G Pen Nova Review - Full Vape Analysis

The Nova Wax Pen Vaporizer by G Pen is small but it delivers an enjoyable wax vaping experience. Like all vapes there are pros and cons so we break down everything in this easy-to-read, G Pen Nova Review.

by: Tamell G. | 01/20/20 2:30PM


Grenco Science (G Pen) is a pioneer in vaporization technology and a premium engineer of vape pens. They offer over a dozen different vaporizer products that are compatible with concentrates, dry herb, and liquids, as well as accessories such as chargers, grinders, tanks and more. Some of G Pen’s biggest competitors are Dr. Dabber, Firefly, Pax and DaVinci.


Recently, G Pen released a new model, the G Pen Nova Vaporizer, to its collection of wax concentrate vaporizers. The Nova has quickly become a bestseller on the company’s website, boasting over 200 raving reviews. The tiny vaporizer is small enough to fit in your back pocket, so we’ve been anxious to see if something so small can live up to all the hype and, ultimately, provide the full-bodied flavors and phenomenal vaping experience that many of the Grenco Science products are known for. Below, we’ve examined everything from the vapor and flavor quality to the sleek design, to determine if the Nova is worth your hard-earned dollars.

The Vape Pen & What’s Included in the Kit

The Vape Pen and What’s Included in the Kit

The Nova runs for $34.95 on the Grenco Science (G Pen) website, and your purchase includes one battery, one tank and one USB vape charging cable. Not too little, not too much – exactly what you need to get started.

The pen itself is only about four inches tall with an extremely slim diameter, making it discreet and easily portable. And although it’s small, it still packs a lot of power. The rechargeable 300mAh battery can last a few days, depending on how often it’s used. That being said, the pen is better for casual users, as those who are taking frequent hits will likely experience that they will need to charge the battery more often. Once the battery has died, it takes around one hour to reach a full charge.

Noteworthy Characteristics

Noteworthy Characteristics

The Nova has some killer characteristics, the first being its versatility. Although it’s marketed as a concentrate vaporizer, the tank can also be loaded with dry herb and its battery is also compatible with prefilled 510 cartridges — certainly more bang for your buck. It also has three voltage settings, plus an extended draw setting, allowing you to customize your vaping experience and encounter variety in your hits.

This vaporizer, like all of G Pen’s products, has been crafted using first-class technology. Most impressively, G Pen has patented the Nova’s reverse airflow and check-ball valve system. This is significant because it’s what fosters such immense vapor output from a smaller vaporizer. Although the Nova’s vapor output is not as considerable as some of the larger vape pens, it is quite substantial for a pen of its size.

Although it was briefly discussed in the section above, touching on the Nova’s level of discreteness is essential in this section as it is one of its top attributes. It almost looks like a matte black writing pen, making it is easy to conceal and phenomenally stealthy. The only big thing about this vaporizer is the plumes of vapor you’ll be able to pull with each hit.

The last noteworthy characteristic worth listing is the vaporizer’s premium heating element. The pen’s tank contains a ceramic heating element and quartz bowl, providing even heating that results in exceptional flavor.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your G Pen Nova

How to Use a G Pen Nova

The G Pen Nova is a breeze to use. If you’re using a concentrate, start by removing the vape mouthpiece from the battery, unscrewing the dab tool and putting a little bit of wax onto the atomizer. The atomizer is really small, so you will only have very minimal space to pack a dab. Be careful not to overfill or the atomizer may become clogged! From there, reattach the dab tool and mouthpiece, press the power button five times to turn it on and again another three times to choose a voltage setting. The button will light up for each voltage setting: blue for 3.2 volts, green for 3.5 volts and red for 3.9 volts. All that’s left to do is take a hit and release some clouds.

Vapor and Flavor Quality

The Nova’s vapor and flavor quality are surprisingly nice for its size. Although, generally speaking, concentrate pens are relatively limited in their flavor and vapor quality, the Nova produces some beautiful clouds with each hit you take. Its atomizer works extremely well at heating the wax and the vapor is not unreasonably harsh when it reaches your lungs. The flavor quality has a lot of depth, also thanks to the ceramic atomizer. Overall, this Nova doesn’t produce relatively astounding clouds, but they’re not half bad for the size of the pen.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your G Pen Nova

Cleaning and Maintaining Your G Pen Nova

Cleaning the Nova can be important, as the tank and atomizer can become sticky and nasty rather quickly. One of the Nova’s main disadvantages is how easily the tank collects reclaim and oil. There is nothing worse than a sticky vaporizer. After a few uses, the amount of reclaim on the sides and bottom of the mouthpiece becomes prevalent, so you’ll want to make sure that you clean the tank and atomizer often with isopropyl alcohol to ensure this doesn’t happen. When cleaning the atomizer, be sure to also clean the ceramic dabbing tool. This can be easily done with a cotton swab and a little bit of isopropyl alcohol.

Another important part of maintaining your Nova is not overpacking the atomizer. Because the atomizer is very small, it can become clogged very easily. When adding wax to the atomizer, be extra conscious of how much you’re adding, as this will prolong the life of your vaporizer.


G Pen Nova vs other Wax Vape Pens

G Pen Nova vs other Wax Vape Pens

One of the best things about the Nova is its price point. Compared to other vaporizers it is a bargain. However, that bargain also means some areas of Nova’s performance are subpar. Mainly, this is observed in the atomizer’s ability to become easily clogged, the short battery life and the need to constantly clean the tank/atomizer and ceramic stirring tool.

Some of the Nova’s main competitors – the Pulsar APX Wax Vape, for instance, is twice as expensive but performs just a little better. Some of its top attributes are the triple quartz atomizer, 5-click button locking system, and it’s exceptionally powerful 1100 mah battery for long-lasting use. The SteamCloud Box Mod also in close competition with the Nova. It is also more expensive, selling for around $59. But it has wattage control as well as digital temperature settings to choose from. Small and discreet, this SteamCloud Box Mod makes for different performance characteristics and, ultimately, different vapor qualities. However, it may not be the easiest thing to clean in comparison to the G Pen Nova.

At a similar price point to the Nova is the Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Kit. Unlike the SteamCloud Box Mod, this vaporizer kit is only $39.99. It’s similar to the Nova in that it has a one-button design and a quartz heating system. It is also very small – just over a few inches tall – making it just as portable and discreet. It also provides an adjustable airflow valve for providing consumers a nice vapor quality for its size with an easy-to-follow cleaning process so you can get toking again in no time. This vaporizer is quite a fierce competitor for the Nova, as it performs just as well – however deciding which is best for you may take a little experimentation of your own.

Final Thoughts

The G Pen Nova is an easy-to-use and extremely discreet vaporizer that has a stellar price point. However, because of its size and lower price, it’s performance has room for improvement. The short battery life and the ability to become dirty quickly are two of the largest downsides to this product. However, it’s level of discreteness is a huge selling point, as well as its versatility. Overall, the Nova vaporizer is a great budget-friendly option for those interested in using the pen for concentrates and dry herb, as well as prefilled 510 cartridges.

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