What is a Rolling Try

Rolling trays provide those that roll their own cigarettes, joints, blunts, or any other hand-rolled product with one of the most important factors for hand-rolling products: a clean, flat surface. A flat surface helps rolling tightly far easier and a rolling tray will catch and keep track of dry herbs that inevitably get dropped during the rolling process. If you plan on hand-rolling, a rolling tray is an absolute must. It makes the rolling process simple, more efficient, and more cost-effective by helping you save dry herbs.

Rolling trays come in a larger variety than you might think. There are the basic rolling trays that simply provide a flat surface, but many others provide useful features for the rolling process. You can find features including divots to hold dry herbs, special ridges designed to hold rolling papers while you fill and roll, not to mention the numerous colorful designs that are present in rolling trays.

Interested in learning more? Read below for a thorough explanation of all kinds of rolling trays and features that you can find. Rolling trays can also be found here at nyvapeshop.com, where we not only offer a variety of rolling trays to choose from but also offer free U.S. shipping on any purchase.

Types of Rolling Trays

Though the idea of rolling trays is pretty straightforward, they can be found with all kinds of different materials, designs, and features. You can find a rolling tray made out of just about anything, from glass, silicone, or metal to wood and even bamboo. If you have a preferred material for your rolling tray, you can certainly find what you want.

You can buy rolling trays in all different kinds of sizes with various features. They can be large, small, rectangular or circular, all to provide a flat surface for rolling and catching herbs. They can also be small, so small that there is no flat tray surface but simply rivets for loading and rolling your chosen rolling papers. Many large trays also include those rolling rivets, but also have dedicated spaces for unloaded dry herb, unrolled papers, as well as a flat surface dedicated to rolling. Of course, there is no shortage in different colors and designs that can be found with rolling trays. There is certainly a rolling tray to fit your particular aesthetic.

It is important that you decide what you want out of a rolling tray before making a purchase and be sure to shop around! You are likely to find a rolling tray that offered features you did not even know you needed.

Cool Rolling Trays

While shopping for rolling trays, you are bound to come across some that are, simply put, really cool. There are rolling trays that come with small holders for cigarettes or joints that you have already rolled (if you are trying to roll several at once without stopping). They can also have larger holes for holding hand-rolled cigars or blunts.

For example, RAW (a popular rolling paper brand) has a bamboo rolling tray that opens into two pieces that close together with magnets. It has dedicated space for not only dry herbs, rolling, and finished hand-rolled products, but also a space for your grinder, a scooper, and rolling tips. There are all kinds of trays like this if you are looking for something that goes beyond the scope of just being a flat rolling tray!

Custom Rolling Trays

While shopping, you may have a hard time finding a rolling tray that has a design for exactly what you want. Well, fret not! Many online retailers that sell rolling trays also have the option to customize them to your liking. They can put your name on it, have a color scheme that fits your style or even display your favorite musician on the tray.

Online retailers can also craft features of rolling trays specific to your needs as well, and if you want a combination of a specific color or style along with specific features, shopping online and getting a custom rolling tray is going to be your best bet.

Rolling Tray Kits

If you are brand new to rolling trays or rolling papers in general, then a rolling kit is an easy, all-in-one place for you to start. A rolling tray kit not only has a rolling tray but everything you need to get started rolling your own joints or blunts (minus, of course, your dry herb). Rolling kits can vary on what specifically they include, but in general, they will include a rolling tray, rolling papers, and rolling tips. Many rolling tray kits also come with a hydro-stone (to keep your tobacco or dry herbs from drying out and getting stale), and a rolling machine that helps you in the rolling process of cigarettes or joints.

Being brand new to the process of hand rolling can seem daunting at first, but a rolling kit is a convenient, all-in-one way to make sure you get started with everything you need.

Raw Rolling Trays

RAW is a brand that has been around for years and is quite popular among hand-rolling enthusiasts. Having established a brand that is all about all-naturally, non-processed rolling papers, they have branched out into a number of related products, including rolling trays. This includes a deluxe bamboo rolling tray with magnetic sealing and numerous features, as well as rolling tray kits with their popular rolling papers. These kits often include their Wiz Khalifa brand rolling papers, a popular product made in collaboration with Khalifa.

