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Yocan Pandon Wax Vape Pen

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One of the biggest hitters on the market with a wax coil heating system of 4 quartz coils that deliver massive dab hits. Or choose to use only 2 coils for a lighter, but still quality vapor session. Versatile and powerful wax vaporizer.
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  • Product Details

    Yocan Pandon Vape Kit includes

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    • Pandon Wax Vape Pen
    • 2 Dual quartz rod coils
    • Wax Tool
    • USB Charging Cord

    Pandon Vape Pen Details

    • Wax Pen - this is a vaporizer for use with wax concentrates only
    • Heating Elements - Is equipped with two, dual quartz rod coils.  You can just use one coil at a time, and get huge puffs with both coils going at once.
    • Ultimate experience when it comes to getting huge dab hits from a wax pen.  With this vape you can use up to 4 quartz rod coils to heat your concentrates.
    • 5-Click Safety Feature

    check out the Video or Tips & Manuals tabs for more information about this vape and more!

    • User Manual

      Why the Pandon delivers Huge Dab Hits

      The point of a wax vape is to heat wax so that it turns to vapor for a users enjoyment. The way in which a coil is heated follows the same electrical engineering no matter the model - a battery sends energy through the coil to heat it. But not all coils are the same and even further, the battery heating the coil is not the same in every vape. To get a big hit you will need a A vaporizer with a battery that not only has the capacity for power, but the output capacity as well because some coils take more energy to heat than others. In addition, sometimes you are dealing with multiple coils or maybe just a complex coil system. In either case, every coil situation will have a direct impact on how well the unit vapes and how big of a hit you can achieve. The Pandon is able to deliver such a massive hit because of the advanced design. The vape can be equipped with two separate atomizers and each atomizer containers 2 quartz rod coils for wax. With both atomizers attached, a user has 4 separate coils heating at once, and especially with the two separate attachments, the super high heat is hitting more surface area at once. And one top of it the Pandon comes equipped with a high end battery that roasts anything in its way.

      How to use the Pandon

      1. Press the power button 5 times quickly in a row to power on the vaporizer. If needed, charge your device with the included usb cord. 2. When turned on, press the power button to heat the coils just to make sure everything is working properly. There are 2 separate coil attachments. You can choose to use both at once and only keep one attached. 3. Whether using 1 or 2 coils, make sure to gently pack the chamber and avoid poking the coil directly. Open the chamber by unscrewing the coil cap and place it back on when finished packing. 4. Once the coils are packed you can place the mouthpiece over the top and down onto the top of the battery. With the coils packed and the mouthpiece reattached, power on the vaporizer. 5. There are 3 different wattage output settings that affect how hot the coils will get. To change the voltage level, quickly click the power button 2 times in a row after the vape has already been turned on. The White Light is the highest setting, Blue is the middle setting, and Green is the lowest setting. 6. When you press the power button all of the coils will heat. If you have only packed one coils attachment you should unscrew the unused atomizer. turned on. The White Light is the highest setting, Blue is the middle setting, and Green is the lowest setting. 7. As the coils heat, vapor will form and you can gradually take pulls from the mouthpiece.