Corona Virus Vaping Tips - Vape Guide to Stay Safe

The Corona Virus is a very serious and transfers between individuals very easily. Use these Vaping Tips to help stop the spread of this virus.

by: Anthony E. | 03/23/20 1:30PM


Vaping during Corona Virus Times

A new strain of coronavirus titled COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, late December 2019 and it has since been declared a worldwide pandemic. The novel virus is easily transmittable through close contact with other people and hard surfaces, including shared mouthpieces on vaporizers, or on various tools used for dabbing and smoking! What we have already seen in public is a reduction in close contact with others, most businesses closing down, and people getting laid off. As a result, we will be sharing some tips here that may help prevent you from getting sick and/or spreading this novel strain of coronavirus to others.


Do NOT Share Vapes with Anyone!

1. Do NOT Share Vapes with Anyone!

The last thing you want to experience is how this novel virus is going to affect you. Even though science knows what it is, you do not know how you are going to react to it. Statistically, older people and those with underlying health problems experience the most complications from COVID-19. However, there are numerous cases of younger people and those without apparent health problems who have also unexpectedly encountered severe complications that have resulted in fatalities. Along with keeping your distance from people in the outside world and within vape shops, you want to make sure you do not share any of your vaping devices or accessories with anyone during this time!

Manage Your Vapor More Diligently!

2. Manage Your Vapor More Diligently!

Yes, you read that right. In fact, you can even demonstrate just how far your breath can travel by demonstrating it through a cloud of smoke or vapor. COVID-19 has been shown to travel through the air and can be carried along with the vapor you breath out! Some of the virus can even theoretically be stuck to particles in the vapor and carried along further in the air. This means that it is highly advisable to restrict your vape sessions to your home (assuming you live alone) or in your own backyard, being mindful of the wind’s direction.

Shop for Vape Supplies Online!

3. Shop for Vape Supplies Online!

COVID-19 is no joke, and yes, it is rather tedious to live life this way, though as a society we must have a sense of empathy in order to survive in the long run. Everyone will have to do their part to ensure we can beat this nasty little bug, though this will only be accomplished in a group effort. Aside from most brick and mortar vape shops being completely closed at this time; it is highly advisable that you inquire about such things online and restrict all your shopping to the internet! The good news is that this is all just temporary.


Clean Your Vapes!

4. Clean Your Vapes!

The truth is that you do not know if you are sick from COVID-19, since there are so many cases that go unreported. Just because you feel fine does not mean that you can go around sharing your vaporizer with friends and family! If you find yourself in a situation where this ignorance cannot be avoided, please make sure that you completely clean your vaporizer immediately after you or anyone else takes a hit! Do not make the simple mistake of assuming you or someone else is not sick just because there are no symptoms! Always keep your vapes clean!

Give the Virus Time to Die!

5. Give the Virus Time to Die!

It will take some real diligence to maintain all these restrictions, though it will be worth it in the end! You must give it a few weeks before you can return to your normal routine of social indulgence. Give those you care about something to ponder when you tell them you are doing your part to stop the spread of this new virus. In time, this virus will die out without a host to infect, and the more we implement good hygiene and social distancing, the better off we will be. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Do not be a statistic for COVID-19!

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