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Dry Herb Vaporizers - The Complete List


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Vape Life, Buyers Guide, Vaporizer Reviews, Dry Herb Vaporizer Reviews

Portable dry herb vaporizers are becoming the most popular method to enjoy dry herbs for several reasons. With the growing trend for living a healthy lifestyle, many smokers have switched to vaporizing to save their lungs from unhealthy smoke. Before portable vaporizers came along, vaporizing could be cumbersome, inconvenient and it was nearly impossible to vape outside your home. Today, many portable dry herb vaporizers easily fit in the palm of your hand and some heat up in a matter of seconds. Vaporizers also produce a milder smell than smoke that dissipates almost instantly - making vaping much more discreet than smoking. 

So what exactly is a portable dry herb vaporizer? It is a handheld, battery-powered device for heating dry herbs to the point of vaporization. There are two main types of dry herb vaporizers, convection and conduction/combustion vapes.  The new, healthier herb vaporizers are the convection vapes. This method passes hot air through a chamber, vaporizing the beneficial compounds found in dry herbs without burning them. This is also referred to as indirect heating. In contrast, conduction vapes use direct contact between the heating element and dry herbs. This direct contact to such a hot heat source causes the dry herbs to combust, which is why they are often called combustion vapes.

Dry herb vapes can use either convection, conduction or a combination of the two. There are countless portable dry herb vapes available today and the choosing the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we came up with The Ultimate Dry Herb Vaporizer List, giving you a breakdown of every dry herb vaporizer, from back-in-the-day models to the newest, high-tech gadgets. If you already have your eye on a couple vapes, you can quickly scroll through this list to help you make your decision. Alternatively, read the quick breakdowns for each vape if you want to know more about each one.


The List:


#1 - Titan 1

The original version of the Titan is a solid starter dry herb vaporizer. It’s affordable and easy to use. It has three temperature settings (low, medium, and high) and heats up as soon as it turns on. For those new to vaping, the simplicity of the Titan 1 makes it a great starter vape. It also has a rounder shape, in comparison to the Titan 2’s rectangular shape. The Titan 1 and Titan 2 are very similar, so if you prefer the shape of the Titan 1 and don’t need temperature control to the exact degree, the Titan 1 is a great choice.


For a full, detailed review on the Titan 1, read our complete review here.



#2 - Stoner Joe’s Dry Herb Vaporizer

Stoner Joe’s Dry Herb Vaporizer has the most style of any vape of this list. It’s fun and functional with complete temperature control and true vaporization. While it takes a bit longer than some vapes to heat up (about a minute), you’ll easily make up for this in money saved. Stoner Joe’s Dry Herb Vaporizer is on the larger size of portable vapes. Some users prefer this as it can be more comfortable to hold than micro dry herb vapes, but if you’re looking for a super discreet vape, take a look at some of our smaller options.


For a full, detailed review on Stoner Joe’s Dry Herb Vaporizer, read our complete review here.



#3 - DaVinci IQ

DaVinci leads the dry herb vaporizer industry in terms of technology. Their vapes are built of the highest quality materials, are intelligently designed and are set up with SMART technology that provides the ultimate vape experience. The IQ is DaVinci’s flagship dry herb vaporizer. It heats up quickly and the highest quality ceramic chamber provides the purest flavor. This vape is compact at only 3.5” tall, but big enough to pack a decent bowl. If you love everything about the IQ but want something even more compact, read about the DaVinci MIQRO below.


For a full, detailed review on the DaVinci IQ, read our complete review here.



#4 - DaVinci MIQRO

With the huge success of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer, DaVinci recently came out with the MIQRO. This has everything we love about the IQ, but fun-sized. It’s slightly cheaper and more compact than the IQ, but still has all same technology and high-quality build. If you want a top-of-the-line, ultra-compact dry herb vaporizer, the MIQRO is your best option. It heats up quickly and delivers excellent flavor.


For a full, detailed review on the DaVinci MIQRO, read our complete review here.



#5 - FireFly 2

The FireFly 2 is a top-quality dry herb vaporizer designed for dry herb lovers. It’s auto-heat setting takes all the work out of vaporizing and lets you just enjoy premium dry herbs at their best. It heats up in just three seconds and goes through a dynamic heating process designed to get the most of out your dry herbs. As the temperature rises during a pull, different terpenoids are released, providing a well-rounded, full-flavor vapor. But don’t worry, if you still want manual control over the temperature setting, you can control this vape through the FireFly smartphone app.


To find out more about the FireFly 2, read our full review here.



#6 - Flowermate Mini V5.0s

The Flowermate Mini V5.0s is one of the best compact vaporizers around the $100 price point. With its three temperature settings, it couldn’t be easier to use. It has a high-quality 2600 mAh 18650 battery that can deliver up to 75 minutes of vape time. You may have noticed this vape resembles a power bank. Well, that’s because it is! This vaporizer doubles as a power bank so you can give your phone a quick charge after a vape sesh.


