Leading the latest in vaporization technology makes the Suorin vape brand an advanced competitor within the entire vaping market. In pursuit of this new wave of vaping technology, Suorin offers users a more personalized method of vaping their favorite flavors of e-juice & oil concentrates through their stylish line of Suorin vaping products. One of the few brands in the nicotine & oil vaping market, this company has some of the most prominent technologies advancing the world of portable vaporization. Suorin provides truly reliable vaporizers that are not only colorful, but also functionally sleek & discreet. Any of these vapes can be your new go-to when considering the best unit to choose from in their line of products. Suorin has provided the vaping community with some of the world’s best vaporizers for any occasion, whether it is for your next personal standalone piece or for going out and sharing with friends, Suorin provides users with exceptional products. Choosing the best vape from Suorin vapes here will depend upon what you are looking for, and what your overall preference is in terms of budget & style. A rising star within the vaping community, Suorin is synonymous with high quality & efficiency. Made to be used with specialized pods (refillable cartridges), Suorin has mass modern appeal with their sleek & futuristic designs, combined with some of the most reliable vapes you can get your hands on!


With a vast assortment of different styles to choose from, Suorin comes through with a variety of designs that are sure to gel with your unique personal taste. Here are a few products that comprise the Suorin family of vaporizers:


A popular product from Suorin, no other design replicates the Drop! A radical design fit for your on the go lifestyle, this Drop is shaped just like a water drop and comes in an assortment of various colors. Utilizing a user-friendly draw-activated firing mechanism, the Drop features an intuitive LED light indicator to keep you up to date on your battery’s life. The drop utilizes a vape cartridge tanks like the ones here. Specifically it has a 2 ml refillable cartridge comprises the holding capacity of the Drop, making this a high-quality piece of vaping technology for your favorite e-juice or oil concentrates. The Drop is truly a work of art, being a functionally portable & truly affordable unit offered by Suorin. No other vape on the market can replicate the Drop’s design, being not only an aesthetically pleasing & compact vape, but also a practical and truly useful piece that is sure to become your favorite handy vape!



Another original configuration of a high-quality design, the Reno features a truly ergonomic duck-billed mouthpiece that maximizes convenience when drawing in a hit, and is also comprised of aluminum alloy. For use with your favorite flavored e-juices & oil concentrates, the refillable pods hold up to 3 ml and comes with a child proof safety lock mechanism. With open & short circuit protection, the Reno is one of the best vaporizers to hit the market! One of the best-selling and most popular vapes from Suorin, the Reno also uses a straight shaped airway design to maximize user experience with a practical way to inhale more vapor. On the forefront of superior quality & equipped with the latest vaping technology, the Reno also boasts an exchangeable coil design which makes it much more cost effective for the consumer. With great features such as open circuit protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, 6 seconds limited vaping protection, and overcharge protection, the Reno is built to last!


A high-quality product produced by one of the leading manufacturers of exceptional vapes, the Vagon defines the vape pen style. The Vagon sets the bar high with a superior design as a fully function vape that is portable, practical, and without equal. Just like many of the oil vape pens here, the Vagon is slim, sleek, & uniquely ergonomic. The Vagon has a refillable cartridge that can hold a 2.5 ml capacity of your favorite e-juices & oil concentrates, making this a truly versatile vape pen that is sure to please. The built-in holster clip makes it convenient for carrying around without taking up too much space in your pocket. The Vagon is there when you need it most and also features an LED battery light indicator to create a user-friendly experience. A micro USB charging port makes this a universally practical model to get acquainted with and is also a cost effective device.


A popular model that is perfect for those on the go, comprehensive readouts with an LED battery life indicator give you 5 grids of steady vaping sessions that will last you all day. Featuring a higher maximum wattage output from its previous predecessor, the Air Plus is an enhanced version with a much larger e-liquid chamber capacity that is great for vaping your favorite oil concentrates as well. Compatible with either a freebase cartridge or salt nicotine flavor pod, a larger battery capacity with the ability to be charged using a USB-C charger makes the Air Plus a truly robust piece of vaping equipment. One of the more popular models available by Suorin, the Air Plus is a maximum performance model at a fraction of the cost!


Suorin presents another winner to grace the vaping industry with a one-of-its-kind pod device, the Edge is an easy to use vaporizer for those who want to vape on the go without the hassles of other complicated portable vaping systems. Featuring a replaceable 230 mAh battery pack for a quick 30-minute charge, the sleek metal chassis makes the Edge a sleek, durable and luxurious pod system. The Edge utilizes a convenient draw activated firing mechanism with an intuitive LED light indicator for accurate battery assessment. With a 1.5 ml cartridge capacity, you can vape away your favorite flavored e-juices & oil concentrates for a truly versatile experience. Vape sessions have never been this easy until you have tried vaping on the Edge! Want to know more? Learn how to use any vape pen here!


