How the Corona Virus Impacts Vaping

The Corona Virus has impacted our daily lives, including the Vaping Industry and etiquette. Read about the Virus impact here.

by: Anthony E. | 03/20/20 1:30PM


What is the Coronavirus?

A new novel strain of coronavirus, called COVID-19, was first spotted in the Hubei province of Wuhan, China late last year on December 31st, 2019. One month later it was declared a public health emergency of international concern on January 30th, 2020. Unlike other strains of corona viruses that are responsible for illnesses such as the common cold, COVID-19 can cause severe upper respiratory distress that can progress into pneumonia, requiring hospitalization in a quarantined ICU. However, statistics show that the vast majority of cases present no noticeable symptoms whatsoever, which makes it incredibly contagious. Those most at risk are people above 60 years of age, or those with compromised immune systems and other underlying health issues, such as diabetes or cancer.


Being as how this novel strain of coronavirus is very new, researchers are scrambling for innovative ways to combat this concerning threat. What we have already seen is a reduction in close contact with others in public, businesses closing, and people getting laid off in an attempt to slow down the spread of the disease. As a result, panic has ensued among citizens which has translated into hoarding of commodities that were once common on store shelves. COVID-19 is easily transmittable through close contact with others, including shared mouthpieces on vaporizers, or on various tools used for dabbing and smoking.

What is the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Impact on Your Vaping Routine

Being as how it is highly advisable to clean your hands and self-quarantine to prevent the spread of this novel virus, it is highly encouraged to extend these precautions to your vaping tools and devices as well. Social distancing is becoming more common each day as people realize the severity of COVID-19, with it being advised to keep a minimum of 4 – 6 ft away from everyone in public and those in your household who have been in public within the past 2 weeks, according to CDC recommendations. Because the majority of people show only minor symptoms of illness or none at all, it is often ignored and unreported.

This makes the disease highly contagious, and while it is truly an inconvenience to remain so distant from others in this way, the last thing you want to do is share your vaporizer with your friends right now, even if they show no symptoms! You do not know how you might react to this virus, as even some younger people with no apparent health conditions have been admitted to the ER with severe symptoms. The upside to this might be that if you do decide to go out in public, you will be less likely to be noticed vaping by other people simply by the sheer lack of interest to associate with others during this time.

Coronavirus Impact on Your Vaping Routine


Coronavirus Vaping Tips

When it comes to vaping, we all like to share good times with our friends and family. Unforeseen events such as this have changed everything, at least temporarily. It is no longer advisable to be around others outside of your home, nor is it advisable to share anything personal such as vaping devices with those who have ventured out in public. If, however, you find yourself in a situation that is unavoidable you can at least take solace knowing you tried your best to prevent getting sick by following these tips:

WASH YOUR HANDS. That is the number one rule. Wash them and wash them often! Extend this to your vaping tools and devices by keeping them clean after every use. Do not share them with others at this time. Wipe down all your mouthpieces with rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or just regular soap and water. If you happen to share your vape with someone, wipe it down after you are finished with it and go wash your hands. That is going to be the best (and most tedious) way of preventing this illness. Keep this in mind: Prevention is going to be easier than treating this illness if things go south for you! Buy everything you need for your vape shops online to avoid going out.

Local Vape Shops Close Due to Coronavirus

Local Vape Shops Close Due to Coronavirus

Because of restrictions on non-essential business to shut their doors on the public to prevent the spread of COVID-19, local brick and mortar shops all across the world have decided to either go online, or permanently close altogether. Some are by choice, while others were by force. This naturally steers consumers to the online world for all their shopping needs, whether for necessity or otherwise. Unfortunately, this can translate to incredibly low stocks of goods online as the demand for common products far outweighs the supply.

When it comes to vaping products, you will commonly find the same thing, which is a low inventory count on all your favorite e-juices for example. Either way, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and so it would be more wise to simply settle for what you see if it is available online. Local shops that have closed in your area will hopefully have an impact to slow down the progression of this novel virus, since there have been reported cases of younger people getting ill from COVID-19 and presenting serious complications. For now, just remember to self-isolate, maintain social distancing, and shop for all your vaping products online.

Global Vape Supply Chain Coronavirus Woes

Global Vape Supply Chain Coronavirus Woes

Since the start of COVID-19 being recognized as a global pandemic, businesses all across the wax pen globe have been affected by isolation and social restrictions placed by their states and governments. This has resulted in an economic crisis that is still unforeseeable at this time. Since China is the leading manufacturer of trading commodities, this delivers a massive blow to the rest of the world that deals with their market. You will commonly encounter products made in China that are now completely sold out or on back order. As a result, you will likely be unable to purchase certain vaporizers or their accessories that were once abundant on the market at this time.

Since people are self-isolating in their homes to prevent spreading or catching COVID-19, this will drastically affect every aspect of our lives as we know it, at least temporarily. How long this lasts will depend entirely on the results of this global quarantine. Until then, stay in your home, shop for all your vaping needs online, curl up with a book, catch up on things you have been meaning to attend to, and just count your lucky stars if you have not fallen victim to COVID-19. Stay safe out there!

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