wax. Dry herbs are obviously dry and retain precious terpenes by way of the curing process. They are technically dry but still filled with a moisture content that preserves the terpene profile. Wax is basically an accumulation of these terpenes and is concentrated to produce a more flavorful and intense effect.

Flower can be used in two ways. One can choose to smoke their dry herbs, while another can choose to vape it instead. Wax can only be vaped, never smoked. This is because wax melts and requires a nail to hold onto the material while it is being vaped. Not having this would result in the wax literally melting into the heating element.

The good thing about flower is that they are more versatile and can be used in more than one way. In fact, rosin and other types of concentrates are derived directly from flower. When it comes to utilizing both wax and flower, using a 3-in-1 vape such as the SteamCloud Box Mod would be one of the best options for versatility.

Pros and Cons of Using the Same Piece for Flower and Dabs

The truth is that you could use a dab rig to smoke as much as you could use a bong to dab. The difference is that you need a piece that is not fixed and can accommodate interchangeable components, such as the bowl. If you have either a male or female joint fitting, you can switch out the bowl for a nail and vice versa.

The problem with this is that if you choose to use a bong for a dab hit, you will not get a very good flavor out of it. You might end up getting a rather foul and burnt taste instead. The whole purpose of using a dab rig separately is to enjoy the flavor that comes with dabbing. While you could use the same piece, you will have to clean it much more often.

The good news is that you will save money by using just one piece for smoking and dabbing. If you want to use flower and dabs strictly for vaping, then using a box mod is the only way to go. Just remember that if you choose to use your glass piece for both flower and dabs, you will likely not get the flavor you are looking for when it comes time to take a dab hit, unless you clean it first.

Final Thoughts

Glass pieces have become very elaborate. Some are fixed and have no interchangeable parts while others are conveniently built to switch out bowls and other components for easy maintenance.

Using just one piece for all your needs cuts down on cost but can result in more work having to clean it out before a vape session. You cannot thoroughly enjoy a dab after having used it to smoke flower out of. Vaping flower itself requires temperature modulation which is all but impossible with a manual lighter.

While you can use the same piece, we recommend you have one piece reserved for dabbing and the other for dry herbs if you choose to smoke them. Either way, the use of dry herbs and dabs remains the most popular in terms of what people choose to consume.

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