Even though vaporizers have been around for quite some time now, people occasionally still have questions about the basic functions of a vaporizer. Suorin vapes are some of the most user-friendly, though here we can take a closer look at some of the most remarkable inquiries regarding the use of some of the most popular Suorin vaporizers.


Aside from being able to acquire the latest products from Suorin at any reputable vape or head shop, one of the most reliable ways to get your hands on a Suorin vape is by shopping right here at NY Vape Shop where we are known for the best in customer satisfaction, providing the vaping community with only the best the industry has to offer.


This article covers how to choose a vaporizer, and it may help considering all the vapes Suorin has to offer. Their vapes are user-friendly for use with e-liquid & oil concentrates is simple. You want to go with something that compliments your own unique & individual style, instead of something that is impractical for your needs. You can rest assured knowing that no matter what you end up choosing, you will be in possession of the best vape for your individual needs. All are portable and function to create the best vape experience possible.


Being as how Suorin specializes in nicotine vape juice for their product line of vapes, most units are straightforward by simply utilizing the draw activated firing mechanism, which means once you take in a hit, the unit automatically produces vapor at the preset temperature. This means that there are no temperature gauges, as all Suorin vapes are designed to heat up at the optimal temperature for all compatible e-juices. The truth is that oil concentrates can also be used with any Suorin vape, though you will be only able to vape at the preset temperature. This can be a good thing actually, since it takes all the guesswork and hassle out of tinkering with temps instead of just vaping and enjoying the session!


Most vape pens on the market are either made for wax, dry herbs, or e-juice / oil concentrates. Rarely do you encounter vapes that can combine at least two of these modalities, the every Suorin vape can do just that! The best part about a Suorin vape is its inherent design of using specialized refillable pods or cartridges instead of loading by way of traditional dab pen methods. This makes using a Suorin vape ultra-convenient for all your favorite e-juice & oil concentrates. Simply fill in the individual pods with your favorite liquid material, insert the cartridge into the vape, and take a hit! Suorin vapes are designed with an automatic draw activation which makes them one of the most luxurious vapes on the market. Vaping has never been made easier than with a Suorin vape!


Any Suorin vaporizer can be a smart buy if it is for you, as it is capable of both e-juice & oil concentrates. Suorin comes highly rated from vape users in the community, praising their sleek designs and ease of use. If vaping on the go is your style, Suorin provides vapes just for active users. The ergonomic designs are perfect for beginners and experienced users alike. Suorin vapes are compact & durable, able to stand up to the rigors of daily life. Unlike other vape pens on the market, a Suorin vape will always be reliable with the proper maintenance. All vapes comprising the Suorin product line are heavy hitters, easily becoming favorites among vape enthusiasts. Rechargeable batteries in the units make them reliably long lasting & powerful. Simply drawing in a hit activates the vape and can run for hours on end. Suorin vapes are definitely worth the investment!


Like any other high-quality portable vaporizer on the market, Suorin builds their vapes around simplicity in their designs. By easily plugging in your unit to the charging cable provided with the micro USB port, the rechargeable battery quickly maximizes output & performance when you are ready to go. Learn how to charge any vape pen here! But, tt really is as simple as just plugging in your unit and waiting for it to charge! The good news is that charge times are variably short, which means you can focus more time on vaping, and less time on waiting around for a fully charged unit. Suorin is known for their high-quality standards in being one of the more user friendly brands out there, which makes charging a Suorin vape super easy.


Nothing is simpler than using a Suorin vape! After loading your refillable cartridge with your favorite flavor e-liquid or oil concentrate, simply plug in the pod to the vape, make sure you have a fully charged battery, and then just draw in the vapor! Yes, it really is that easy with the draw activated mechanism that automatically vapes your liquid without having to do anything other than just taking a hit. While other vapes on the market are known for more complex methods to simply take a hit, Suorin vapes pride themselves in not only being simple with no temperature readouts, but also incorporating the luxury of being ready when you are when it comes to just taking a draw from a vaporizer. Suorin vapes are made to be one of the most user friendly vapes on the market by way of design, making them one of the better vape brands to own.


Like any other high quality vape out there, you want to make sure you maintain the integrity of your vape by ensuring you have a clean and fully charged vape pen before each session. This is easily accomplished by checking on battery life, having clean pods, and not dropping your vaporizer or allowing water or direct sunlight to wear out your components. Common sense will dictate how long your vape will last, though other factors such as cleaning routines and battery replacements will also come into play. Cleaning out pods is easy by simply using a q-tip with or without rubbing alcohol to absorb and rub out any accumulated oils, as well as making sure your charging port is clean and dry. By maintaining your vapes in this way, you can extend the life of your vape by a very long time! Having an issue with your vape? Learn to how to fix any vape pen here!