What is Smoke

Smoke Introduction

The easiest way for an element to enter the body, from the bloodstream then into the brain, is through inhaling it. Spark something with enough heat, and sooner or later it will combust. A blend of elements from the original substance and those created through the combustion process then enter the lungs and enter the bloodstream.

As these elements travel into the lungs, millions of small receptors called "alveoli" open up to receive the incoming compounds. Picture all of these small alveoli as microscopic air sacs that act as the gatekeepers between the lungs and the inner workings of the body. These cells have a proportionately large surface area, allowing easy passage of gaseous compounds into the body. The compounds will then quickly follow the bloodstream to arrive at the brain within moments of inhalation.

We know that food changes as it goes through our bodies. So why should the smoke that we inhale be any different? The smoke that we inhale goes through different parts of the respiratory systems. Each part of the respiratory system helps process the smoke differently as the compounds pass through the body. Various elements of the smoke are broken down and deposited at different locations throughout this process. The rest of the components gather up so that they can leave the body when one breathes out again. It is essential to understand that nothing that enters the body leaves the same.

Types of Smoke

Experiencing irritation in the lungs or chest is can happen after using the more conventional methods of smoking. But the smoke produced by other methods of enjoyment could easily prove less irritating (and possibly less harmful). Recent technological advances have brought to market alternatives such as dry herbs, wax, and oils which have quickly risen in popularity. By choosing smoking methods that give off vapor instead of actual smoke, many of the harmful toxins and carcinogens that are produced by combustion can be completely avoided.

Vapor vs Smoke

Every chemical or substance that is inhaled produces a different variety of smoke. Dry herbs will be different from dab wax, and oil vapor will be wildly different in chemical makeup than classic flowers; all of which are widely different from more common varieties of smoke such campfire smoke or cigarettes.

Recent studies have shown that vaping is the form of smoking is the least hazardous to your health, but we will get to that later in this piece.

Smoke will always be harmful to the user's lungs, no matter the form or substance. Breathing in the smoke from a fire, cigarettes, or even herbs can run the risk of harmful side effects due to the toxins and carcinogens released through the combustion process. While the amounts of these toxins will vary, the combustion process ensures that some amounts of toxins will be present. In addition to this, the risks of respiratory effects after smoking substances heighten due to the process in which these are inhaled - often requiring a more extended and deeper inhalation at a higher combustion temperature.

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Bypass many of the adverse effects of smoking by choosing vapor-producing devices instead of the more traditional means. Admittedly, this is a developing industry with only a few peer-reviewed studies released on this topic, but the few studies and surveys conducted in recent history have pointed towards vaporizers being a healthier alternative. There also comes the added benefit of a more extensive selection of flavors, methods, and user control when using oils, waxes, and other vape products.

Dabbing vs Smoking

Don't know what a dab rig is? If you take a stroll around any modern hemp celebrations, you will notice the rise of an odd-shaped commodity known as the Dab Rig. The dab rig for wax concentrates has risen in popularity at the same rate as many other modern methods, and vape products have. Rumors tend to spread throughout the industry, creating a scary and apprehensive reputation for the dab rig, but the reality could not be further from the truth.

At this point, if you are curious about whether vaping or dabbing is the best option for you, we need to take a closer looking to conductive heating versus convective heating.

When using a common dab rig, an extremely hot metal nail, called a 'hot plate,' is brought to temperature using a butane blow torch. This nail is a crucial component of any dab rig system. The oils get deposited onto the sizzling-hot metal that could easily reach 900 or even 1,000 degrees. Dab nails, just like many other preferred devices, will come in a variety of designs and of different materials. These differences all impact the density of the vapor and flavor of the dabbing session, so make sure to do your research before investing some cash into this investment. We all have our favorites, so find the perfect one for you!

The oils will quickly start to sizzle, just like bacon on a frying pan. Char marks would begin to form on the oils, and the near-combustion created at this point will create the enjoyable effects for the user that is much more flavorful than the homespun versions used in the past.

If you want to dab in style, snag an Inside Mushroom Glass Design. Its intricate design and durable design make it the top choice over standard silicon rigs.

Smoking with Water

I am sure we all have fond memories of smoking out of a water-based device, and for a good reason. These water pipes will come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and prices, and is most notable by the filtration system in the base of the piece. The filtration system offered by the water in devices such as bongs, bubbler pipes, and other devices helps to provide a smooth and aqua-chilled toke along with a few other added benefits. Some of the most favored pieces even have ice catchers for added chilliness.

