What is the Best Herb Grinder to use with a Vape?

If you want the best vapor production and best tasting vapors, we suggest using an Herb Grinder for the herbs packed into a dry herb vaporizer. Small dense nugs are inefficient and vaping evenly ground pieces is the correct way to vape.

by: Emmanual O. | 06/01/20 1:30PM


Best Types of Herb Grinders for Vaping

Herb lovers know that to get the best out of your herb, you need to grind it into more delicate bits. So, grinding as a means of preparing your material for vaping is a necessary process. An herb enthusiast will agree that a smooth grind equals denser and smoother vapor. To grind your herb, you need an herb grinder. Of course, our needs vary with regards to results since you have to go with a grinder that attends to your needs best. Besides, some herb grinders are superior to others in terms of function. For instance, there are metallic and plastic grinders. Also, you see grinders with a compartment to hold or store herbs while others have only two pieces. Again, there are manual grinders vs. electric grinders. In all, there’s simply one you prefer and favor above others.

black and orange dry herb grinder

4-Piece Metal Herb Grinders

The 4-piece metal herb grinder is a metallic piece. It is an innovative addition to the herb grinders because it brings out the very best of your herb. At least, the average 4 piece grinder will do a decent job because the device has a design that screens the smallest bits of herbs. These go all the way into the bottom chamber for later use. In addition to this, the device has a tooth design that is not sharp-edged primarily since most sharp-edged teeth wear off quickly. Sometimes, its called the grinder with a kief catcher.


Razor Sharp Silicone Herb Grinder

A razor silicone herb grinder is precisely what its called, a razor teeth blender with 4-piece metal. Easily one of the best in terms of mincing herbs like butter. The blender has a soft yet exquisite silicone exterior that makes it look good and easy to grip. It is soft but the interior is tough metal that is forever lasting. Like the popular 4-piece herb grinders, it includes a pollen or kief catcher too. The soft, grippy silicone comes in many cool colors tool. The grinder has a total of 13 razors in its upper compartment and nine on the lower chamber. Herbs that manage to escape grinding in the top go through the lower part and is easily minced. Another bonus is the two sized holes that allow varying size herbs to fall through, giving you a better minced mound of herbs.

Sharpstone Hand Crank Grinder

The sharpstone hand crank grinder is also a 4-piece perfect for anyone who’d rather not use their hands to grip something. Sometimes, getting a grip or turning the standard herb grinders is tasking, especially when the blades have gone dull. If you have arthritis, weak hands or just want an easier way to grind up your dry herbs for your dry herb vaporizers, the hand crank by Sharpstone is for you. This unit makes it easier for you with the aid of a torque. To handle it correctly, avoid feeding large chunks of herbs into the grinder, or it gets stuck, and you can’t grind well. It would help if you considered breaking up larger pieces into smaller bits that could fit the device’s teeth directly.

Sharpstone Hand Crank Grinder


Why use an Herb Grinder when using a Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you intend to use a dry herb vaporizer, you must understand that feeding herbs in large chunks into the vaporizer is not the best way to pack the chamber. First, you’d be wasting your herbs and getting less value for it. Furthermore, you’re likely to get the vape stuck up and make it difficult for vapors to flow. So, here’s why you should use an herb grinder;

An herb grinder generally makes your experience with a dry herb vape more satisfying because your herbs are more utilized. With an herb grinder, the herbs are minced up into smaller pieces. The evenly ground herbs now have more surface area exposed to the surrounding heat. This allows everything to vaporize evenly, versus dense nugs that vaporize on the exterior first. Using a grinder will lead to fewer herbs going to waste, or at least will improve the flavor profile of your vaping session. You may say, “I can do it with my hands,” yes, you can try, and technically it will work, but it will not be nearly as efficient as using a grinder. An even grind for even vaping and optimal vapor space is the way to to.

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