Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe Review

“Remember, remember the 5th of November.” A classic line from the classic movie, V for Vendetta. The Guy Fawkes mask is inspired by a rebel who wanted to blow up parliament in the hopes of starting a revolution. His plan was foiled, however, and his death lives on in infamy. Today, the Guy Fawkes mask is used mainly by those who favor rebellion, anonymity, and in some cases, anarchy. Despite what the symbol of the Guy Fawkes mask might represent, users can find the image to complement their style and beliefs, which this article will explain.

by: Anthony E. | 11/07/22 2:30PM


Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe Features

True to the image of the classic Guy Fawkes mask, the Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe is one that embodies the spirit of rebellion and anonymity. The Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe is quite popular and comes with a glass bowl that fits flush inside the pipe, which is made entirely of high-quality food grade silicone.

Coming in at 4 and half inches in length, the Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe is perfect for portability and on the go use. The best part is that this pipe can fit within a wide array of styles and personalities. Because Guy Fawkes is associated with anonymity, the symbol can be employed by virtually anyone.

The bowl itself is very deep and accommodates a generous amount of dry herb material. The carb hole is located on the left-hand side of the bowl head and disassembles for a thorough cleaning and maintenance routine. The Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe is perfect for those who want to smoke in style!


Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe vs Other Pipes

The Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe is made entirely of silicone, minus the bowl of course. This makes the pipe virtually indestructible and very affordable for a novelty piece. Other pipes of this design caliber are usually made of glass and fetch a high price, despite being lower on the functional and practicality scale.

While pipes are meant to be smoked out of, smoking out of a glass piece is always a risk due to glass being inherently fragile and expensive to replace. Silicone pipes are more functional in terms of maintenance since they can be taken apart. The Guy Fawkes Smoking Pipe is unique in that it has an iconic symbol that is affordable and durable.

The Guy Fawkes Smoking Pipe’s glass bowl also has a built-in screen which eliminates the need for a separate screen. All these features make the Guy Fawkes Smoking Pipe one of the more popular silicone novelty pipes to grace our product line.


Pros and Cons

The most obvious perk to having this type of pipe is the fact that it is made entirely of silicone, except for the bowl. The bowl itself requires no external screen and is deep enough to accommodate a generous amount of dry herb material. For being a novelty piece, it is quite affordable and will last you a lifetime of usage with the proper care and maintenance.

There are usually no cons associated with novelty silicone pipes, though the obvious con here, if any, would be the fact that the bowl is made of glass, which is the most vulnerable part of the whole piece. The good news is that the bowl is encapsulated within the silicone and will therefore be protected to an extent, preventing breakage.

The Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe is easy to hold and is made to resemble a standard smoking pipe in the spoon pipe family. Its matte finish is a signature feature of any silicone piece and further helps to keep it hidden under light, giving it a more inconspicuous nature to it.

Is the Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe Right for Me?

If you are looking for a silicone piece that is iconic, recognizable, and symbolizes rebellion, look no further than the Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe! No other symbol represents rebellion and revolution better than the Guy Fawkes mask symbol. Groups such as Anonymous have taken the Guy Fawkes mask as their logo, making it an icon for those who take their privacy seriously.

This should be no different, as the symbol of the Guy Fawkes mask on your smoking pipe can be a symbol of anonymity and rebellion. If you favor your privacy, you can make a bold statement without having to utter a word just by using your Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe. Except for the details surrounding the face, the entire pipe is white in color.

There is no other color option in this regard, making the Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe indistinguishable from another, the way a true anonymous user would prefer it. If you want a smoking pipe that is efficient, reliable, durable, and affordable, then this pipe will be right up your alley! This remains one of our more popular novelty pieces.

Final Thoughts

We have many novelty silicone pipes in our catalog. One of the more striking designs is this one due its simplicity and symbolism. Silicone pipes are much better than glass pipes in so many ways. It cannot be understated just how much more practical silicone is compared to glass and other materials.

The good news is that more and more designs are adopting silicone as the gold standard to include everything from pipes and bubblers to bongs and dab rigs. This makes them all more affordable and durable than their glass predecessors. Glass is still popular and functional in some ways, though far from being practical in the long run.

No longer are novelty pieces restricted to being made from inferior materials or just from glass. Small pipes such as these are comfortably carried inside a purse or pocket without the fear of banging up against other items and getting potentially damaged or making loud noises as they clank against something else. Silicone is the future of smoking devices.

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