We have already talked at length about the compounds released by the substances we choose to light up. They often turn into small bits and dark chunks commonly referred to as 'tar.' The water filtration system provided by bongs and bubblers helps to filters out and catch much of this unwanted material from entering the lungs. All this ash and other material will gather in the water, often turning it a pale brown or even black that must be switched out after a few uses.

There have been a few studies and surveys looking into the exact amount of filtration provided by this water, but the results have not been conclusive. There are many studies about smoking with water. Some show that the water might remove some of the more water-soluble elements within the substances resulting in the need to smoke more to achieve the same effects. Many more experts in the industry will say that water, as a polar solvent, is not strong enough to cause any noticeable effect to the potency of the substances.

Smoking Pipes

Every smoker has their preferred method of enjoyment, but hardly any other method is more famous than the standard pipe. This timeless device is enjoyable for many people due to its travel-friendly design and readily available ease of access.

The overall convenience, between the simplicity of the cleaning process to the low barrier of entry, make this the preferred method of smoking for a large swath of the community. A typical pipe is made up of a mouthpiece, a chamber area to hold the herbs or tobacco, and the stem of the pipe of which the smoke travels.

Unfortunately, its timeless quality of a classic pipe struggles to keep up with the times. As more research sees the light of day about the adverse effects of combustion caused when smoking, many people are shifting towards the more health-conscious alternatives of vaping and dab rigs. That being said, I would be hard pressed to imagine a world that ever wholly turns away from this tried and true method of smoking.

Smoke Buddy

Many people cannot turn away from their trusty pipe, bong, or bubbler. If you are one of these many people, but at the same time are concerned about the health effects and smells you are exhaling after every toke, look no further than the Smoke Buddy.

The Smoke Buddy is specifically designed to help filter out and reduce the effects of second-hand smoke that is caused by our favorite methods of enjoyment. Stop worrying about the off-color smells or the loved ones being affected by what you breathe out. Breath into one of these small devices to almost completely remove all of the second-guessing.

These small devices come in a variety of colors and styles. So as always, do your research to find the perfect one for you!

Vape Pens

A vaporizer takes the flower and evaporates it at a temperature just below the point of combustion. This not-so-small detail can create massive changes to the chemical makeup of the inhaled substance.

Recent advances in technology, along with an expanding market for vaporizer products, have seen the rise in an alternative mode of smoking in the form of oils. So much so that popular comics such as Stoner Joe have released their own line of Dry Herb Vapes alongside other products. Oil is most commonly bought in smaller cartridges that are used in combination with a pen-shaped device with a thin cylindrical shape. Airflow through the device activates a small component in the pen which heats the liquid into a vapor to be enjoyed by the consumer.

The Steamcloud Mini Vape is the perfect starting point for one looking to experiment with vape pens. It has a low price point and is adaptable most common oil cartridges.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vaporizers are an electric device that is arguably the healthiest way to utilize herbs or similar products. When a device is labeled as a "Dry Herb Vaporizer," it means that it is meant to be used with, well, dry herbs. These devices will come in all manner of shapes and sizes, but the most important thing to focus on is if they are Convection Vapes or Combustion Vapes.

Dry herb vapes have seen a rise in popularity over the past decade. The first designs were large, tabletop devices that would act as a centerpiece at social gatherings where five or more people would sit around the device passing a long clear hose taking tokes. Technology has shifted, and the same devices have become more compact and portable (much to the excitement of its users). In today's world, it is easy to find a device that will fit in a back pocket that still can produce the same power, heat, and effects that the tabletop models used to all those years ago.

Dry herb vapes are one of the most accessible devices one can use and takes little more effort than packing a standard pipe or bong bowl. Just grind up the herbs as you would on any other occasion, and then pack the chamber. Hold down the button, and you are good to go. It is just like a standard vape, just with a slightly different process.

Most people who switch to vapes have a hard time going back to any other form. If you plan to be one of those people, snag an E-CLIPSE dry herb vape. The price point is steep compared to a classic pipe, but the quality makes it worth the price tag. Think of it as an investment!

The added popularity of these products means that some poorly-made copycat products hit the market of which users must be wary (don’t worry because at nyvapeshop.com we thoroughly test any product before carrying it). So as always, do your research to find the perfect vape product for you!