Of course, if you are not looking to invest in a deluxe rolling tray or a full-blown rolling tray kit, RAW does offer simple metal rolling trays and rolling papers sold as separate products. Having long established themselves as one of the premier brands for rolling papers and related products, RAW products, as well as rolling trays, are certain to meet your expectations.

How to Roll a Joint

Rolling the perfect joint can take some practice to get perfect, but the process in and of itself is not complicated. First, buy yourself rolling papers and make sure you have a smooth, flat surface to use. Ideally, you already have a rolling tray and can use that space. Then, you will want to grind up your dry herb. Having it ground will allow for even, consistent burning while the joint is being smoked.

The next step is to make a mouth-piece or have a rolling tip ready. If you do not have rolling tips, you can make one out of cardboard or another firm, malleable substance. The tip will help prevent burning your lips during the smoking process.

Now it is time to start putting the pieces together. Take your ground dry herb and place it in the middle of your rolling paper, making sure that you do not overfill. Then, place the rolling tip at either end of the joint (you will end up rolling the paper around the rolling tip). Then, gently roll your paper back and forth between your fingertips to help shape and pack the dry herb.

From there, you will begin the actual rolling process. This part is by far the most difficult, and it is likely you may have to practice this step several times to get it perfect. Do not be discouraged! When you begin to roll, you will roll towards the end of the rolling paper that has the glue on it. Tightly roll the paper, using your thumbs to push forward, and then seal the paper with a lick, like sealing an envelope. If you were successful, the dry herb will be mostly packed and the joint will be sealed, save for the opposite end of the rolling tip.

With any extra paper you have on that end, take an opportunity to further pack down the dry herb. This can be done with a packing tool or even a pen. Then, twist the remaining paper to seal the joint. With that, your joint is complete and reading for smoking!

If you try several times to roll the paper and you just are unable to get the hang of it, or you simply hate rolling, a rolling machine will be a solution to your problem.

Joint Rolling Machines

Rolling machines can make the tricky part of rolling your own joints a bit easier, especially for those that are very dexterous. A rolling machine is generally a small device with a pair of cylinders that helps automate the rolling process. You place your smoking tip on one end of the device, place in your dry herb, and then you will slowly insert your paper into the machine. When you roll the machine with your thumb, it holds the dry herb in place and automatically shapes and rolls the dry herb. You may need to pack it after the rolling is complete, and you will still manually have to seal the tip of the joint, but rolling machines are great ways to consistently roll great looking joints.

Vaping vs Rolling

These are two very different methods of consumption and each has its own unique benefits. Rolling is very inexpensive and a great way to get strong, potent draws when you smoke. Vape pens allow all kinds of products to be used, not only dry herbs. There are vape pens for sale that can handle e-juice, CBD oil, and even waxes traditionally used in dab rigs.

Another big difference is how the dry herb is treated in each method. When you roll your own joint, you will expose it directly to a flame and smoke it (called combustion). Your draws will have a bunch of flavors but will also be harsh because smoke is being produced. Vapes, on the other hand, do not expose the dry herb directly to the heat source. Instead, it sets the dry herb over the heating element, where it is exposed to extremely hot air (called convection). Smoke is not produced in this method, but instead vapor is produced. With vapor, the harshness of the smoke is not present, and subtle flavors can more easily be detected. Read more about about vapor in this article.

Each method provides a unique experience in consuming dry herb. Give each a try and see which fits your preference best!

How to Choose the Best Rolling Tray

You will be hard pressed to find the best rolling tray that fits the needs of everyone. Some may be looking for a simple rolling tray, others may like the idea of multiple features for holding all the pieces for hand rolling. Some may be looking for specific art or designs, while others may want a specific material. Just take note of what you want in a rolling tray, and then shop for the tray that best fits you!

Having trouble narrowing down the options? Reach out to our customer service and we will help inventory your needs and get you on track for the perfect rolling tray for you!

Where to Buy Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are widely available in a number of venues. Local headshops or smoke shops will likely have rolling trays, but you can expect their selection to be rather limited. If you are wanting to shop a wide variety of rolling trays with the options of at least looking at the premium features some offer, shopping through online retailers is your best bet. That includes right here at nyvapeshop.com, where any rolling tray (or any product, for that matter), is backed with a satisfaction guarantee and U.S. shipping is always free (no minimums required!)

Let us know what kind of rolling tray you are looking for, and we will be sure to get you in the perfect one just for you.