How to Vape Everything with One Vaporizer

Vapes are becoming more and more popular each day. Even with the current pandemic, vaporizers have been flying off shelves and are more capable of accommodating your favorite modality than they were just a few years ago. Advances in vaping technology have allowed users to enjoy virtually any material in their vape without sacrificing on efficiency. This article will focus on vapes that can do just that.

by: Anthony E. | 03/10/22 2:30PM


3-in-1 Vapes

Combination vapes are perhaps the best choice when it comes to being able to vape your chosen modality. The versatility in these types of vapes is second to none. Portable vapes such as the SteamCloud Box Mod are a perfect example of a high-quality vape that can switch between dry herbs, wax, e-juice, and oil concentrates.

Simply switching out the atomizer and changing the voltage settings to accommodate the modality you are currently using gives you a convenient and flexible device that can vape whatever you choose at any given moment. Unlike other vapes on the market that only specialize in one modality, 3-in-1 vapes are much more versatile.

Combine this with the fact that box mods are known for providing some of the biggest and thickest vape hits of any other type of vape, and you have a powerful device that will last you for as long as you maintain the integrity of your device. No other type of vape can provide you with the efficiency and convenience that a box mod can provide.


Other Types of Combination Vapes

So long as you have a vape that is compatible with utilizing dry herbs, wax, and oil concentrates, you have a functional 3-in-1 vape. Other vapes on the market can be considered hybrids, capable of vaping and smoking, for example. The AGO is just such a vape that can switch and transition into a vape from a smoke pen by simply adding a glass screen.

No atomizers need to be switched out. The problem with this is that switching between smoking and vaping can influence the flavor of your vaped dry herb material if ash and smoke residue is left behind from an earlier smoke session. Care must be taken to constantly clean out your vape pen after smoking to ensure you get the full flavor from your vaped hits.

If you have a vape that can switch out atomizers, you can enjoy individual modalities all from one vape pen without having to buy each one just to vape a particular material. The upside is saving all that money not having to spend on different vapes when you feel in the mood for one type and not another.

How to Vape What You Want with a Dry Herb Vape

Sometimes finances can dictate what we can and cannot afford, though fortunately most portable vape pens on the market are affordable and a great investment on your health over smoking. Still, if you find that you want to vape wax but only have a dry herb vape, then it might benefit you to know that you can still enjoy your wax.

The problem is that you cannot put dry herbs in a wax or oil cartridge, so don’t even try it unless you want to ruin your vape. What you can do is lightly sandwich a very small amount in between two layers of dry herb if you want to vape some wax. Because heat settings may differ greatly for what you can vape between materials, you may or may not get the hit you want.

Wax vaporizes at different temperatures than dry herbs, and so you might not get a good hit. Nonetheless, you can still try it. Care must be taken not to put too much or risk having your wax or oil drip down onto the heating chamber. This can gunk up or totally kill your vape pen. Always remember to put the smallest amount possible. This will allow the heat to disperse the material more evenly as well.


Using Just One Vape

No matter what type of vape you happen to get, try to make sure it is a combination vape. This will allow you to switch to any type of vape session you want without restraining you or giving you weak hits. If you are a newbie or a former smoker, a vape such as the AGO might be worth considering, while other vapes that specialize in just one modality might also appeal to you.

3-in-1 vapes offer the most versatility, though they are also more complex and require a slight learning curve to be competent in the device to make it function properly. Some vapes on the market will not be able to vape all three modalities, which is why it is important to try and opt for the combination vapes. This will save you time and money down the road should you ever choose to try other types of vaping methods.

Always make sure you take the time to get to know a vape, especially if it happens to be a 3-in-1 box mod. Stock up on replacement parts ahead of time and always make sure your device is fully charged before a session and before going out.

Final Thoughts

Trying to vape certain materials out of vapes that do not accommodate those modalities can ruin a vape. As previously mentioned, you will not be able to vape dry herbs from an oil or wax vape, not can you vape oil or wax straight from a dry herb vape. Not only are the settings not dialed in for these materials, but the devices themselves can fail if they are improperly used.

Wax and oil dripped onto a dry herb coil will cause it to fail. Dry herbs will not work in a wicking system designed for oil. The only way to partially achieve vaporization is through a dry herb vape, lightly sandwiching or putting a drop of oil onto the dry herb material.

No matter what you end up choosing, the best way to go would undoubtedly be a combination vape instead of risking your dry herb vape to do wax or oil. Either way, if you choose to do it, heed this advice and you may come to find your vape session a bit more enjoyable.

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