Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe Review

Novelty pipes are becoming very popular nowadays because they are no longer restricted to just being made from glass. While glass pieces are and will remain a popular choice, today’s market demands a more robust material that is affordable and aesthetically pleasing. This demand has paved the way for silicone to dominate the market to allow for pipes that are unique, affordable to all, and virtually indestructible. This article will look at one such novelty pipe and why you would want to own one.

by: Anthony E. | 11/11/22 2:30PM


Features of the Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, though one doesn’t have to wait until then to get the most out of this fat little smoking piece. The Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe has an enlarged smoke chamber that can fill up with a considerable amount of smoke to allow for bigger puffs. Combined with the carb hole on the side of the pipe, this piece gives some big hits!

The Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe comes with a glass bowl that is encapsulated into the silicone and features a built-in screen. The bowl itself is also deep which allows for even bigger hits and longer smoke sessions. This eliminates the need for an external screen and makes for a very convenient smoking piece.

The Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe comes in at just under 5 inches which makes it a truly portable yet convenient smoking piece that can deliver much bigger hits than your standard smoking pipe. This piece is easy to disassemble which also makes it very easy to clean and maintain, allowing for a lifetime of usage.


The Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe vs Other Pipes

Novelty pipes such as the Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe are becoming very popular nowadays. Given that the theme of this piece can actually vary from being a fall or Thanksgiving type of novelty all the way to being considered a favorite for those who favor turkey makes this a unique pipe that can be utilized by a variety of users.

Most novelty pieces were classically made from glass and featured intricate designs that were all but delicate, allowing for a piece that was expensive and very prone to breakage from the slightest of impacts. While silicone is not inherently shiny the way glass is, the designs are clever enough to even extend to serving as camouflage in certain instances.

The Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe can be overlooked as a silly prop or even a toy item if left in the right environment. Care must be taken not to allow children access to your pipe, however. A pipe such as this can be easily carried on the go inside a purse or pocket without the fear of having it knocked around and breaking or cracking on you, making it very convenient to own and use.

Pros and Cons of the Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe

The main perk of having a novelty piece such as this is that it is made of silicone. What people are starting to realize is that along with silicone’s durability comes the affordability of being accessible to a wider range of people from different levels of experience. Silicone can be molded to fit a wide array of shapes and sizes and just looks amazing!

The level of detail is uncanny and can even look much better than some pipes made from glass! Silicone is much easier to clean and will never break on you, even if you happen to be a total beginner. The only real con here is the fact that the bowl itself is made from glass, being the weakest spot on the whole piece.

The good news is that if you happen to have an accident that ends up breaking your bowl, you can rest assured that the rest of your piece will remain intact. While a glass bowl can break, replacing it will not break your bank in the process. The Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe is ergonomically shaped to fit in your hand and create a solid grip which can reduce slippage.


Is the Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe Right for Me?

The design of the pipe itself is very niche and can be perfect for use around the holidays. The functionality of the pipe allows for it to be used year-round as an ideal piece due to its design and ability to hold a slightly larger volume of smoke compared to other silicone pieces on the market. Its shape is also easier to hold in your hand.

The Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe is small enough to fit inside your purse or pocket without being too conspicuous and can blend in perfectly with the right setting when not in use. The bowl and bone attachment can be removed for easy access to the main body and makes for very easy and convenient cleaning.

The functionality of this particular piece makes it very convenient to own and use. If you are looking for your next go-to piece that is durable, affordable, easy to maintain, and fully functional as a practical smoking pipe, then the Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe will become your new favorite silicone piece.

Final Thoughts

Novelty silicone pipes such as this one is replacing the old standard of having glass as the only option. This is especially true for more intricate pieces that are not so easily made and require more time and money to produce. Silicone replaces all that by being easier to make and more durable than glass could ever hope to be.

Because glass pieces are fixed into place and cannot be disassembled, they are a hassle to maintain and very prone to breakage and other such mishaps. Imagine having an ornate glass piece only to have it break over a simple fall or impact from an inexperienced user. The truth is that accidents can and do happen to anyone regardless of their experience.

Owning a smoking pipe made of silicone will ensure that you will always be protected from the hazards that come with glass pieces and will prove to be the better investment over time. Try out one of our silicone pieces today and find out for yourself!

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