Eggplant Pipe vs Baguette Smoking Pipe

The world of smoking pipes has been saturated with everything from knockoffs and inferior pieces to those intermingled with high-quality. This is especially true when it comes to glass, as some are made with either a subpar material or with a subpar glass maker. In any case, glass is the most common option seen today. Enter the world of smoking pipes made from silicone, which will never crack, break, or be hard to clean the way glass pieces are. In this article, we will be taking a look at 2 novelty pipes made from high-quality food grade silicone.

by: Anthony E. | 07/26/22 1:30PM


The Eggplant Pipe

Cute, silly, and coming in at just 4 inches in length, the Eggplant Pipe is a novelty smoking piece that is shaped just like an eggplant and delivers some pretty killer hits. More than just a novelty piece, the Eggplant Pipe is truly a practical and full functional daily smoking pipe. The Eggplant Pipe comes with a glass bowl and even has a silicone cover to protect it when not in use.

This doubles as a stealth cover to conceal the pipe’s true purpose. A convenient portable option to consider when traveling as the contents of the bowl can be shut in to prevent them from falling out, whether fresh or made to ash. The bowl cover will also help to lessen the smell from the pipe. Its main purpose is to protect the glass bowl from being shattered.

A carb hole also graces the Eggplant Pipe at the end near the bowl to help clear out the airway and produce some massive hits. Because this pipe is made from silicone, the glass bowl can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Despite being angled, it is a very ergonomic shape and is easy to hold in the hand for a stable smoking session.


The Baguette Smoking Pipe

Slightly longer than the Eggplant Pipe, the Baguette Smoking Pipe looks like a novelty piece of bread with a carb hole that is smaller and located on the left-hand side of the pipe. Nonetheless, this is very useful to help clear out the air-path from smoke and deliver a decently sized hit. The Baguette Smoking Pipe also comes with a glass bowl that is made with holes to eliminate the need for an external glass screen.

This makes the Baguette Smoking Pipe very convenient to own and use. Unlike the Eggplant Pipe, however, the Baguette Smoking Pipe does not come with a novelty cover, making the bowl slightly more prone to breakage if not careful. It does not seem to sit flush with the rest of the pipe, making it somewhat useless as a novelty piece that can fit into the background unless it is turned upside down. The Baguette Pipe is ergonomically shaped as well and very easy to hold in the hands. Being made of silicone helps to create a grip that will not inadvertently slip out of your hands the way glass can.


Pros and Cons of Each

As has been stated, the Baguette Smoking Pipe does not come with a cover to allow for a convenient storage method, making the glass bowl slightly more prone to breakage. Because the bowl itself does not come flush with the pipe, it will not lay flat. The truth is that this should not be a deal breaker as the pipe itself is more than functional.

Each one is conveniently shaped and sized perfectly for on the go use. Both have carb holes to allow for larger hits and are priced similarly to reflect their features. Unlike other pipes on the market that are considered novelty pieces, these will never break on you, and they will hold their value for years to come.

The Baguette Smoking Pipe has a deep glass bowl and can accommodate larger sized bowls and has a built-in screen. The Eggplant Pipe has a larger carb hole which can produce monster hits. As you can see, each one has a tradeoff, and both can be considered very practical for everyday use.

Which One is Right for You?

Neither one of these can be considered better than the other without taking a closer look at their specifications. Some prefer certain colors or shapes, while some find the price difference is a significant factor. If you prefer slightly larger hits, then the Eggplant Pipe would be a better option. If you want to cover your bowl when not in use, then again, the Eggplant Pipe would be your choice.

Both are shaped somewhat similarly in an elongated shape and are very easy to hold in the hand. When considering which pipe to choose for your smoking sessions, it is wise to remember that your options are only limited to what you intend to use them for. Both are great for everyday use, though both can give slightly different results.

Larger carb holes allow for more air and bigger hits, while bigger and deeper bowls allow for more dry herb material which can extend the life of a smoke session and be used more often. Some people want larger hits while others don’t mind just having more of them. In any case, both are viable smoking options to consider.

Final Thoughts

Even though novelty pipes seem like a gimmick to some, their functionality cannot be understated. They are 2 of the most convenient and practical pieces that grace our product line. In fact, they are popular enough to double as stealth pipes and can blend in easily with other colorful items.

Silicone is fast becoming the more viable option to choose from when deciding on what type of pipe to get. Silicone is much easier to clean and will literally last you a lifetime of daily usage. Care must be taken to avoid exposing silicone pieces to extreme temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight. Heed by these caveats and you will have a novelty silicone pipe that will never let you down!

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