How to Use a Vape the Right Way

Did you know that despite the popularity of modern vaporization, many people if not most out there are not actually using them correctly? It is true, and it does not matter what you have as a vaporizer as much as how you use it. While setting the proper temperature and loading the atomizer should be common sense, other factors such as inhalation methods are often overlooked. You could be getting more out of your sessions and in fact, you could actually be wasting your material. If you have never heard of mouth-to-lung or direct-lung, this article is for you. Here we will be looking at these issues and informing you on how to properly utilize your vaporizer.

by: Anthony E. | 09/23/20 7:41PM


What is Vaping?

In order to understand the correct method to vaping, you first have to understand what vaping actually is. Most people think that vaping is simply the act of using a dry herb vaporizer or heating up a wax pen and inhaling what comes out. While this is technically what is going on, the subtleties are much more complex to ensuring the session goes smooth and intended.

For most, vaping is about self-medicating without having to rely on harsh prescription medication. For others, vaping is a health alternative to smoking and the consequences that often follow. Vaping is truly a necessity in the eyes of many health care professionals as well which gives it medicinal credibility.

When you think of vaping, you might be tempted to feel it is all about just having a good time. There is nothing wrong with that, and in fact it would be a mistake to not have a good time while self-medicating. This makes vaporization unique in that medicine is supposed to not be fun in the first place.

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What is Mouth-to-Lung?

Mouth-to-lung is an inhalation method that works best on smaller vapes with high resistance coils. It feels kind of like sucking through a tight coffee straw. The method is perfect for those transitioning from the smoking world as it provides a similar feeling of vapor hitting the back of the throat that smokers crave in a cigarette. The technique is very simple:

  • Slowly draw vapor into your mouth for a few seconds
  • Hold the vapor in your closed mouth for a few seconds more
  • Open mouth and breathe in the vapor to your lungs (not a swallow)
  • Exhale after vapor is in lungs

The feeling should be quite familiar to a smoker and can be very beneficial for those using e-juice with nicotine to prevent an uncomfortable rush for the first time. Using this method, users often report moving away from nicotine products altogether in time just due to the feeling alone.

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What is Direct-Lung?

This method is simpler and more ideal for those using a much lower nicotine profile in their e-juice or those wanting to get more out of their adjustable airflow vapes. Taking a hit using this method feels more like sucking air through a milkshake straw. Another comparison is it feels much like taking a bong hit if a herb grinder is used as the vapor goes directly to your lungs instead of holding it in your mouth. The technique is very simple:

  • Quickly draw vapor directly to the lungs
  • Exhale vapor almost immediately

This will be a very familiar technique to most people, as the method is much simpler and more direct. The direct-lung method is preferred by those who wish to get more vapor and flavor in their hits versus a large dose of nicotine, making this better suited for most other vape users that do not wish to use nicotine products.

Should You Start Vaping?

If you find that you are currently a smoker or are suffering from a medical issue that vaporization can help, then it would be highly recommended to consider the option of vaping.

There is a large medical community that can assist you with the right type of vaping modality and the medicines that accompany that particular vaping method. While the decision to start will ultimately be your own choice, it is within your own best interest to pursue alternatives that could be reducing the harm caused by smoking.

Pain can be eased through vaping and can actually help to improve the outcome of your condition. All these possibilities should be discussed with your doctor prior to pursuing this from a medical standpoint.

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