For a full, detailed review on the Flowermate Mini V5.0s, read our complete review here.



#7 - Arizer Air 2

This upgrade to the original Arizer Air is well worth the investment. Just like the original, the Air 2 is made of high-quality components including 100% borosilicate glass airpath. This long, glass pathway provides pure, cool vapor. The Air 2 has a 50% higher capacity battery than the original - meaning more vape time and a faster heat up. With interchangeable batteries, you can always carry an extra battery so you don’t run out of juice. This being said, the Air 2 can be used while charging so even if you don’t have a spare battery, you won’t have to wait hours for the Air 2 to charge.


To find out more about the Arizer Air 2, read our full review here.



#8 - Micro Vape Herbal Kit

This is the perfect dry herb vape kit for a trip to the mountains. This affordable, combustion pen is basically an electric pipe. While this does burn dry herbs, rather than vaporize, the experience still provides clean flavor, free of that butane lighter taste. Combustion pens are great in wet weather, making this kit perfect for a snowboard trip. It’s compact, light, easy to use and slides in any pocket with ease.


To read more about the micro vape herbal kit, check out our complete review here.



#9 - Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q by Arizer is a desktop vaporizer. In today’s fast-paced world, portable vapes have taken over the market. However advanced the technology in portable vapes, they will never provide the same experience as a desktop vape. Whether passing around a vape bag with your friends or using the standard three-foot whip, the Extreme Q provides the same experience as desktop vapes such as the Volcano at a fraction of the cost. Desktop technology allows your vapor to cool to lower temperatures, resulting in smoother vapor than any portable vape can provide. This is the perfect desktop vaporizer for those old-school vapers.


For a full, detailed review on the Arizer Extreme Q, read our complete review here.



#10 - Storz and Bickel Crafty

The Crafty vaporizer made by premium manufacturer Storz and Bickel is the perfect mix of quality and ease of use. This vape comes out of the box pre-set to 356° F and a boost setting at 383° F so there’s no need to mess with the temperature settings. Just like DaVinci and Firefly vapes, full vape profiles can also be manually set with a smartphone app on this vaporizer. The Crafty is made from medical grade materials and is one of the most durable portable dry herb vapes on the market.


To find out more about the Crafty vaporizer, read our full review  here.



#11 - Yocan iShred

The Yocan iShred is the true all-in-one dry herb vaporizer. Just like most of the vapes on this list, the iShred is a convection vape providing smooth, flavorful vapor. All dry herb vaporizers are designed to vape ground dry herbs. The better the grind, the better the vapor. While there are plenty of compact, dry herb vaporizers, users either have to carry around ground herb or a seperate herb grinder. There’s nothing worse than having all your supplies but leaving your grinder at home. Yocan knows dry herb enthusiasts and designed the iShred with them in mind. It has a built-in grinder and stir pen so you’ll never forget them. While this is the key feature of the iShred, it’s also a great dry herb vape. Using convection, this vape provides true vaporization without combustion, just like more expensive options.


To read more about the Yocan iShred, check out our complete review here.



#12 - Flowermate V5.0s

We discussed the Flowermate Mini V5.0s earlier. This is the full-size version and just like the Mini, it has three temperature settings to make things easy. It’s got a bigger chamber and is powered by an additional battery. The Mini has a solid vape time of up to 75 minutes which is fine for most users. However, the full-size Flowermate V5.0s’ dual 18650 batteries provide up to 2.5 hours of vaporization time. It uses conduction without combustion to evenly heat your dry herbs, producing a perfect vapor without any need for stirring. While this vape is on the larger side of portable dry herb vaporizers, its impressive battery life make it the perfect vape to take on a long road-trip.


For a full, detailed review on the Flowermate V5.0s, read our complete review here.



#13 - Flowermate Aura

Finally, a compact dry herb vape pen from Flowermate has arrived. The Mini V5.0s is compact, but sometimes we just want a pen-style vaporizer. Flowermate has packed all their vaporizer technology into a compact, slim vape pen. This impressive pen still boasts two hours of vaporization time and has seven airflow jets to get the same even heating we expect from Flowermate products. It also heats in under a minute so you can get vaping right away.



#14 -  Box Mod with Dry Herb Atomizer

Box mods first gained popularity among e-liquid users but they are also known for their versatility. Box mods generally have variable voltage so you have some sort of temperature control. To use a box mod to vaporize dry herbs, you must use a dry herb atomizer such as the Yocan 94F. You can attach atomizers like this to any box mod as long as it has the standard 510 threading. If you are unsure what box mod to purchase, the SteamCloud is our most popular box mod for dry herb enthusiasts. As box mods weren’t designed with dry herbs in mind, they typically don’t have the same results as vapes designed for dry herbs. This is a better option for those looking for a 3-in-1 vape where they can vape dry herbs, waxes, oils and e-liquids by simply changing the atomizer on their vape.

To read more about box mods, check out the box mod reviews on our blog.

by Nathaniel C.
12/17/18 9:30AM
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