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Turn Top Dugout Pipe

This cool turn top dugout pipe is the most discreet way to smoke herbs on the go or at home on the couch. It holds both your one-hitter and your supply of herbs.
Dugout Pipe Options

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  • Product Details

    Dugout Listing Includes

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    • Turn-top Dugout Box
    • Metal One Hitter Pipe
    • choice of color and other add-on options

    Dugout Details

    • Very easy to use, portable, lightweight and durable.  The dugout box is a great way to conveniently hold all your smoking products in one place.  At the same time it allows for a quick, discrete smoke session that is very easy to roll out.
    • 2 Compartments - the dugout box has two compartments, one for storing the one-hitter pipe, and one for storing the ground-up dry herbs
    • User Manual

      How to Load a Dugout Box

      Technically, you can break up the dry herbs with your fingers, but we strongly recommend using an herb grinder. Use the grinder to mince the herbs into smaller pieces. Load the ground up dry herb into the proper compartment within the dugout box. Do not stuff the herbs, but you can pat them down slightly. And remember, you will be constantly compacting them as you are loading the one-hitter pipe.

      How to Load and Clear the One Hitter Pipe

      Simply remove the one-hitter from the dugout compartment. Now with the pipe bowl-head side down, push the pipe down into the dry herb compartment. Push and twist. Do not push too strongly unless it is really needed. As you work with the dugout box and pipe, you will naturally learn to finesse the process. After smoking, to clear the pipe just blow it out from the mouthpiece instead of pulling in. Use a clearing tool or a paperclip to poke and dig out any remaining herb residue.