Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

This review breaks down the Firefly 2 vaporizer for dry herbs. An improvement from the original Firefly, this portable vape heats up super fast and is guaranteed to deliver a great experience.

by: Fletcher R. | 09/24/18 1:30PM


These days you can attribute various category types to vaporizers: such as pens, portables, and desktops. Desktops were the originals, revolutionizing the way people smoked all kinds of herbs especially if ground with a herb grinder. But they had obvious limitations, and portability was basically number one. Pen vapes followed, providing portable use of manufactured disposable cartridges. They were clean and easy to use, but offered minimal control and few heavy hitters were really satisfied. Thus, the portable vaporizer, which offers portability, maximum control, use with herbs, concentrates, or waxes.

Powerful, Portable Vaping

The portable vaporizer is where you will see the most innovation and the widest spectrum of designs and functions. From simple one-touch controls to sophisticated LED screens, varying types of heating and battery power offer users a dizzying array of options.

The Firefly 2 portable vaporizer is one of the best new models on the market. It provides ease of use, excellent vapor quality, easy cleaning, replaceable battery, and optimal efficiency.


Some of Firefly’s Newest and Best Features:

In general, the Firefly includes several essential improvements over its predecessor. It’s lighter and more portable, it’s easier to use. The new model has six defaults temperature settings as opposed to one on the original model, which makes it easier to create bigger vape hits. The new rechargeable and replaceable batteries last twice as long on a charge. It cuts the warmup time in half, down to as little as 3 seconds! The Firefly 2 also offers more accessories and the ability to vape wax.

All-Glass Heating Chamber

Unlike other dry herb vaporizers, the Firefly uses an all-glass heating chamber which can reach temperatures as high as 400F (200C) in only a few seconds. Nearly instant heat means herbs are only heated when you want to use the unit, and they aren’t wasted as the unit heats up or cools down.

The borosilicate glass and vapor path coaxes clear, amazing herbal flavor. The instant convection heating delivers that great taste as soon as it is released all the way through to the very end of a session for unsurpassed flavor quality.

Free Downloadable App

The Firefly comes with a free downloadable app for Android or iPhone to control the default temperature in 20-degree increments from 340F to 420F. For concentrates, you can bump it up to 500F. The app offers numerous other handy control features, and that means the small device isn’t cluttered up with too much tech. That keeps it handy and easy to use.

The Firefly is a medium-sized unit which has a solid feel thanks to the stainless steel design. It palms easily and fits perfectly in the pockets of shorts, jeans, or slacks. And when you can see it, it looks great, a sleek design in an aerospace grade, magnesium alloy shell that comes in 6 metallic varieties; white, red, black, gray, gold, and blue.


The Firefly kit includes:

  • Firefly 2 Vaporizer
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • Charging Dock
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • Cleaning Kit
  • 3 Concentrate Pads


Charging the Firefly

The Firefly has a high-powered Lithium-ion battery that’s good for about 45-60 minutes of use. The removable battery fully recharges in about 45 minutes and are easily removed by sliding a compartment door from the back of the device. I recommend bringing an extra charged battery for extended use, and there’s a car charger you can buy separately.

Another huge benefit of the removable battery is that the life of the vaporizer isn’t limited to the battery life, the way a lot of portable vaporizers work. This way you can buy a new vape battery and your unit is practically as good as new!

The Firefly comes with a USB 3.0 charging cradle and two batteries, so you’ll be ready to take your Firefly out for an extended day out and not have to worry.


Loading the Firefly

The magnetic lid attaches snugly to the Firefly’s bottom. Remove the lid by finding the grooves on either side of the lid and lift up (just lifting one side will be sufficient and even a bit easier than lifting both at once). The bowl is located under the lid. The window on the lid lets the user see the unit heating up and makes it easy to see the color of the herbs while vaping. It’s easy to check if the bowl is done at a quick, convenient glance.

The bowl holds about .15 grams of dried herbs. That might equate to about 5-8 puffs, but that’s going to depend on the density of the packing and the power of the draws. Remember to keep all the herbs inside the ring so that none of it is touching the stainless steel. That’s important for a good seal when you reattach the lid for maximum air flow and vapor production of herbs, and it’ll make it easier to clean later on.

A coarser grind and a little shake during use will keep the airflow moving through the herb chamber and give you a consistently even vape. Packing the herb in a little mound inside the heating chamber is also a good tip; it’ll hold the herbs in place snugly while you vape!



Using the Firefly

The Firefly 2 has two touch sensors on either side of the vaporizer, and they activate the heater. There is no off switch! The Firefly simply goes to sleep when these sensors are not being touched. So you’re never wasting heat.

The green LED on the side tell you when the unit is on and ready for use. Press the heat censor and the Firefly will reach near 400F in less than 10 seconds. The green LED light flashes while it’s charging. To help conserve your herbs and your battery life, the Firefly will only heat for 30 seconds continuously no matter how long you press in the button. And it goes no higher than 400 degrees which still keeps the bowl hot enough to produce vapor. But for those 30 seconds, the longer you hold the button, the thicker your clouds will be. It’s just that simple and every bit as effective as it sounds.

I suggest starting a session by preheating the herbs for about 6 seconds. Then hold the censors for the entire 30 seconds. You’ll get a good draw with great vapor taste, but don’t expect a very dense vapor. Be sure to shake around the unit or give it a light smack to move around the herbs in the bowl. I do this after each draw to get an even vape of the herbs in the bowl.

For the second draw, push down on the heat button and start drawing immediately. Draw as long as you can for the next 30 seconds. The longer you draw, the denser the puff, the full 30 seconds delivering a very, very dense puff. The third (and following) draws work much like the second, if you still need more. The first hits are the best, but a fully packed bowl should be good for about 8-10 hits. That’s going to depend on the type of herbs, the amount of people using the device during a session, and on how long the sessions are.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Firefly

The best time to clean the Firefly is immediately after a session. The stainless steel is still warm and will be easier to wipe down. If you do it while it’s warm, you may get away with a small towel to clean the herb chamber and window. Once it cools down, you may need Q-tip swabs dampened (and then wrung out) with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. Never use a dampened but dripping swab near the inner workings of this or any electronic device or the liquid will drip down into the wires and your vaporizer becomes a paperweight. It voids the 2-year limited warranty too. I went about ten bowls before cleaning mine the first time, and that seemed about right. If you ever have questions you could always reach out to someone working at a vape shop!

Thoughts on This (or Any) Vaporizer

Your new vaporizer will help you experience herbs with fewer health risks and greater benefits. But the huge array of new models can make choosing the right vaporizer difficult. The Firefly makes that choice easier, but there is no one single vaporizer for every user, for every instance, for every substance. But whichever vaporizer you choose, make sure to follow the safety instructions, especially regarding cleaning. Use them properly and your new vaporizer should provide you a newer, healthier, and more satisfying experience.

Among the newer portable vaporizers, it’s hard to beat the Firefly for overall performance, simplicity, and efficiency. It will make the most of any herb or concentrate, and the most out of any vaping session.

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