Stoner Joe Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The popular comic book character got himself a vaporizer and he cannot put it down. This easy to use vaporizer for dry herbs comes with an LED screen and full temperature control for superior vaping.

by: Chris H. | 10/30/17 1:30PM


Vaporizer Introduction

There’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to the Stoner Joe Dry Herb Vaporizer. You will immediately notice the very relaxed cartoon rabbit on the outside of both the box and the device itself. I’ve reviewed many vaporizers but I’ve never seen one with the sense of humor of the cartoon character on the outside of the actual casing.


It’s not too shabby in the vaporizing department either, sporting a ceramic chamber with an internal (and mini-USB rechargeable) 2200 mAh Lithium-ion battery. The convection oven inside the Stoner Joe heats your herbs very evenly and quickly--and ease-of-use is their primary concern. All it takes is five clicks of the power button and the device begins heating immediately.

All of this is wrapped in a premium poly-plastic casing, decorated with the eponymous “Stoner Joe” character that gives it a colorful, eclectic flair. The device feels good in your hands and does not give off the vibe that it will break easily. Regardless, I never dropped it in the time I had it--all thanks to the nice rubbery grip feeling of the material.

What really stands out about this device is the speedy heating of the ceramic chamber inside. Overall, you can reach your desired temperature in around 15 seconds after loading the Stoner Joe, a very impressive rate. Take a look at the comic strip, hold this device in your hands, and become a fan of “Stoner Joe”, the portable dry herb vaporizer and the rabbit.

Stoner Joe the Bunny Comic Book Cover

History of Stoner Joe

It’s not my place to comment on the nature of the whimsical rabbit that is known as “Stoner Joe”, so I’ll start with the words of the Stoner Joe folks, themselves:

Joe is a Rastafarian bunny rabbit who loves getting stoned and wandering into trouble. He speaks with a Jamaican accent reminiscent of Bob and Ziggy Marley, and attracts attention and excitement everywhere.

No matter what you think about the Stoner Joe rabbit, it takes nothing away from the great value of the Stoner Joe Vaporizer itself. In fact, the drawing on the device is quite colorful and catches the eye nicely, but it is not in your face by any means. If you’d like to know more about Stoner Joe, you can visit the website at:

The whole thing is run by a gentleman known as Christopher Blue who owns the Stoner Joe brand and website along with being the lead artist and writer for the fledgling comic strip. Blue is also the owner and founder of his media company BlueHoldingsLLC.

Brief How-To Instructions

Using this herbal vape is as simple as it gets. The design philosophy seemed to be geared towards making this vape as easy to use as humanly possible. Here are the steps you will come to know well:

1. Pop open the top of the device to reveal the heating chamber underneath the mouthpiece.

2. Load the dry herbs into the chamber. The herbs should be processed through a grinder until they are finely ground. This will assist with proper vaporization and help you get where you need to go even faster.

3. Replace the mouthpiece and press the power button 5 times to turn on the device.

4. As the LED lights are flashing, the device will heat up in about 10 seconds, during this time you can select your desired temperature in the range of 300°F-435°F.

5. Once the flashing has ceased, the device will be ready to use. Inhale slowly, keeping track of the flavor and heat of the vapor. At 5 minutes, the device will auto-shut off and the session will be over – this is a safety precaution for both you and the device in situations where the vape was accidentally turned on.

Caring for and Cleaning the Stoner Joe Vape

There is not much cleaning involved in the use of the Stoner Joe Dry Herb Vaporizer. This is likely the intended effect of making such a simple device. You won’t have to deep clean this vape pen or worry about the insides becoming gummed up due to resin and grime if you follow these simple rules:

Rule 1 - Keep the mouthpiece clean with the included brush, this will need to be done only occasionally.

Rule 2 - Underneath the mouthpiece is a steel mesh vape screen that will need to be brushed off after every use. This will improve the vapor and keep resin from building so quickly.

Rule 3 - Every once in a while, it is recommended that you clean this screen with isopropyl alcohol (pretty much the only thing that reliably gets rid of resin). This can be accomplished using just a cotton swab, simply dab it and wait for it to dry in moments.

