G Pen Roam E-Rig Vaporizer Review

The G Pen Roam is more than a vaporizer. It is a portable e-rig that utilizes water to deliver some of the best dabbing experiences on the go. Check out this vape review if you love wax!

by: Colby M. | 01/13/20 2:30PM


Dab connoisseurs rejoice! No longer are we limited to cumbersome dab rigs with an endless amount of accoutrement that requires heavy amounts of user input. The days of having to perfectly heat your nail with a blowtorch are over. Today, users have a range of portable dab vapes at their fingertips. The G Pen Roam is the newest addition to the portable dab vaporizer market with its incredibly sleek design, portability, and cutting-edge technology. Indeed, the G Pen Roam is an all in one vaporizer with a unique twist. This vape utilizes a water filtration system to vaporize your favorite concentrates which is highly unusual for a portable dab vaporizer. In addition, the G Pen Roam comes with all of the other toys one expects with a top shelf unit of this caliber — lightning fast pre-heating times, LED display, and haptic feedback, and full temperature control are all present here. Let’s dive a little deeper into the G Pen Roam and discuss what makes this vape so unique!


The G Pen Roam Kit

The G Pen Roam Kit

Practically every element of the G Pen Roam’s kit exudes quality and excellence. Firstly, the G Pen Roam is housed in a quality storage container with compartments for each component. The G Pen Roam kit comes with everything you need to get dabbing — minus the waxes themselves of course. In the kit one will find the G Pen Roam battery, quartz tank, glass water filtration tube, mouthpiece, dabbing tool, and micro USB charging cable. Sadly, the kit does not include replacement components.

G Pen Roam Specifications

If you plan on purchasing the G Pen Roam, then you certainly will be getting a lot of bang for your buck. This cool vaporizer comes chocked full of features and functionality making the user’s experience that much more luxurious. This vaporizer is powered by a powerful 1300mAh lithium-ion battery with pass through technology which reduces overall charging times. As a matter of fact, the G Pen Roam will reach full charge in approximately 90 minutes! Users can personalize their experience via an LED display which communicates battery levels, system warnings, and temperature settings. The G Pen Roam allows for variable temperature control (600° - 800° F) and is capable of reaching temperature in a matter of seconds. As we have briefly mentioned above, the G Pen Roam utilizes a water filtration system that is completely spill proof. In addition, the heating element is 100% quartz. The vaporizer itself is housed in a lightweight aluminum alloy shell making it very easy to take on the go and robust enough to protect internal components.

Notable Features

By far the most notable feature about the G Pen Roam would be the self-contained water filtration system which gives users an unquestionably cool and smooth vaping experience. Not to mention the fact that the water filtration tube itself is spill proof. On top of internal water filtration, the G Pen Roam utilizes a quartz heating element with protective silicon housing. This vaporizer gives users full functionality with durability to boot. In addition to variable temperature control, the G Pen Roam also features a “max cleaning mode” that can be used to keep your vape clean and free from residue buildups. Did we say this unit has functionality or what?

How does the G Pen Roam compare to other vaporizers?

It is apparent that G Pen’s aim with the Roam is to be as competitive as possible when it comes to price point and features. The G Pen Roam is competitively priced by being slightly cheaper than other comparable portable dab rigs on the market today. Price is not the only area where the G Pen Roam excels however. In general, the G Pen Roam’s charging and preheating times are faster than most other competitors. Not to mention the fact that this is the only vape that utilizes a completely internally housed water filtration system that will never spill or leak. Overall, users are getting excellent value for their money with the G Pen Roam.

G Pen Roam vs. Puffco Peak

G Pen Roam vs. Puffco Peak

One of the biggest competitors to the G Pen Roam is the Puffco Peak which is also an excellent portable dab vape. That being said, the Puffco Peak is slightly more expensive at $299.99 whilst the G Pen Roam sells for $249.95. While the Puffco Peak does have water filtration, this system is not internally housed in the same way as the G Pen Roam. Furthermore, charging times for the Puffco Peak are approx. 2 hours whilst the G Pen Roam reaches full charge within 90 minutes. Both of these vaporizers are designed to exclusively vape concentrates and lack the ability to handle other types of materials such as dry herbs. Lastly, the Puffco Peak allows users to choose between four different temp settings but lacks for variable temp control.

G Pen Roam vs. Dr. Dabber Switch

Another portable dab rig to take the market by storm is the Dr. Dabber Switch. In terms of price, the G Pen Roam is cheaper in comparison to the Switch’s $300+ price tag. That being said, the Switch’s higher price does come with an added benefit — it can also double as a dry herb vaporizer with the simple press of a button. Furthermore, the Switch includes 25 different temperature settings allowing users to fully customize their experience. Arguably, the start of the show when it comes the Switch is its patented induction heating system which allows the unit to reach temperature in roughly 4 seconds. While the Switch does offer users TONS of functionality, the G Pen Roam aims for a less complicated experience overall at a slightly lower price point.



How do I use the G Pen Roam Vaporizer?

Before using your G Pen Roam it is recommended to fully charge the vape right out of the box via the micro USB cable. With your unit fully charged go ahead and press the power button five times to turn the vape on. Remove the glass water filtration tube and fill it up to the etched fill line. There are two buttons above the LED display — press them to adjust the temperature up or down in increments of 25 degrees. You can hold the top button to set the unit to max temperature if needed. With your temps set and water tube filled you can then place your wax in the quartz chamber using the dabbing tool. Now that the quartz tank has been filled press the power button twice to activate the heating element — your vape will vibrate when it is up to temp. With the heating element active simply take a draw and you are good to go. The quartz tank will remain heated for 30 seconds. You can extend the heating time by 10 seconds if you press the power button twice again. Instead of pressing the power button twice you can manually control the heating element by holding down the power button as well. It really is that simple with the G Pen Roam.

Keeping the G Pen Roam clean

Another plus with the G Pen Roam is the fact that you do not need an elaborate cleaning routine. Simply remove the mouthpiece, water filtration tube, and quartz tank from the unit and use isopropyl alcohol with a cotton swab.

Charging the G Pen Roam

Charging the G Pen Roam

It takes approximately 90 minutes for the G Pen Roam to be fully charged. You can easily charge your vaporizer with the micro USB cable that is included with your kit. Simply plug the unit in and relax. There is no need for battery charging stations and 18650 batteries with the G Pen Roam.

Final words on the G Pen Roam Vaporizer

The G Pen Roam is easily one of the most exciting portable dab vapes on the market today with its internally housed water filtration system, quartz tank, and cutting edge technology. It is true that there are quite a few high-quality dab vapes to choose from in the portable category. That being said, the G Pen Roam is competitively priced and offers all of the features one would expect with a vape of the calibre. Overall, the G Pen Roam is a solid portable dab vaporizer that works great on the go and should impress even the most experienced dab veterans. You can purchase the G Pen Roam from a number of retailers and right here at NY Vape Shop!

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