Rule 4 -When reloading your ceramic herb chamber each time, use the pipe cleaner brush to swab it out and clean off any spare particles of vaped herb. Over time this may build up resin if not cared for properly.

Stoner Joe Comic Book Illustration


Stoner Joe Vape Tips and Tricks

Vaping Temperature:

As you likely remember, the Stoner Joe vape pen runs with a temperature range of 300°F-435°F. In order to get the best vapor possible from this device, I recommend running it hot. Somewhere between 390°F-405°F. I like to get everything I can out of my material, so sometimes I will run the same material through again after I’ve stirred it. During the second time, I will increase the temperature to around 420°F until the vapor becomes unpleasant. This isn’t exactly necessary, but it’s something I like to do.

How to Get the Best Flavor:

If you want the best flavor from this device, do pretty much the exact opposite of the above tip. The lower the temperature, the better the flavor from your herbs. The entire temperature range falls within the vaporization zone, so you will eventually vape everything that you would normally get with higher temperatures. However, if you keep the temperature around 350°F, you will get the best of both worlds: great vapor produced quickly.

Tools Are Your Best Friend:

Stoner Joe the bunny has included some great tools to help with the maintenance of your device. My advice is to use them. The pipe brush in particular will help you clean the heating chamber to keep things running in tip-top shape. I really enjoy the stirring tool as well. The “spoon” side is really great at getting the last bit of material out of the bottom of the chamber. If you have any experience with herbs, you’ve used paper clips and bobby pins for some time. These are much, much better than the homemade versions.

Top view of Stoner Joe Heating Chamber

Best Loading Strategies

Due to the diameter of the chamber, just like most other herbal vape pens out there, you’re going to have to aim when loading this device. A single load will easily be good for one person, but for a crowd, it sometimes takes a second session. This is no problem, as the vape still does a great job of being efficient with your materials. Here was my strategy:

1. Finely grind (more on that later) your materials so that they will be used efficiently

2. Grab a pinch of material and place into the chamber opening

3. Using the flat end of the stirring tool, tamp down the material into the chamber

4. Repeat until the chamber is full, but not packed super tight - this is a convection vaporizer and requires some room for the hot air to move through.

5. Before placing the mouthpiece back on, I always pressed my finger down over the top to even out the herbs – this is an optional step.

How to Finely Grind the Herbs

There is really no point in owning a device like this one without using a grinder. Portable vaporizers are technologically advanced devices that require specific conditions to work perfectly. You can still get vapor out of the Stoner Joe without grinding, but you’re essentially wasting money that way. Here are some easy tips to using a grinder with this device:

Tip 1

Make sure your material is dry enough to be ground. If there is still a great deal of moisture present, lay it out on a paper towel for 24 hours to help dry it out.

Tip 2

If you’re having trouble grinding your material as fine as you like, try turning the grinder over on its head and grind that way. It moves the material and adds different angles to grind your herbs more thoroughly.

Tip 3

If this doesn’t work and you have access to a freezer, place your materials in a plastic container inside the freezer and wait 10-15 minutes. The material should be slightly more brittle after this and grind much easier.

Tip 4

If your grinder is sticking or leaving large flakes, consider upgrading to a newer 4 piece grinder. The new silicone grinders make butter of any type of herb so far.

More Thoughts

Pros: Efficient, powerful vaporizer that will treat your materials well - Large battery that holds a good charge - Phenomenal heat up time, takes only seconds - Wide temperature range with single digit temperature control - Simple, yet informative LED display

Cons: Occasionally gets hot around the mouthpiece (but rubber mouthpiece extensions are available). Also the small chamber means you have to pack more often.


I was a fan of this device. The Stoner Joe certainly has a personality all of its own. For fans of Christopher Blue, this device is a no-brainer. It features their favorite stoner rodent cartoon and is a rather nice portable vaporizer. For everyone else, this is an opportunity to become familiar with art outside of your circle and to use a vape buyers guide solidly built product that won’t break your bank. For the price range, this is a top value and should be considered very seriously if you are looking for a dry herb vaporizer. It feels good in your hands and it has all of the industry-standard features that you’ve come to expect from all vaporizers.

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